13 5 year plan templates and worksheets for 2023 (2023)

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I need help to fulfill your dreams?

If so, you should consider using the right goal-setting tools to create the life you want.

A five-year plan can transform the way you set goals and help you succeed.

To get you started, we've provided a collection of templates and worksheets that will inspire you to create afive year plan templatefor you.


The main advantage of a five-year plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish' said the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of the bookThe little Prince.

want you to thinkdevelopment of your skills, starting a project or embarking on a new career,A five-year plan is the roadmap to achieving your goals..

Unlike a one-year plan, a five-year plan gives you plenty of time to get the groundwork right and lay a solid foundation for what you want to achieve.

Also, unlike a 10-year plan, a five-year plan gives you just the right amount of urgency to achieve your goals.

Delaying something you want to achieve for too long often leads to complacency and delay. It makes you forget the urgency of what you're fighting for.

A Quick Guide to Creating a Five Year Plan

Worksheets and templates are very helpful in formulating a five-year plan. However, before finalizing your model, there are some important things to consider and note:

  • Identify your goals.
  • Determine why you want to pursue these goals.
  • ask yourself"Do I have the skills or resources needed to achieve these goals in five years?
  • Research possible ways to achieve your goals in the next five years.
  • Break your main goals down into actionable monthly and yearly goals. These smaller goals are the stepping stones to achieving your big goals.
  • Review your goals regularly. Check if necessary and keep processes in good working order.

Keep reading to see the list of templates we have prepared for you.

1. The 5-year career plan

Simple and effective, this template is ideal for creating a five-year career plan.

You have space at the top of the page to list your dream job.

In addition, there are appropriate fields to write your plans for the next five years. For each year, you can write your action plan on how to achieve your annual goals in three key aspects of your work life:

  • capabilities
  • Training
  • nets

2. Botanical Theme Future Life Plan

This botanical themed template has room to formulate your plan for a perfect future.

It has a column for several different time periods, starting at the six-month mark.

There are also columns where you can state your exact vision, as well as a "how" column where you write your plans for achieving that vision.

3. 5 year goal plan

This template is divided into 4 sections. The first section contains 2 fields, each of which lets you specify a goal's start date and completion date.

In the next section, a space is provided where you can write your main objective and a few sentences about why it is important.

The next section contains 2 columns. In the first, you can write your action plans for your main goal. In the second column, write down the things that will help you reach your goal.

The last section allows you to identify possible obstacles and indicate the reward you will receive for reaching your goal.

4. Eviction of life plan ideas

This template serves as a brain dump for all your plans and ideas so that you can work out your 5 year plan in different areas of your life.

It has boxes to write down specific goals at 1-year intervals for up to 5 years in the following areas of your life:

  • Social/Family
  • Money
  • Career
  • Health
  • Trip

[Get inspired to create the life you want by watching these Fantastic examples of life goals.]

5. Easy long-term planning

This template is designed to help you plan your long-term goal and come up with short-term goals so you can achieve them.

The template has more than enough space in the top half of the page to jot down the details of a long-term goal. Meanwhile, the bottom half has a special space to write your action plan.

This involves listing specific short-term goals in support of the main long-term goal. There is a column of spaces where you can write the due dates for each goal, as well as a marker to mark when you reach the goal.

6. Goal setting package

This five-year planning package has everything you need to create the perfect life you envision.

It is designed to organize and improve your life while maintaining your goals.

The package includes seven pages of templates for the following:

  • The Importance of Goal Setting (Introduction and Guide to Using the Planner)
  • I am grateful for (a writing exercise that develops a sense of gratitude)
  • My Goals, My Vision for the Future (Visualizing your 5 year goals for different areas of your life)
  • Take action (devise a course of action to achieve your goals)
  • My why (find your purpose)
  • Share (writing exercise to identify people to share goals with)

7. Simplified planning

This template gives you enough space to identify your long-term goals and make them your top priority. It includes a script prompt for a specific action plan to follow if you're feeling discouraged about pursuing your goals.

Also, in this template, fields are assigned to identify and write down 5 specific goals that will help you achieve your main goal. Alongside this, there are spaces to write down the action steps to reach each smaller goal, as well as the date by which it will be achieved.

8. Think of a long term dream

Designed by a certified goal setting coach, this template allows you to create a plan to reach an important long-term goal.

It has a very detailed approach to achieving its goal.

This template has plenty of space to write your specific goal. There is also a place to write down the estimated completion date.

There is also space for:

  • An action step checklist (up to 10 steps)
  • A list of resources to help you reach your goal
  • The start date of work on your goal
  • The reason for this goal.
  • The key qualities you possess that will help you succeed

9. 7 Areas of Life Worksheet for Goals

This simple but effective template will help you create a five-year plan for different areas of your life.

There are columns where you can write your short, medium and long term goals for the following categories:

  • social
  • Family
  • Health
  • Career
  • Financially
  • Learn
  • Character

10. Adult Life Goals

Being a responsible adult is not always easy. [Here are some adult tips for when you feel stuck.]

For young people, this template is great to help them organize their life and clarify their long-term plans.

This template contains three columns for three main types of goal, namely:

  • life goals
  • five year goals
  • daily goals

Fields are provided for each column to write goals in the following categories:

  • Career
  • Wishlist
  • Finance/Wealth
  • familiar/social
  • guys

About that,This post can help you when you need some quick and practical tips to get organized and keep your life organized..

11. Model of my life project

mar a Article published in timeHaving goals is a way to be happier in life.

Here's a five-year model designed to increase your life satisfaction.

It's quite detailed and offers suggestions for deep reflection on what you really want out of life.

Some things to write in this template are:

  • the motto of your life
  • long term goals
  • What do you need to achieve this year?
  • What do you need to achieve in five years?

For both the long-term goals and the five-year plan, the template includes areas for you to jot down your thoughts on what is and isn't working in your overall plan.

12. Your strategic future through design

If you are looking for a template with a pink theme, this one is worth considering. It has space to write up to five main objectives.

For each goal, the template provides columns to identify:

  • Where are you now (your current situation)
  • Where do you want to be (goals, dreams, ambitions)
  • How to get there (essential steps you need to take to reach your goals)

13. A life plan worksheet

This worksheet will help you create a long-term plan for different areas of your life so you can start living the life you've always wanted.

It has 8 sections where you can write down your goals related to:

  • finance
  • Career
  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • spirituality
  • Relationships
  • Heim
  • lazer

In addition to seeing your plans come to fruition, it's wonderful to have something tangible to look forward to as you reach your goals.

You can write down specific rewards for completing each of your goals. If you need inspirationCheck out great ways to reward yourself for achieving your goals..

Final thoughts on using a five-year plan template

Having a solid plan for achieving your goals will take you that much closer to success.

By carefully breaking down your plan into manageable goals that you can achieve each year, you'll be well on your way to living the life you've always wanted.

We hope that this collection has inspired you and that you have found a five-year plan template that works for you.

All the best for your plans!

Finally, here are some additional goal setting resources you might want to check out:

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13 5 year plan templates and worksheets for 2023 (1)

13 5 year plan templates and worksheets for 2023 (2)

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