AJ y DTP Present: WWE 2016 (Smackdown Live 8/9) (2023)

AJ y DTP Present: WWE 2016 (Smackdown Live 8/9) (1)

9. August 2016 - Rabobank-Arena - Bakersfield, Kalifornien

A recap of last week's epic encounter between John Cena and AJ Styles has begun. Now we knew who would be heading to "the biggest party of the summer" to compete for Dean Ambrose's WWE Championship, thanks to Baron Corbin. However, when AJ emerged victorious, "The Lunatic Fringe", unpredictable as ever, appeared in the ring to kick off their new number one contender with some dirty deeds.

SmackDown Live aired less than two weeks before SummerSlam in beautiful Bakersfield, California. AsMauro Ranallo,John Bradshaw LayfieldmiDavid Otungaran through a stacked lineup, including a tag team main event that pitted the dream combination of Dean Ambrose and John Cena against AJ Styles and Baron Corbin.Randy Ortonhe would make his grand entrance to a standing ovation.

speak| Looking back on his game, 'la Vibora' was in top form physically, despite a bad last week for him. As his first match against Brock Lesnar drew near, Randy solemnly recalled how his WWE United States Championship effort against Rusev would be thwarted thanks to The Beast Incarnate. After a rerun on the big screen, Orton admitted he should have seen it coming. Brock wasn't kidding, and that wasn't news. He's proven it every time he's brought WWE Superstars to Suplex City. He proved it when he ended The Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania XXX and threw John Cena in the sun at SummerSlam 2013. He even showed Mark Hunt back at UFC 200 as he was after five years away from the Octagon. He showed off his thundering F-5 last week. As Randy Orton pointed out, this would not be one of those matchups. In this first meeting of two men who had never faced each other in a WWE ring, he planned to fight or try to fight Brock Lesnar.

Daniel BryanHe came to the ring with a few words of encouragement for Randy. The SmackDown Live general manager listened to every word the "Viper" said, but could hardly believe a word he said. He may have fought Brock Lesnar last night on Monday Night Raw, but he had to wonder if that was the same guy who beat him with a kendo stick a few years ago until he couldn't feel his fingers anymore. He couldn't believe this was the same "Apex Predator" that had stripped him of the WWE Title multiple times while inflicting a world of pain on him that he would never forget for the rest of his life. He couldn't believe this was the same scowling, disrespectful Judas he'd looked him in the eye with and trusted him only to have him jump onto his back. "The Yes Man" questioned what kind of person he was most, because that couldn't be the guy who went to SummerSlam with "The Beat Incarnate". Orton became frustrated and asked the GM to stay out of his business, but Bryan responded by hitting him hard!

Orton raged at the disrespect shown and told Daniel Bryan what he would like to do to him now. The general manager replied that he was happy and expected him to do it because that's what "The Viper" needed to hear. Bryan told Randy that if he took this guy to "the biggest party of the summer," he would get his ass kicked and Brock Lesnar would return his balls on a silver platter. Demanding to know what happened to "The Legend Killer," Bryan sternly stated that he's the one who needs to survive SummerSlam because if he didn't, there was no point in showing his face on SmackDown Live! Bryan stormed out of the ring after giving the "Apex Predator" the pep talk of his life. Randy took the time to absorb the warning and asked the WWE Universe what they thought. "The Viper" sang back, claiming that no part of him had softened. If Bryan wanted to start a fire under him, it was too late. He was furious and determined not only to give Brock the fight of his love life in less than two weeks, but to give the "Beast" a lot like he's never seen before! They had been doing rodeos for fifteen years, but that was over for SummerSlam. Randy Orton confidently declared victory in 12 days because only one would get up and not Brock Lesnar.

Lanatook her husband, the WWE United States ChampionRusevdown the aisles with the Bulgarian flag over his shoulder.renee jovenHe reached out to the pair for comment, but "the Bulgarian brute" was quick to demand silence from the puny Canadian. Rusev didn't even talk about his match with Randy Orton last week, claiming he beat whoever would beat the other 21-1, back-to-back, and that made SmackDown Live his trademark! An emotional Rusev explained that the title he held was unlike any other in WWE because it was his and will always be his, because this is Rusev's country: and he is America personified. "The gorgeous Russian," nodded silently to Renee as the two made their way to the arena to watch Sheamus and Cesaro fight downstairs.

AJ y DTP Present: WWE 2016 (Smackdown Live 8/9) (2)

After the biggest win of his short WWE career so farEstilos AJhad trouble getting to the same page asBaron Korbin. The two men were at odds over who would start the match in tonight's Big Tag Team Main Event when "the phenomenal" Baron recalled he had beaten John Cena last week. Confused, "the lone wolf" reminded the number one contender how it had happened. It was all thanks to him, as he was the rising star of SmackDown Live. AJ said yes because he was the next WWE Champion when he dethroned Dean Ambrose. Corbin laughed that the Fringe Lunatic dumped him with the Dirty Deeds last week, although AJ Baron recalled how Ambrose dumped him with the Dirty Deeds two weeks ago! When they finally came to terms with their mutual dislike, AJ noted that they shared a mutual hatred for the two jerks who allegedly carried "the blue mark" they wore. With a handshake they got up and decided that tonight they would show Dean and AJ who would be lifting all the heavy loads around here in the future.

When he came to the ring for his match with Sheamus,Cesarohe had a few ideas about "the celtic warrior" before he left. "The Swiss Superman" also expressed an interest in Rusev's WWE United States Championship and stated his intention to be the man to defeat Rusev Country.

1. Sheamus vs. Cesaro ended without a fight (10:19) | Come onRusevmiLanaFrom the announce table, the two ringside hitters leaped into action as they sprawled across the floor. "The Bulgarian Brute" got caught in the crosshairs of a brogue kick by Sheamus aimed at Cesaro. As the two fought their way back in, "the Swiss Superman" took a cheap low blow from the Irish, followed by an Irish curse backbreaker. Suddenly, the WWE United States Champion has reappeared with the Matchka Kick to Sheamus!

The WWE United States Champion planned to show Sheamus and Cesaro what country Rusev Country was from, as "the Bulgarian brute" was trying to claim the award for only "the Swiss Superman." The Cesaro swing sent the champion to the ground where she was pinned by Lana. Cesaro wanted to get the gold!

The broadcast crew speculated on what it meant for Breezango to perform a "fashion run" on tonight's SmackDown Live before moving on to another vignette to focus onNew jax. The NXT superstar would be arriving next tonight.

AJ y DTP Present: WWE 2016 (Smackdown Live 8/9) (3)

Following a video of the chaos that unfolded when Monday Night Raw blew up last night when Randy Orton's "Red Mark" ambushed Brock Lesnar,Shane McMahonwas spotted backstage on the phone with an angry Stephanie McMahon. The SmackDown Live commissioner held the phone away from his ear as his sister yelled at him on the phone as he emergedKevin Owenshe saw him hang up humorously. When he asked what was the point of facing Kane tonight, he repeated that his business had to do with that Newcastle rat, Neville! Shane understood but asked the angry Canadian not to raise his voice. This only provoked KO further as he wanted to know what kind of show he was playing here! Shane's eyes widened as he warned her not to say another word or she risked making their situation worse. Owens asked how he would do this and asked if he would do it without disqualification. Shane shook his head and told her he would do just that! As he left the room, Owens was surprised!

2. Nia defeated Jax. Britt Baker (2:11) | After dominating NXT for almost a year, Nia Jax made impeccably short work of young prospect Britt Baker. Jax smashed him with a seated somersault and splashed Baker in the corner before sweeping her with Samoa's takedown.

The newcomer didn't end there, however, and dug her massive leg into poor Britt Baker's anatomy after the match. Nia Jax was scheduled to make a statement for the SmackDown Live Women's Division when a second followed immediately.Becky LynchHe made his way to the ring after seeing enough. "The Lass Kicker" fearlessly faced the imposing new force in the ring, though oddly Jax decided to take a walk.

While the Usos' win over Enzo Amore and Big Cass, Dudley Boyz and Breezango was a summary on last week's show, Jimmy and Jey's matchup with the WWE Tag Team Champions was documented on The New Day of Monday Night Raw last night before their meeting . at the "Biggest Party of the Summer". Meanwhile, a graphic would herald Enzo and Cass in retaliation after they stole their four-way tag team match against the Usos tonight.

In his first WWE appearance in monthsKaneThey marched down the aisles on their way to the ring. While SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon planned to put Kevin Owens in his place, "the Big Red Monster" was ready in moments not to take any disqualification action against Kevin Owens.

AJ y DTP Present: WWE 2016 (Smackdown Live 8/9) (4)

master address| The WWE ChampionDean AmbroseHe waved the title over his shoulder as he leaned against a brick wall backstage. Speaking of his recent experiences, becoming a champion hasn't been easy. It came after just a decade of beating himself up over breadcrumbs, but that day was over. He had defeated his brothers Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, he had defeated Baron Corbin, and last week it was confirmed that he was in the process of defeating AJ Styles. The Lunatic Fringe addressed the news that tonight he would be working with John Cena, the living legend himself! Ambrose spoke about the excitement in the locker room on SmackDown Live, but it wasn't a "dream team" for him. He saw John the way he saw everyone else of that brand: the title fight on his shoulder. However, while playing well with John, Dean made it clear that he was targeting "the big one" to see just how good he really was. He hasn't seen the hype because all AJ has done since coming to WWE is cry, moan and cheat. Ambrose explained the match AJ would expect at SummerSlam, whether or not he admitted how difficult it was going to be. Ambrose said the title meant more to him than his own life and that he would prove it while continuing to be the man at the top.

3. Defeated Kane. Kevin Owens in a no disqualification match (6:25) | Kevin Owens' irritability caused Kane to bombard him before he even entered the ring. "The Big Red Monster" outplayed Owens early on when KO introduced a lead pipe. A trash can and a stop sign later came into play as the Canadian shoved the veteran into an exposed turnbuckle. Kane struggled, but as the goal neared, Owens took a walk. Owens opened his mouth and would be sent back by none other than unexpectedlyNeville! This left the enraged Owens open to the chokeslam to secure the win for Kane.

As "The Big Red Monster" exploded his pyrotechnics over the fallen body of Kevin Owens, Neville watched from ringside with a cheeky grin. The Man That Gravity Forgot scored a knockout, but what price would the Brit have to pay if the knockout came?

Alice FuchsShe got all the jobs courtesy of the makeup artist backstage, all the while bragging about how gorgeous she was. He claimed he owned SmackDown Live and believed no one would come near him. She was far from being a women's champion for so long, but that would end. Something in her reflection abruptly triggered the uptight superstar, prompting her to blame the artist for applying so much blush that she looked like a soccer mom! Fox confronted the artist as he enteredCarmel. "The Princess of Staten Island" urged Foxy to walk away and dared to call Alice delusional! Fox threw a tantrum and demanded to know who Carmella really was, leading her to introduce herself as the woman who would lead her onto the streets tonight. 'Nick walked away leaving Fox angry.

AJ y DTP Present: WWE 2016 (Smackdown Live 8/9) (5)

After costing Kevin Owens his no disqualification match with Kane,renee jovenwelcomedNevilleBackstage during the break. He was asked to comment on "The Man Gravity Forgot" and smiled knowingly. He knew Kevin Owens would be after him after that. Luckily for him, he waited for it. Neville showed the Canadian the following week that he wasn't ready to play him and he was ready to show Owens again the next week. The Englishman faced the camera and urged KO to really try this time.

Coming out of your unexpected presence on Monday Night Raw last night,The usesHe made a rousing appearance before the tag team action. After controversially stepping up to be named the number one contender for the WWE Tag Team Championship last week, Jimmy and Jey were interrupted upon their arrival in the ring byEnzo Amore und Big Cass. Enzo roasted the Samoans and exclaimed that the two had been playing with the color too much lately. Not impressed with how they won, he called the twins two cute kids, hinting that they were a little stranger than they seem. Cass told the Usos how he disapproved of their training last week but that today's win would certainly put them back in the group for a shot at gold. Enzo went through his catchphrase, calling his enemies SAWFT and proclaiming himself the future WWE Tag Team Champion.

4. The Usos defeated. Enzo Amore and Big Cass (5:32) | As the WWE Universe struggled to decide between the two fan-favorite teams, the Usos' treatment of Enzo Amore worried him and Big Cass. Smacktalkers from the tri-state area had people in their palms while Cass made the hot tag and ran hot. Cass ended up at the East River Crossing, but while she was showing off and getting Enzo ready for the rocket launcher, Jimmy and Jey switched positions! Twin Magic of the Samoan variety was seen when Enzo missed Cass's shoulder punch. With a handful of socks, Jey was victorious.

The Usos were delighted with the win, much to the dismay of Big Cass. Enzo Amore argues with the officer about Jimmy and Jey tricking them for the second straight week and angrily berates the Samoans for their trickery. Perhaps disrespectfully, the Usos would respond with a super double kick and knock the loudmouth from New Jersey unconscious! The Usos escaped the wrath of Cass and undoubtedly went into SummerSlam with high hopes for The New Day's year-long reign as WWE Tag Team Champions.

United States WWE ChampionRusevcomplained and ravedLanain the dressing room, still angry at Cesaro's disrespect for the "Great American". Rusev announced that this is still Rusev's land as long as he carries his title. Enter the general manager of SmackDown LiveDaniel Bryan, impressed by the courage of the "Bulgarian brute" not only to claim "the Blue Mark" but also to sabotage an exciting match between Cesaro and Sheamus! Rusev threatened to crush the little "yes man," but Bryan told him it would be reckless. However, since Rusev liked to get involved in things, he would go ahead and give him her SummerSlam match. Because he liked to get involved, Bryan wanted Rusev to stand out and be proud of "his" country against Cesaro and Sheamus in a triple threat match! The GM walked away, causing the Bulgarian to yell and yell in his native language while “the Russian gourmand” complained!

AJ y DTP Present: WWE 2016 (Smackdown Live 8/9) (6)

Mauro Ranallo,John Bradshaw LayfieldmiDavid Otungacovered the latest news on the WWE United States Championship Triple Threat match held for SummerSlam before changing the subject to talk about Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar's first matchup at "the biggest party of the summer." A video pack has been released offering a visual look from Tale of the Tape into the story of the two men who once shared a class at Ohio Valley Wrestling with John Cena and Batista before becoming WWE Superstars and later WWE. Champions who would run WrestleMania.

5. Carmella right Alice Fuchs (4:05) | The slightly unbalanced Alicia Fox tried the less experienced Princess of Staten Island, but Carmella caught her on the second rope with the Princess Kick to claim the win.

Carmella impressed in her in-ring debut on SmackDown Live, though "The Princess of Staten Island" was soon interrupted by the arrival ofNew jax! After his impressive debut tonight, "the awesome force" marched into the ring with a cold smile on the New Yorker. 'Nick put her money where she was talking and threw hay at Jax when Alicia Fox attacked her.Becky Lynchhe would try to rush the ring to his aid, only to be attacked by a hooded woman who turned out to be none other than his enemy.natalia! A three-on-two attack left The Lass Kicker and Carmella immobile as a dominant trio took center stage in the women's division.

Fandangoshe watched her reflection in the backstage mirror, dressed in a light purple dress that covered whatever was patterned underneath. climbed goneTyler Breeze, who snapped a selfie of the two before asking if Dango was ready for his fifteen minutes of fame. Breezango walked down the aisle on her way to the arena before the Breezango Fashion Run.

AJ y DTP Present: WWE 2016 (Smackdown Live 8/9) (7)

Following his dramatic return to WWE last weekEva Mariawas about to demonstrate the vitality of All Red Everything. A vignette was aired showing the redhead's stunning nature, complete with clips from E!'s Total Divas. celebrating it Now back to SmackDown Live, who knows what the WWE Universe might expect from the "most beautiful woman on planet earth".

Breezango fashion ruins| SmackDown Live announcer Greg Hamilton introduced the Breezango Fashion Run after negative complaints and boos from the Bakersfield crowd. To be quick to say that this was entirely the brainchild of Tyler Breeze and Fandango, I would go ahead and hostbreezangoin a dramatic presentation. Tyler Breeze went first, revealing white tights, designer sunglasses and a fringed jacket. Looking fresh as ever, 'Pretty Prince' kept his fluffy boots on as he strutted to the ring as he teamed up with Fandango. Shirtless, in black leather pants and a mesh shirt to reveal his body, 'Dango looked ready to get dirty as the two entered the ring and posed together. The WWE Universe loudly booed the mad team and brought out Breeze to finally take the mic and demand respect! Fandango ordered people to be quiet as they only wanted to hear praise for their flawless bodies and fashion sense.

went away unexpectedlyos Dudley Boyzin casual wear! Bubba Ray Dudley wore a baseball jersey with a baseball cap, while D-Von Dudley joined him in a t-shirt and shorts. The veteran duo wore his signature glasses, much to Breezango's chagrin. The Dudleys received a standing ovation from the audience, who questioned the duo about their performance. Breeze was surprised by his outfit, let alone the robbery, although Bubba couldn't understand why Fandango came dressed as a firefighter or why Breeze came as a member of NSYNC! Angry at the Dudleys' assessment of his knowledge of fashion, Dango struck a pose right there! The Dudleys agreed and wanted Breeze and 'Dango to lead the way. Curiously, the two posed together under a spotlight, with fandango sniping from under the legs of "Prince Pretty!" Optionally, the two poked fun at D-Von and Bubba, telling them to do better. The natives of Dudleyville braced themselves for their 15 second pose just to take the fight to Breezango. The WWE Universe quickly threw them out of the ring and embraced "the Kings of Camouflage" who ruined Breezango's fashion run.

It was time for the Tag Team Main Event. WWE ChampionDean AmbroseHe cuts to the backstage area before turning his gaze to his partner. In a dream team setting, The Lunatic Fringe faced determinationJohn Cena. He just said that Dean didn't have to like or respect him, he just had to trust him. Cena suggested butting Baron Corbin and AJ Styles tonight, to which Dean snorted and John said it worked for him.

AJ y DTP Present: WWE 2016 (Smackdown Live 8/9) (8)

Mauro Ranallo,John Bradshaw LayfieldmiDavid Otungadiscussed SummerSlam in less than two weeks, with a major new addition to the lineup: John Cena looking to get his hands on Baron Corbin from head to toe! As we speak on SmackDown Live next week, Neville would face Kevin Owens in a rematch from last week; Breezango would want revenge on the Dudley Boyz; Natalya and Alicia Fox would meet Becky Lynch and Carmella; and The New Day would perform live to meet their WWE Tag Team Championship challengers, The Usos.

6. AJ Styles and Baron Corbin defeated. WWE Champion Dean Ambrose and John Cena (13:29) | The dream team of John Cena and Dean Ambrose worked closely together for most of the game, the combined forces of the two men would go head-to-head in "the biggest party of the summer." After a long period of conspiring against him, The Lunatic Fringe hit back and scored on Big Match John. The Five Doom Moves were in effect when "The Lone Wolf" escaped with the Deep Six. All the carnage unfolded, including the flying referee, as "The Awesome" brought in a steel chair. Ambrose managed to snatch it from his opponent, but accidentally rammed his chair through Cena! The miscommunication resulted in AJ beating the WWE Champion while Corbin slammed End of Days in the chair for the biggest win of his young career!

John Cena was defeated by Baron Corbin at the turn of the year and The Lone Wolf celebrated this famously. Not finished with Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles continued his assault on the WWE Champion in the ring. "The Lunatic Fringe" tried to fight back, only to be stopped with a toe on the steel steps. "The Phenomenal" revealed a second steel chair and relentlessly shook it against the champion's legs before leaning back on it while sitting atop the champion. Was that a harbinger of the upcoming SummerSlam?


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