50+ Stylish Short Nail Designs You'll Love (2023)

50+ Stylish Short Nail Designs You'll Love (1)


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For the last few years we've been living in the midst of a global pandemic that has encouraged everyone to keep their nails short and trimmed. It is undisputed that long nails can harbor more dirt and germs than short nails andwasbad weather, cutting the nails seemed like the right thing to do.manicure at homeit has become the norm.

As we all begin to emerge from a dreary two-year hibernation, it looks like short nail designs are here to stay, and with salons and spas reopening, we might as well start getting a little more creative with our nails. Nail Design – Certainly not on par with longer nails, but definitely not too far off! And coming from a writer who spends long hours at the keyboard, we can fully appreciate the practicality that shorter nails offer.

just turn aroundPinterestto discover many stylish short nail designs that can do anyone's nailslook beautifully polished and elegant🇧🇷 The sheer beauty of classic short nail designs lies in their timeless appeal, and their ability to lift any complexion to look more groomed is undeniable.

To inspire you on your next chic manicure, we've come up with some pretty nail looks that are perfect for short nails and are sure to be the finishing touch to any daytime outfit. If you're still wondering whether to keep your nails short, read on for our premium short nail designs with over 50 images of stunning short nail ideas that are sure to fill you with inspiration for your next visit to the salon. 🇧🇷

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Dukes Avenue Guide to Stylish Short Nail Designs

  • 1. A simple spot color
    • bare nails
    • cake
    • red nails
    • darker tones
  • 2. Multi-colored nails
  • 3. French manicure
    • classic french manicure
    • Colored or multicolored French lace
    • beveled French tip
    • Baby-Boomer
    • metallic french manicure
    • Reverse french manicure
  • 4. Crescent Nails
  • 5. Ziernägel
  • 6. Matter Nagellack
  • 7. Must-Ton-Design
    • In black and white
    • white and gold
  • 8. Gradient Nails / Ombré Nails
  • 9. The marble effect
  • 10. Spiralnagelkunst
  • 11. Floral nail art
  • 12. Fancy nail stickers

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Stylish short nail designs and styles to try

1. A simple spot color

The first and probably the most popular approach is a simple monochromatic manicure. Instead of going for elaborate nail designs, stickers, and shapes, sticking to one color gives your hands a classic, timeless look that looks amazing on short nails. Plus, today, this color choice is conveniently versatile, suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions.

Ultimately, the choice of color comes down to your style and personal preference. There are those who prefer to change their nail color with the seasons, preferring soothing pastels in spring, bright and bold colors in the summer months, and warmer and darker tones with the approach of fall/fall and winter. Here are some of our favourites:

bare nails

You really can't go wrong with subtle nude nails. Available in a variety of shades to suit different skin tones, nude is incredibly versatile, being worn for virtually any occasion and easily paired with any garment of any shade.


From baby blue to light yellow, there's something undeniably beautiful about pastels. They're easy on the eyes without being loud or overwhelming and absolutely perfect for the spring months.

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red nails

You'll be hard pressed to find a color that's more universally popular than a classic red nail. It's a shade loved by many and we can understand why - a color that is truly timeless and can easily be worn all year round. A strong contender for both long and short nails!

darker tones

We love darker tones on short nails. In fact, they might even do more justice than long nails. A classic black, a rich aubergine or a stunning midnight blue, these darker shades are super cute short nail ideas worth trying out!

If you're still struggling to come up with ideas, check out our Top 10 articleNail colors that go with everything.

2. Multi-colored nails

Multicolored and fluffy short nails can be very aesthetic if done right! It's an adventurous way of trying something new without resorting to nail art. The possibilities are endless - try painting each of your nails a different pastel shade. Alternatively, why not try a tone-on-tone gradient effect where each nail color is a shade darker than the nail before it?

3. French manicure

A French manicure is a staple at any salon, but it has been some time since the term was first coined many decades ago. Well, there are so many ways to rock a traditional French manicure and we list some designs that short nails might want to try. Many of them are so stylish that they have become classic nail styles themselves!

classic french manicure

Comprised of two neutral colors, a light pink nail polish base and a clean white tip, French manicures are designed to look elegant, understated, and sophisticated.

Colored or multicolored French lace

Simply put, a colored or multicolored French tip is a traditional French manicure that uses different shades of color on the tips in addition to white. Again, the possibilities are endless, with the ability to choose the same shade for each nail tip or choose from a variety of colors. Check out these Pinterest images below for inspiration!

beveled French tip

Similar to a traditional French manicure, a beveled French tip features a diagonal white stripe (or any color of your choice!) running down the tip rather than the more traditional horizontal line.


Also known as the "French ombre" or "French fade," the baby boomer style is a fresh, modern take on the French manicure that many can't get enough of. Instead of the pink nails and white tips typical of traditional French manicures, this updated look combines pink and white tones in a flowing, even ombre effect.

metallic french manicure

A metallic twist on the traditional French manicure. This design experiments with different tones of metallic, usually silver, bronze, gold or rose gold, to create a reflective two-tone look that is absolutely mesmerizing.

Reverse french manicure

This variation uses a dark color as the base, with a different shade applied to the nail bed rather than the nail tip.

(Video) 50+ most trendy stripes Nail art designs/ nail art ideas / Nail art compilation/ stripes Nail art 💡

4. Crescent Nails

Affectionately known by some as 'some sayingsBorrowing from noted burlesque artist and crescent manicure enthusiast Dita von Teese, crescent nail design involves leaving negative space over the lunula, the whitish crescent or crescent-shaped area of ​​a nail bed. 🇧🇷 A deep red shade does justice to this kind of short nail design!

5. Ziernägel

While similar to the solid color design, this style offers something moreI do not know🇧🇷 The ring fingernail is usually painted a different color, possibly a shiny version of the chosen color, or flaunted with nail art in a different style to give a focal point to a minimalist look.

6. Matter Nagellack

While gloss nail polish has a decidedly "polished" look, matte nail polish is a way to try something new without being too adventurous. With a subtle satin finish, the matt nail polish gives the nails a subtle elegance and in an artistic combination with a high-gloss top coat, amazing nail designs can be achieved! Whether you use matte nail polish on your nails, on the tips, or to create a custom pattern, this short nail design is worth trying!

7. Must-Ton-Design

Sometimes simply combining two colors into unique nail designs can be extra eye-catching, especially when black and white are paired with a metallic hue. Why not try?

In black and white

Compare black nail polish to white to create a timeless chic look that Coco Chanel herself would love!

white and gold

These two colors can be combined in a variety of ways, from gold decals in geometric designs over a white base to a French manicure-inspired white and gold look.

8. Gradient Nails / Ombré Nails

Rather than wallow in stark contrast, gradient nails (or ombre nails) seamlessly combine complementary shades to create a gradual color change from nail bed to nail tip.

9. The marble effect

This nail art technique is an absolute must! The marbled nail pattern is designed to make nails look like marble mosaics and this style looks great both as an accent nail design and as a sophisticated pattern to adorn all nails. One note, this takes some time in the nail salon so let your nail artist know in advance!

10. Spiralnagelkunst

Bring some fun to your next manicure and try spiral art!

11. Floral nail art

For something more decorative and feminine, you can try floral nail art. The possibilities are truly endless, and whether it's roses, daisies, or flower buds, floral nail art can look more like a work of art than just a manicure.

12. Fancy nail stickers

Instead of colorful prints or complicated nail art designs, choose a sophisticated decal like gold stripes or delicate rhinestones for a fun and sophisticated look!

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Don't forget to take care of your hands and nails! Dukes Avenue shares how in our articleThe perfect hand care routine for young hands.

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