8 Best Construction Project Management Software (2023)

Construction project management software refers to a set of tools that allows teams and users to collaborate on a construction project. With it, you can add, update, and share project information, grant access to users, and enable granular management.

These tools can be integrated into other software, e.g. B. CAD applications or analysis platforms to enable complete project management.

Main features of construction planning software.

Although the functionality of project management software differs, they all aim to solve similar problems in construction project management and offer the same basic features.

  • presentations

A model is any information, drawings, material data, product data, asset or equipment characteristics, etc. provided by a contractor to the engineer or architect prior to installation. Submissions verify that the appropriate materials were selected for the project and that quality requirements were met.

  • workflows

Construction projects involve numerous documents being distributed and shared between teams of architects, builders, vendors, contractors and project owners. The larger the project size and the number of parties involved, the more files, tasks, and responsible parties the process will involve.

  • Automated data filling

Editable PDF files are needed for many tasks from inspections to employee onboarding. FromTeams collect data using digital forms on mobile devicesto ensure its accuracy and compliance with standards.

  • Offline data collection

The ability to enter data in offline mode is crucial for teams working in remote locations with unstable internet connections.

  • data synchronization

A construction project management tool should be cloud-based so teams can access up-to-date data from anywhere.

  • daily records

Daily logs track information about work being done on site and keep contractors and project owners updated on progress. Some programs offer QR scanning to automate daily report tracking.

  • reporting

construction reportsrequires reconciled data from different phases of the project, from planning to completion. Reports summarize all statistics related to budget, schedules, project expectations, and expense information so boards and shareholders can review performance.

  • the integration

In addition to document management, construction projects require BIM, visual scheduling, model sharing, and other tools not typically provided by workflow automation software. Integrations let them come together to work on a project and sync tasks across workflows.

The 8 Best Platforms for Construction Project Management


8 Best Construction Project Management Software (1)

Fluix is ​​a cloud-based project management software designed for industries like construction, energy, remodeling, etc. It can be used on Windows and Mac and as an app for iOS and Android. In addition to managing project documents, it offers features for onboarding, training, sales promotion, and more.

The system allows editing of mobile forms and also has an integrated form builder. Users can create fillable PDF forms directly in the software, add them to workflows, assign tasks to appropriate users, set deadlines and track progress. Their 24/7 customer service and technical support are among the best in the business.


  • presentations
  • offline way
  • is signed
  • form builder
  • file naming convention
  • cloud storage

Free trial period:14 roofs

Prices:Starting at $20 per user/month (minimum limit of 20 users).

2.To arrive

To arriveis one of the most popular tools for managing construction projects. It offers extensive features and a huge list of integrations. The user interface is easy to use and allows for quick navigation between flows and tasks.

One of the few downsides to the platform is the lack of a trial period and pricing section, which makes it impossible to query pricing without contacting a sales team.


  • mobile formula
  • Tasks
  • reports
  • RFI
  • specifications
  • E-mails

Free trial period:not

Prices:Personalized offer.

3.Autodesk Construction Cloud

8 Best Construction Project Management Software (3)

Autodesk Construction Cloud provides resources to meet your project management needs, conveniently grouped by business type (general contractor, specialist contractor, owner, planner) and industry (commercial, industrial, infrastructure, institutional).

Although the system offers many products that are not essential for project management, its flexible pricing plans allow you to purchase features separately. Choose the module you need and pay only for the solutions you use in your work.


  • Centralized project plan
  • RFI
  • Minutes of meeting
  • custom sheets
  • drawing eraser
  • device tracking

Free trial period:Varies by pricing plan.

Prices:From €60/month depending on pricing plan.


8 Best Construction Project Management Software (4)

ClickUp is a powerful, all-in-one work management tool that construction teams of all sizes can rely on to take their project from pre-sales to concept and delivery. With hundreds of customizable features to suit your workload, ClickUp provides a seamless, collaborative space to share updates with clients, manage contractors, and track tasks, no matter what design style you're using.

Plan and visualize your projects the way you work best with 15+ ways to view your timeline including List, Gantt and Calendar. Add thread comments directly to ClickUp tasks for seamless communication, or assign comments to turn every thought into action. Plus, with ClickUp's robust Documents feature, you can collaborate in real time when creating documents, databases, wikis and forms for any project.


  • Dashboards with real-time reports
  • 15+ views including Gantt and Workload views
  • global time tracker
  • follow-up of goals
  • More than 1000 integrations
  • application

Free trial period:Free plan forever

Prices:Paid plans start at $5/user per month

5.Sage 300

8 Best Construction Project Management Software (5)

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (Sage 300 CRE) is designed for organizations managing complex workflows and large amounts of data. In addition to project management, this construction planning software offers features for project estimating and billing.

The Sage 300 CRE is one of many other Sage products, so navigating the solutions can be difficult. There are no prices for the modules with solutions, so you cannot find out the prices until you fill out the demo request form.


  • document storage
  • to form
  • Tool and resource management
  • Equipment Service Planning
  • reports
  • Business service support plan

Free trial period:not

Prices:Personalized offer.


8 Best Construction Project Management Software (6)

With CoConstruct, you can manage construction projects from a desktop or mobile device, which is useful for projects that combine office and field work. The platform offers features for project communication, scheduling, file management, job tracking: CRM, accounting, scheduling, progress reporting, timesheet management, and much more.

CoConstruct is compatible with Windows and Mac devices, as well as iOS and Android. There are two pricing plans with clearly defined features so you can study them yourself without having to wait for a call from a sales team.


  • customized training
  • Brand customer portal
  • CRM
  • planning
  • daily records
  • cost catalog

Free trial period:not

Prices:Starting at $99/month.

7.Team Rotes

8 Best Construction Project Management Software (7)

RedTeam is a cloud-based contractor project management platform tailored to the needs of commercial general contractors. It helps in estimating, planning and managing tasks and also offers CRM features.

RedTeam tracks tasks throughout the project lifecycle and enables real-time collaboration for multiple teams. It also provides learning resources for people new to construction management software, making it easy for employees and young talent to onboard.


  • budget monitoring
  • RFIs and submissions
  • Minutes of meeting
  • daily reports
  • CRM
  • online speed books

Free trial period:not

Prices:offer on demand


8 Best Construction Project Management Software (8)

STACK is a cloud-based tool for professional contractors specifically designed to help get started and estimate completion. It simplifies the quoting process and allows you to customize quotes.

The interface is easy to use and navigation is intuitive. There are learning materials and good customer support for users who are just starting out with Takeoff software or have migrated from another platform. STACK also provides a hub where teams and users can collaborate on projects and share knowledge.


  • plain text search
  • collision schedule
  • Takeoff template library
  • cost code management
  • reporting
  • knowledge base

Free trial period:7 take

Prices:Starting at $1,999/year

We hope you found some of the tips above useful for managing your construction projects. As construction projects are multi-faceted, you may find it convenient to combine various management tools to meet different business needs.

Fortunately, the software market is booming and IT companies offer more tools than ever before, often without code. It also gives small businesses the opportunity to choose the right solution and use modern project management software without hiring a large team of programmers.

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8 Best Construction Project Management Software (9)

8 Best Construction Project Management Software (10)

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What software is used for project management in construction? ›

GanttPRO, BIM 360, Acculynx, Jonas Premier, Procore, CoConstruct, Buildertrend, Knowify, ProContractor, PlanGrid, Projectmates, eSUB Subcontractor, WorkflowMax, SiteMax, BuildTools, Radar, Jonas Enterprise, CommittedCost are some of the Top Construction Project Management Software.

How do I choose the best project management software? ›

How to choose project management software in 6 steps
  1. Identify your challenges and constraints.
  2. Create a list of top options.
  3. Test each app yourself.
  4. Test each app with your team.
  5. Get feedback from your team.
  6. Calculate and justify the cost.
Mar 11, 2022

What are the 2 main scheduling software used in construction today? ›

The Best Construction Scheduling Software
  • Procore. Procore is an end-to-end platform that connects office administrators, field employees and developers. ...
  • Monday.com. Monday.com aligns teams, contractors, field staff and office communications. ...
  • Smartsheet.
Feb 15, 2023

What is the most used project management tool? ›

JIRA. JIRA is the most used project management software by various organizations that work on the Agile SDLC principle.

What are the 4 most important project manager's functions in a software project? ›

planning and monitoring the project. adopting any delegation and use of project assurance roles within agreed reporting structures. preparing and maintaining project, stage and exception plans as required. managing project risks, including the development of contingency plans.

What are the four main types of project management software? ›

There are four main types of project management software—individual, collaborative, integrated and cloud-based.

What is the simplest project management software? ›

Easiest Project Management Software Shortlist
  • Paymo. ...
  • Trello. ...
  • ProjectManager.com. ...
  • Hive. ...
  • ActiveCollab. ...
  • TeamGantt. Intuitive tool with task color coding and progress bar per task. ...
  • GanttPRO. Intuitive interface that lets you build a chart in minutes. ...
  • ClickUp. Robust platform that's intuitive, easy to navigate, and interactive.
May 24, 2022

What should a good project management software do? ›

Project management software makes it easy to plan projects, allocate tasks and keep teams organized so that deadlines and goals are met.

What are three needs for software project management? ›

There are three needs for software project management.
Prerequisite of software project management?
  • Time.
  • Cost.
  • Quality.

What makes a good project management system? ›

The best project management software includes reporting tools that collect your previously inserted project data and enable creating customizable reports. For example, you can get reports on your project budget, expenses, completed tasks and team members' performance.

What are the 6 types of scheduling systems? ›

Finding the best system for scheduling appointments and patient processing to reduce delays and missed appointments is crucial.
6 Types of Outpatient Appointment Scheduling
  • Wave scheduling. ...
  • Time slot scheduling. ...
  • Stream scheduling. ...
  • Open booking scheduling. ...
  • Clustering scheduling. ...
  • Double scheduling.

What are the 7 different types of scheduling? ›

What Are the 8 Different Types of Appointment Scheduling?
  • Time-slot scheduling.
  • Wave scheduling.
  • Wave and walk-in appointment scheduling.
  • Open appointment scheduling.
  • Double scheduling.
  • Cluster scheduling.
  • Matrix scheduling.
  • 40/20 scheduling.
May 16, 2022

What are the 2 common types of schedules used in the construction industry? ›

There are different scheduling methods in the construction industry. This industry is broad and complex, with many different scheduling methods to choose from. Two of the most commonly used methods are the Critical Path Method (CPM) and the Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT).

What are the 5 management tools? ›

Top 10 Management Tools
  • Strategic Planning.
  • CRM.
  • Customer Segmentation.
  • Benchmarking.
  • Mission and Vision Statements.
  • Core Competencies.
  • Outsourcing.
  • Business Process Reengineering.

What tools and software do project managers use? ›

The best & the rest project management software for 2023
  • monday.com.
  • Google Tables.
  • Microsoft Lists.
  • Notion.
  • Quickbase. Best for startups.
  • Priority Matrix.
  • MeisterTask.
  • Paymo.
Feb 5, 2023

What are the 4 C's in project management? ›

To solve this problem, PBL has evolved to include a new Gold Standard that incorporates the “Four Cs” of the Partnership for 21st Century Learning: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

What are the 7 types of project management? ›

7 project management styles to consider
  • Waterfall project management. ...
  • Agile project management. ...
  • Scrum project management. ...
  • Kanban project management. ...
  • Lean project management. ...
  • Six Sigma project management. ...
  • PRINCE2 project management.
Feb 21, 2023

What are the 4 core functions of project management? ›

Four Functions of Management: Planning, Organizing, Leading & Controlling.

What are the six 6 types of project management methods? ›

Specific examples of project management methodologies – each with its unique advantages and limitations – include, but are not limited to Agile, Waterfall, Critical Path, Scrum, Lean Six Sigma and PRINCE2.

How many types of software projects are there? ›

10 Types of Software Development — Explained.

What are the 3 project management tools we talked about? ›

A Gantt chart, Logic Network, PERT chart, Product Breakdown Structure and Work Breakdown Structure are standard tools used in project planning.

What is the best free project management software Microsoft? ›

Microsoft Planner is free project management software that integrates with other Microsoft products, making it ideal for businesses that use Microsoft products. It's simple to use and helps users plan and organize projects with features such as task management, file sharing and collaboration tools.

Is Visio a project management software? ›

Microsoft Project is a project management software that is designed to assist project managers in developing schedules, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and analyzing workloads. Microsoft Visio is a diagramming and vector graphics application that can draw a variety of diagrams.

What softwares do contractors use? ›

153 products
  • Archdesk. ...
  • monday.com. ...
  • STACK. ...
  • Papaya Global. ...
  • Procore. ...
  • Autodesk Construction Cloud. ...
  • Buildertrend. ...
  • mHelpDesk.

What software do most structural engineers use? ›

What's the BEST Structural Design Software For 2020?
  • Autodesk AutoCAD.
  • STAAD Pro.
  • SAFE.
  • RISA.
  • Navisworks.
  • Autodesk Revit.
  • SAP2000.
  • SketchUp.
Sep 10, 2019

What is a BIM software? ›

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling and is a workflow process. It's based around models used for the planning, design, construction, and management of building and infrastructure projects. BIM software is used to model and optimize projects by planning, designing, building, and operating BIM models.

Is construction management better than project management? ›

Project management mainly focuses on managing project work. Construction Management mainly focuses on managing construction work. Project management has more responsibilities than construction managers. Project managers must also pay attention to the food chain in the organization.

What are three main types of software contracts? ›

So, there are 3 types of software development contracts: Fixed Price, Time & Material (T&M), and Dedicated Team.

Which software is used for building estimation? ›

STACK is a construction estimating and takeoff data software tool for businesses of any size. Construction takeoff calculates how much material is needed to complete a job. STACK users benefit from this feature in addition to a robust, cloud-based solution for completing and sending new estimates.

Which software is used for structural drawings? ›

List of structural engineering software
FreeCADAn open-source Swiss Army knife of general-purpose engineering toolkits
MicroStationBIM & 3D modeling software applied for civil & structural engineering
OpenSeesEarthquake engineering software
PROKONStructural analysis and design software
17 more rows

What software do professional engineers use? ›

Microsoft Excel. Every mechanical engineer is familiar with Microsoft excel. This popular tool can make quick calculations, tabulate data, draw with shapes, or basic programming.

Which BIM software is the most popular? ›

My Top 10 Best BIM Software Programs
  • Autodesk Revit.
  • Plannerly – The BIM Management Platform.
  • Trimble Connect.
  • Revizto.
  • BIMCollab.
  • Dalux.
  • Autodesk Construction Cloud ACC / BIM 360.
  • Graphisoft ArchiCAD.

Why Revit is more powerful than CAD? ›

The biggest difference is that AutoCAD is CAD software and Revit is software for BIM. While AutoCAD is a general drawing tool with broad application, Revit is a design and documentation solution, supporting all phases and disciplines involved in a building project.

Who gets paid more construction manager or project manager? ›

Construction Manager Salary vs.

While the 90th percentile of Project Managers earn $119,000 / year, according to the report, the 90th percentile of construction managers earn $120,000 / year. So, while the median salary displays large variance, those at the top of either field may actually earn nearly the same salary.

Where do construction project managers make the most money? ›

Highest paying cities for Construction Project Managers near United States
  • New York, NY. $106,703 per year. 471 salaries reported.
  • Raleigh, NC. $98,754 per year. 230 salaries reported.
  • Atlanta, GA. $95,803 per year. 566 salaries reported.
  • St. Louis, MO. $95,212 per year. ...
  • Denver, CO. $94,606 per year. ...
  • Show more nearby cities.

Is construction project management difficult? ›

Construction management requires a lot of responsibility and hard work: You will be in charge of a construction project from beginning to end. In order to get the job done, there are important qualities that a construction manager should possess. According to the BLS, these include: Analytical skills.


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