An amateur's attempt to determine astrology's birth time: the hermit's mirror (2023)

The time of birth can be important to astrology, andmy divination exercises with astrological themes("challenges" to use the social media term) and myFun astrology phrase generator(mipart 2 is here) assumes you know yours, but not all. This can make it impossible to appreciate some of the nuances of astrology, like the rising sign and house positions, which is a shame, because they're fun to delve into.

I want to help you solve this problem, so I found a way to help you solve it for basic astrological purposes. And no, I am not a professional astrologer. I am a self-taught student of mixed astrology, so you may get more comprehensive advice from a more informed source. However, my method combines basic astrology with self-assessment and the expression of goals, which are possibly more important aspects of determining one's destiny than the exact time of birth. (Your birth chart is a starting point and a set of vague boundaries/guidelines, not a step-by-step blueprint for life.)

First things first, if you hear a lot of "you're so {fill in the blank}" and it's the same sign over and over again and it's not your sun sign, then this could be your rising sign, and you don't need much else. aid. (If this is not you, skip this paragraph.) You can do some research online to confirm if it is right for you. If that's the case, read a few others to confirm that most don't fit equally well (if they all fit well, you need more precise role-playing help, or you have such an outspoken personality that this is a challenging exercise for you). . be be ). If you are comfortable with your rising sign, you can confirm this by looking for your Midheaven (three characters before). And when you're done, move on to the Final Step when you're in tune with your rising sign.

Now it's time to explain some science. The Earth rotates once a day, so we "see" all the signs that rise above the horizon at some point in the day, although some are not visible because they are obscured by daylight. This is called the rising sign, also known as the rising sign. The day you were born does not matter what your ascendant is. The time of your birth determines your ascendant and therefore the position of your twelve astrological houses (I use Roman numerals, from House I to House XII).

Meanwhile, the moon revolves around the earth. Regardless of Earth's position in space, the Moon passes through each sign over the course of one lunar month (approximately 28 days), so there is a less than perfect mapping of signs to days. It takes about 2.5 days for the moon to move through one sign. So depending on the day you were born, you may only have one moon sign option. However, you can have two options for moon signs, and the time of birth can affect this as well.

So you may need to consider one or two factors to determine your birth time (broadly enough for astrology). Since that might not be enough for you, we might as well end up looking at your midheaven, represented by the sign on the X house cusp. To approximate, we use the equal sign house system, so your midheaven on the sign three is "behind" your rising sign. Accurate astrologers may find this utterly absurd, and people who want to experience what the future holds as if it were delivered to them will find it challenging, but I want you to use your aspirations to shape your destiny. Really, the stars don't give a shit. Your work was done when you were born. Now is your turn.

With that, we should have plenty of tips that will help most people find the rising sign that suits them best. If not, I can help you narrow things down further, but that's getting into the weeds, so I'll get into it in a future post if I'm asked enough about it.

So let's start. And again, this is to determine the time of birth to understand astrological factors/self-determined destinies. It's not a literal birth time method, and a professional astrologer can give you a more accurate birth time estimate, but it's free, so why not start here?

Paso 1

Find the moon sign for your date of birth at 00:01 and 23:59in your place of birth (or nearest big city)🇧🇷 If they are the same, you know your moon sign and you can proceed to step 3. If not, you have two possible moon signs and your birth time plays a role in that and you should continue to step 2. Either way, your sign lunar can help you narrow down your birth time options.

paso 2

If the moon changed sign on your date of birth, find out the time the moon changed sign on your date of birthat place of birth (or nearest large city)🇧🇷 You can do this by reducing some of the guesswork and testing. Assume the moon moves 1 degree every 2-2.5 hours and do the math. If you were in Aries 26 at 12:01 am, you'll probably be close to entering Taurus at 9:00 am. You can look up the sign of the moon at 9 am and confirm or correct your guess. You don't need to be specific here.

stage 3

Whether or not you have two moon options, look for character A for "moon in" and, if applicable, character B for "moon in". Your Moon sign is how you process emotions and what you want and feel below the surface and when. he pleases himself. Some of your worst traits can come from your moon sign because they are deeply internal aspects that are hidden in the light of day, that's all.I couldbackwards ofego- but some of the best stuff is there too. It can help to think about how you express yourself online behind the facade of technology and distance (or even anonymity) or through writing, an activity that allows you to fully express yourself. Choosing between two moon sign options, one of them may be more appealing to you, but even if you only have one option, it can help you set a time with Reign of the Night.

If your moon sign (or any of your moon signs) isn't feeling right, and it's not just because you're not good at self-reflection, it could be because you were born after the sun went down. Look for "moon in" in your sun sign instead of your moon sign (or possible moon sign). Looks more like you? In that case, look for the "sun in" your moon sign (or possible moon sign) instead of your sun sign. If this sounds more like you, you were probably born at night (meaning any time before sunrise and any time after sunset).

For some people, the timing of birth affects how you express your Moon and Sun sign. Being born when the sun was low (hidden and invisible, like your inner world) and the moon is the only guiding light in the sky (your ego and life path) means you have a nocturnal (or nocturnal) horoscope. For many astrologers, this does not affect how you should understand your sun and moon signs. But it is possible for your Moon and Sun signs to be "swapped" for role-playing purposes. (It doesn't change where your sun or moon has been, just what you use to reflect on your ego and life path and what you use to understand your emotions and inner world.) As I understand it, you wear a night chart like this is not universally accepted, but this is where your personal drive and willingness to commit to your own life purpose and experience is so important. If you feel better swapping the sun and moon this way, then you probably got up when the sun went down, which is usually noon. If you like a mix of the two options, you can also ask for a night menu; However, this could also indicate that you are not identifying with the signs strongly enough, and you can check this by trying to mix your sun sign with other signs. If many mixes are good for you, you may have such a mixed board and/or such an open personality that nothing feels right; Don't assume this means you have an overnight chart.

reservaIf your Sun sign and Moon sign look correct according to normal astrological interpretation (ie without swapping them), it doesn't necessarily mean you were born during the day. Normal astrological interpretations can still be applied to night charts.

Paso 4

If you've narrowed down your choices, either to determine which of the two possible Moon signs would suit you best or to determine if you have a night chart (or both), it's time to narrow down your potential rising signs. If everything is still open, continue with step 5.

  • If you have an overnight chart, look for the rising signat place of birth (or nearest large city)at 00:01 on your date of birth and then the rising signat place of birth (or nearest large city)at dawn on your date of birth. These signs and everything else in the normal order Aries - Taurus -... - Aquarius - Pisces are options. So look at the rising signat place of birth (or nearest large city)at sunset on your date of birth and then the sign that roseat place of birth (or nearest large city)at 23:59 on your date of birth. These signs and everything else in the normal zodiac order are also options. Anything not on this list (probably four or five characters) can be removed from the list of possible ascending characters.

  • If the moon changed signs on your date of birth and you have determined that your moon sign is first choice on that date, look for the rising signat place of birth (or nearest large city)at 12:01 am and the time the moon changed to the other sign on your date of birthat place of birth (or nearest large city)🇧🇷 These signs and everything else in the normal order Aries - Taurus -... - Aquarius - Pisces are options. If you also know you have a nighttime chart, you can narrow it down further by excluding signals that only appeared in the hours between sunrise and sunset (do not clip signals that appeared at sunrise or sunset, as these times also carry over to/ of the night).

  • If the moon changed signs on your date of birth and you have determined that your moon sign is your second choice on that date, look for the rising signat place of birth (or nearest large city)as the moon moved into this second sign on your birth date, look for the rising signat place of birth (or nearest large city)at 23:59 on your date of birth. These signs and everything else in the normal order Aries - Taurus -... - Aquarius - Pisces are options. If you also know you have a nighttime chart, you can narrow it down further by excluding signals that only appeared in the hours between sunrise and sunset (do not clip signals that appeared at sunrise or sunset, as these times also carry over to/ of the night).

paso 5

Now you can finally consider which of your possible ancestors suits you the most. Merciful God, the end is in sight. Ultimately, you'll need to search for "Rising sign in {fill in the blank}" to match personal information to sign details, but you should do some thinking and take notes before searching for all rising signs. It's too easy to believe that everything feels right. So before you dig into everything, consider how your rising sign can already be recognized in the way it manifests itself to you. Don't just rely on one category of associations: look for cross-category validation.

  • A common way to identify your rising sign is to think about how people interact with person(or at least face to face) thinking of you.(While it is true that energies are transmitted at a distance, hello tarot readings from afar, it is easier for rising signs to manifest in person or face to face as they are linked to your outward personality and physical appearance) .If you hear a lot of "You're a {fill in the blank}," it could be your rising sign, especially if it's not your sun or moon sign. Note this character (or characters if there is a pair) as the first option. But take note of the other signs of the same element (eg, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are all fiery) and the opposite sign, as people often know the signs superficially, not realizing the overlap even in signs. opposites (eg, B. Taurus and Scorpio). can be seen as "sexy or hedonistic" but in completely different ways, Gemini and Sagittarius are often seen as "curious and charming" though with different areas of interest, Cancer and Capricorn are "whole" for very different reasons (it seems). . You might also consider adding the other sign ruled by the same planet to the list. In traditional astrology there are five couples: Capricorn - Aquarius (Saturn), Sagittarius - Pisces (Jupiter), Aries - Scorpio (Mars), Taurus - Libra (Venus) and Gemini - Virgo (Mercury); The sun and moon each rule a single sign.

  • If there are personality traits that other people strongly associate with you that aren't tied to your Sun or Moon sign, that could be another important clue to your Ascendant. Can beespeciallytrue if you reject this personality trait or if acquaintances associate this personality trait until they have known "the real you" (for example, being seen as lazy because you worked slowly when there is a perfectly good explanation for the delays, such as some accuracy of the Virgo Moon). If these people meet you primarily through social media or someone online (or in writing rather than in person), check your natal chart (you can always select it) to see if they're just noticing your Mercury sign, and if then, it could still be your rising sign, but it's less likely. For example, my online friends almost always think I'm an Air or Virgo sign, but that's probably because of my Mercury in Gemini (Virgo's cousin ruled by Mercury). Mercury is the way you think and communicate, and this often has to do with how people perceive you online or through your writing.

  • A very different approach would be to think about your physical attributes that are notable or that you and others associate with you. Are your feet webbed and your eyes clear pools? Pisces can be your ascendant. Do you have thick hair and sharp eyes? You can be a lion on the rise. Are you deliciously symmetrical? Libra may have blessed you at birth. Do you have RBF (or "resting Android face" as I call mine) and knee problems? You could be a Capricorn rising. I'm sure you can see where this is going. Of course, we all have many traits that aren't related to our rising signs (my knee problems are genetic, not astrological "gifts"), but there are probably some that stand out more than others. Focus on these.

  • So you should think about all these things in relation to your childhood. For most ancestors, these traits can be strong during childhood. If you were called an "old soul" as a child and you got along better with your friends' parents than they did with them, you might want to consider whether Capricorn and Aquarius are your ascendant. If your childhood self wanted nothing more than to explore and you were willing to get in trouble for it, you might find something familiar in the fire signs. Rising signs change every two hours, so your traits can often be superficial, and you may have outgrown some of them. Just like personality traits/misconceptions that were foisted on you, these childhood traits could also be a sign that they're part of your outer face (your rising sign) rather than something more ingrained.

Once you have your list of potential Rising Signs, or, more usefully, a dozen major or physical traits, read through the characteristics of each of your potential Rising Signs and look for resonance with what you've already mapped. Remember that you may have ruled out some rising signs, and if you did and you feel good about it, don't bother reading about those signs; They are distractions.

You must take your time here. This isn't something you need to do multiple times, so investing a little time up front pays off in the long run.

paso 6

After all that, you can finally have your only rising sign; in that case, skip this step. But if you still need help narrowing down your last few options (and if you have more than three, don't try too hard), you can look to your Midheaven. The Midheaven is linked to career, status and aspirations, and for ourvery simplifiedFor the purposes of this, it is in the X House, three signs behind your Ascendant (for example, if your Ascendant is Libra, your Midheaven is in Cancer). Many people consider it a sign of their vocation, so it's a great resource to help you decide which rising sign you are. Investigate Midheaven options. Which of these sounds the most to you? What are you looking for? Which (of that little sifted set) would you like your midheaven to be? Take it. own it Believe. Make the future you want feel fated and go for it. Now that you have your Midheaven, you know your rising sign.

the last step

Now that you have your rising sign, look at the sign rising on the place of birth (or nearest large city)on your date of birth at 12:01, 2:00, 4:00, etc. until you reach your sign. Then guess to find the interval of time that contains all those characters, from 0º0'0" to 29º59'59" (the whole character). Hooray, you will know your birth time in two hours and you will be able to print your complete natal chart. Using the middle of that range is probably close enough for almost everything you need astrologically, but you should also consider the full method of calculating the houses of the signs (assuming you have the option).

If you want to get into the weeds, you can start investigating your planets and see if they fall into the "right" house. If so, yes! If they fit better in one of the neighboring houses, you can start by adjusting the Birth Time to try and align them correctly, but getting them all to "work" correctly is difficult, thanks to Aspects, regressions, dignities and all the rest. astrological fun.

As always, I want to make it clear that I am not a professional astrologer who has studied, trained and experimented thoroughly throughout his life. I'm just someone who likes to collect data points and analyze their patterns. And I like to use these talents to help people understand complicated things by breaking them down into their (many, long) parts. As I am an astrology buff (someone who loves to study but doesn't do it professionally,bud), I apply this to astrology. If you know of a better way to calculate birth time, use this one. If you want a detailed astrological birth chart reading, I highly recommend investing in someone whose work you love. I have. This is just a small free resource to help you get started if a piece of missing information leaves you feeling left out of the fun, so take it for all it's worth.

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