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  • Freelancing suffers no fools.
  • To be successful in the long run, you need a certain type of person.
  • When a freelancer fails, people often think it's because of a lack of skills, but that's not always the case.
  • They tend to fail because they lack the entrepreneurial spirit or discipline required to be a successful freelancer.
  • Harsh but true.

If you are currently on the shelf,decides whether to jumpfrom job security to the world you create.

You can save a lot of time and nerves by learning from the mistakes of other freelancers.

Is anyone smart enough to learn from the experiences of others?– Wolter

Let's take a look at why so many new freelancers fail and you don't.

#1 No organized workflow

Not having a structured workflow is a huge waste of time, and freelancers don't get paid to waste time.

If organization comes naturally to you, you will quickly find your rhythm, but if you are used to working in someone else's work structure, organizing your own should be your priority.

Good news, there's an app for that:

  • Billing Software -Fresh booksis a user-friendly invoicing, invoicing and payment tracking tool.
  • Online Management Tools –TeuxDeuxITime to saveallows you to analyze your computer usage. If you waste your time browsing useless websites and social media, you can block them.
  • Time management tools – you've heard of itPomodoro technique? This is a simple online timer that many freelancers use to maximize their productivity.
  • Task Duration Tools –switchhelps you track how much time you spend on each task.

#2 Putting all eggs in one basket (with one customer)

It's easy to feel comfortable when you find a client who regularly secures a high-paying job.

I have been doing this for over a year and while it worked I was one of the lucky few.

Because customers come and go. Or there has been a change in management and direction. Out with the old and in with the new!

No leverage:

Another reason you need more than one client is leverage. If they know they're paying 100% of your salary, you don't give yourself much room to negotiate better terms.

Find other customers:

Part of your structured workflow should be half a day dedicated to finding new customers. Create construction profiles that match your niche, write an attractive CV, show your achievements and actively search for a job.

#3 Involvement in work (not related to working hours and expenses)

You will always have a job if you are the cheapest freelancer.

But how much is this job worth to you?

At first, it can be difficult to find the perfect price point. Charge too much and you won't attract clients, charge too little and you won't be a freelancer for long.

Successful freelancers set their minimum percentage from day one and adapt quickly to estimating project schedules. Both are essential to surviving as a freelancer.

Consider your worth:

Use this equation to calculate your required hourly rate.

  1. Add your estimated monthly expenses (every dollar you spend running your business) + any savings and earnings you need. For example, running $250 costs $500 in savings and profit = $750 per month.
  2. Now calculate the number of hours per month you plan to work. Let's say 160.
  3. Divide 160 by 750 = $4.60 an hour before you get paid.

Now add the average hourly rate for your niche and experience level. This is what you need to download to get started.

Billing apps:

  • I am appsReasonthey help automate the billing process by calculating the hourly rate and providing an annual salary. And avoid low-paying customers because they'll treat you like disposables, ask for more than they're willing to pay, or disappear when they settle down. And increase your stakes as your experience increases. This way you will get customers who will appreciate your value.

#4 Inconsistent in his work (falling patterns)

I've seen it happen and it doesn't end well.

When the freelancer goes on a cruise, demand starts to outstrip supply, they feel comfortable, they start to think they made it and take their foot off the gas. Then they start tinkering a bit and submitting works they never would have submitted when they first started.

Or outsourcing to a cheaper third party.


The world of freelancers is small. If you get a reputation for substandard work, it sticks, and before you know it, you're back to looking for work on job boards.

Appearance maintenance:

Returns to an organized workflow.

Create a system that brings out the best in you and allows you to achieve more in less time. Set your goals for each day the night before and implement a strategy to ensure you reach them. And remember, our brain is just like any other muscle. they get tired and need to be refueled.

If you take care of yourself and commit to providing a better service than your customers expect, you will never live up to their expectations.

#5 Failure to create a unique identity (brand)

You need to build a brand and create a unique identity to stand out from the competition.

But more importantly, a well-planned branding strategy shows potential customers that you are serious about what you do. It also allows you to pull together all your marketing strategies, create an established online presence, increase awareness and help you build a strong base in your niche.

Tips for personal branding:

  1. Internet side -It doesn't matter what your position is. you need a website so that potential clients can better understand your skills and make an informed decision about hiring you.
  2. Logo -Your brand needs a logo. We are not talking about a typical Apple logo, but a logo that suits your market and your target audience. You can create it in ten minutes using an online logo maker likeCustomize brands.
  3. Selfie -You are the face of your brand, so make sure it's a good one! Smile in your photo, use exciting backgrounds or props that allow you to see your creative nature and style.
  4. Colors -Colors are necessary to create the right setting. Use a color palette that suits your niche and then incorporate it into all of your brand marketing strategies.

#6 Working so hard you burn out

Don't underestimate how quickly this can happen. I know, I've been there, I've done that, and I'm still riding close to the edge.


Because freelancers are often highly motivated people who take great pride in their work and strive for perfection at every opportunity.

As a result, it starts at 05.00, weekends become occasions for action and broken promises about vacations and time with family and friends. The thing is, if you are a high-end freelancer, you always have a job 24/7. But it's not sustainable or worth it.

You are solely responsible for running your independent business. you must be the best.

Take a break from work to recharge your batteries. If this is unrealistic for your income, raise your prices!

#7 You don't have a marketing plan

Few freelancers succeed without a clear marketing plan.

At first, creating such a file can seem more than a little complicated for the average freelancer, myself included. But when you implement a customer-centric marketing plan, you start attracting better customers at better prices. Then you can start cutting back on your old low-paying clients and free up your time to earn what you deserve and take that all-important day off.

#8 We do not invest in customer relations

When you love your customers, they will love you, creating lasting working relationships.

Freelancing success isn't just about earning the highest possible hourly rate. It is certainly an essential element and should be one of your ultimate goals. But real success comes from investing in customer relationships.

Your client probably has many freelancers to choose from.

And when it comes to choosing one, who do you think they turn to?

The cheapest freelancer that is difficult to work with. Or one that charges a bit more but always goes the extra mile with great results and is easy to use.

Make sure your customers choose you by making their choice obvious.

#9 End the game too early

"I firmly believe that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful entrepreneurs is sheer persistence." - Steve Jobs.

It takes the average freelancer 2-6 years to establish themselves as an authority in their niche. He becomes one of the few who earns a comfortable six-figure income.

Only play this game when you're ready to commit, and then play like your financial life depended on it.


When you become a freelancer, you are solely responsible for your own success.

And it's an opportunity most people never get.

Don't waste your time doing any of the 9 Reasons New Freelancers Fail.

Good luck.

CEOWORLD Magazine-Most recent--9 Reasons Many New Freelancers Fail (And How To Avoid Them)


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