BitLife Career Guide: How to Become a Model, Veterinarian, Realtor or Dental Hygienist - Tier Winner (2023)

BitLife is a text-based life simulator that takes you on a journey into another life at the touch of your mobile device. It is very close to real life as your choices in life determine your destiny in the game. Whether you're lucky and born with incredible wealth and looks or the exact opposite, how you actually live your life will determine whether you succeed in the end.

Being text-based, the subtitles and dialogues you'll find will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. They are extremely funny, witty and very unexpected. Life events also add charm as you form relationships, train pets, get stalked by an ex, get sent to prison, and more. Time will definitely pass when you play this game and you won't even notice that hours have passed.

In this BitLife career guide, we'll help you become a runway model, interior designer, museum curator, veterinarian, real estate agent, or dental hygienist. The jobs mentioned are just a few of the many careers you can choose from in the game. If the jobs mentioned interest you, read on to find out what the requirements are to get them.

How to Become a Runway Model in BitLife

To become a runway model, it's good to start as a female character. You should also have extremely high stats for everything, and you really don't have to worry too much about intelligence. Of course, looks are the main factor here, so being born with great photos is definitely a must. If you start with average appearance, start a new life until you have extremely high appearance stats. Luck and health stats can be slightly increased, but appearance can only be drastically improved with plastic surgery. While you can use the gym, it doesn't do much.

BitLife Career Guide: How to Become a Model, Veterinarian, Realtor or Dental Hygienist - Tier Winner (1)

What you do throughout your life is also important on your path to becoming a runway model. High stats alone are not enough as they will fluctuate throughout your life. You must maintain your stats by staying happy, healthy and beautiful. Also, try to interact and keep your relationships with other people positive. Studying is not that important because you can start as a foot model right after school. Just like in real life, models in BitLife start young.

After you graduate from high school, you can check the job listings to see if there's a position for a stand-up model. If it's not there, do other work in the meantime and come back every year until the foot shaping job comes along. Remember to keep your stats up to date every year so you can get your foot shaping work done as soon as you arrive. A stand-up modeling career doesn't always exist, so it may take a few years to emerge. If you're lucky, it's available right after high school.

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Once you become a foot model, you are promoted to a hand model. After manual modeling, the next step is catalog modeling. The next action after the catalog model is the lingerie model. The last station for the modeling career is the runway model. If you're not happy with your salary, you can always ask for a raise or review job postings for the same job or a higher job with a better pay.

How to Become an Interior Designer in BitLife

Becoming an interior designer is one of those jobs that is very easy to get. After high school, you have to major in art and nothing else. If it doesn't show up in the options, start over. After graduating from college, junior interior designer work is immediately available, along with other art-related jobs like graphic design. If it's not there, it will definitely be there next year. This is one of those jobs that isn't hard to turn on as it always pops up as long as you major in art.

BitLife Career Guide: How to Become a Model, Veterinarian, Realtor or Dental Hygienist - Tier Winner (2)

After becoming a Junior Interior Designer, you are immediately promoted to an Interior Designer. After that, it's the final promotion to senior interior designer. That's pretty much all there is to an interior design career. Pay raises and promotions are fairly common, so you'll find yourself in the senior interior designer role right from the start. The same goes for other jobs. If you are not happy with your salary, you can always ask for a raise or look for another job that has a higher salary than your current one.

A career in interior design is what you should do if you don't want to live a stressful life. You don't necessarily need extremely high stats or anything like that. As long as you're majoring in art, you're in good hands. However, that doesn't mean you should let it go and not keep its stats. Of course, if you have at least green stats, you won't be fired. It's still better to have above average stats and try to make your life as satisfying as possible with what you have.

How to Become a Museum Curator in BitLife

Like the previous career mentioned in this article, museum curator is also one of those jobs that doesn't require you to patiently go through job openings year after year for them to appear. This career path begins immediately upon graduation from college with a related major, which in this case is history. If not, start another life and hope that the History course appears in the options. Also as above, the stats don't have to be great, but they should be above average.

BitLife Career Guide: How to Become a Model, Veterinarian, Realtor or Dental Hygienist - Tier Winner (3)

To become a museum curator after college, check out job postings for a teaching or curator position. You can start at either, but it's best to apply for the exhibition assistant position as this will lead directly to promotion to assistant curator. If the apprenticeship is the only one available, grab it, as this will make the other related jobs appear as well. If you are a speaker, you can apply to be an exhibition employee the following year, as it may take a while before you get promoted.

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Once you become an exhibition staff member, you will be promoted to assistant curator. After that, the next position will be curator. As a curator, he ends up getting the position of director of the museum. It will take years for you to reach the position of museum curator, as promotions don't come quickly. You can always ask for a promotion to help you reach your goal faster, but sometimes the company just offers a raise instead of a promotion. It still raises your salary, so it's still a win-win situation.

How to Become a Veterinarian in BitLife

To become a veterinarian, you must graduate from college with a related major and then attend veterinary school. You will only get into veterinary school if you studied biology, chemistry or even nursing in college. You don't need to have a high school diploma for this. What you need to do is make sure you're smart enough to come in and keep it, though it's not really necessary to have perfect smart stats. It's enough to be above average as long as you complete the required coursework.

BitLife Career Guide: How to Become a Model, Veterinarian, Realtor or Dental Hygienist - Tier Winner (4)

Apply to veterinary school after completing one of the above courses. Once admitted, you must study three years to graduate. Search the job listings for a junior veterinary job listing right after graduation. If she doesn't show up, she will definitely show up next year, as it's the only course she can take after veterinary school. After becoming a Junior Vet, you will be promoted to Vet. After that you will become a senior veterinarian. It can take years of work and several raises before you reach your goal.

A veterinary career is a relatively easy career to pursue. You just need to study hard every year and whenever you can go to the library to keep your stats up to date. Take a related course after high school, go to college, get into veterinary school, and that's it. It's not as complicated as other careers that require you to complete a medical degree or years of professional experience before being accepted. If you're looking for a job that doesn't waste your years but is very rewarding, then try the veterinary career.

How to Become a Realtor at BitLife

The real estate agent career is one of those careers at BitLife that doesn't require a college degree. You can also apply for this job as a high school graduate. However, other requirements are needed before you can be accepted for this job. First you need a driver's license. You usually get tested when you're 15. It's okay not to pass the exam as you can always take it the following year until you get it. In addition to a driver's license, you also need a car. Any car will do, even if it's very cheap and broken. If you meet all the requirements, you will definitely be accepted as a realtor.

BitLife Career Guide: How to Become a Model, Veterinarian, Realtor or Dental Hygienist - Tier Winner (5)

The cheapest car you can find is probably around a thousand dollars. As a high school graduate, you might first apply for other jobs to save money to buy a car. Sometimes, the job of a realtor doesn't always exist, so it's best to be prepared for it as soon as it appears. You could also try asking your parents for money, but they will rarely give you enough to buy a car unless, of course, your parents are filthy rich. You can also lead a life of crime just for having this car, but it's too risky and not worth going to jail.

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When it comes to stats, as long as your stats are in the green, you're good to go. But once it drops and turns orange, you'll be fired. Just try to live a normal life and keep your stats up whenever you can. Go to the gym, library and meditate to keep your stats green. You too can go on vacations and cruises to keep yourself happy. Get plastic surgery if you also want to improve your appearance. Remember, you can get the realtor job as long as your stats are in the green, even if you are below average.

How to Become a Dental Hygienist in BitLife

To become a Dental Hygienist at BitLife, all you need to do is complete community college. No need to go to dental school or anything. This is the only way to become a dental hygienist and nothing else will get you into this profession. It's very easy to get this job as it doesn't require high smart stats and having average stats is enough.

BitLife Career Guide: How to Become a Model, Veterinarian, Realtor or Dental Hygienist - Tier Winner (6)

After graduating from community college, a dental hygienist career will appear on job listings. If it's not there, find another job in the meantime and keep checking year after year until the dental hygienist option comes along. There is no further promotion for this job.

Being a dental hygienist is one of the easiest jobs you can have in this game as you don't have to work hard to learn and you don't have to ask for promotions or wait for promotions. If you are not happy with your salary, you should ask for a raise or consider other job offers. Other than that, that's it for this race.

We've reached the end of our latest BitLife career guide. We hope you found this guide helpful in finding your dream career. If you have any other tips and tricks related to the aforementioned races, let us know in the comments!



How do I become a BitLife model? ›

You need at least 80% Looks to be a Model in BitLife and this is the only thing that should matter in your entire journey. Hence, make sure that you start the game with a character that has at least 80% Looks, and from there, it's all about maintaining them. Your school won't really matter so you can rush through it.

How do you become a famous runway model in BitLife? ›

Go to the 'Occupation' menu and find the Jobs section. Looking for a Foot Model job as it is the bottom tier in the industry. Once you find a Foot Model listing, apply for it, and after a successful interview, your character will officially become a foot model.

What majors lead to what jobs in BitLife? ›

Higher educationUniversity majors
Law schoolCriminal justice, English, Finance, Philosophy, Political science
Pharmacy and veterinary schoolBiology, Chemistry, Physics
Dental schoolBiology, Chemistry, Physics, Nursing
Medical schoolBiology, Chemistry, Physics, Nursing, Psychology
3 more rows

Why can't i be a model in BitLife? ›

Notably, and quite unsurprisingly, you need to have a very high Looks stat if you want to stand any chance of getting a BitLife model job. Your character will need at least 90% in this statistic. But if you haven't been blessed with a high Looks stat at birth, you can opt to boost this with Plastic Surgery as an Adult.

How to become a model? ›

9 Tips for Becoming a Model
  1. Recognize your strengths. Being a model involves hyperfocus around your appearance. ...
  2. Understand the duties of the job. ...
  3. Take care of your appearance. ...
  4. Get headshots. ...
  5. Create a portfolio. ...
  6. Find a modeling agency that fits your brand. ...
  7. Try a modeling school. ...
  8. Look for open casting calls.
Sep 7, 2022

Why do I have a gun by my name in BitLife? ›

For example, if your new character has a gun next to their name, their special talent is related to crime. This talent means your character is more successful with crime-related activities, including work performance in organized crime syndicates.

Can you become a vampire in BitLife? ›

BitLife allows you to do a whole host of different things with your virtual life. It ascended past realism a long time ago, and while you can't really become a Vampire in the game, there is a challenge that carries the name of this supernatural creature.


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