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Description[processing|source processing]

The cervical plexus is formed by fusion of the anterior parts of the four upper cervical nerves (C1-4).[1]

cervical mesh (1)

Location/route[processing|source processing]

It is located under the sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM), opposite the four upper cervical vertebrae. It is attached to the levator angular scapula and metatarsal muscles and originates from the posterior border of the SCM.[1]

cervical mesh (2)

Branches and structures available[processing|source processing]


Its branches consist of superficial and deep sediment. The superficial branches are the greater auricular nerve, the inferior occipital nerve, the transverse cervical nerve, the suprasternal nerve, and the supraclavicular nerve. The deep branches are diaphragmatic, communicating cervical, communicating and muscular.[1]

  • Cervical loop (C1-3)[3]
    • The upper (C1-2) and lower (C2-3) roots form a loop
    • Sensory: Nic
    • Motor: Omohyoid, sternohyoid, sternohyoid
  • Lesser occipital nerve (C2-3)[3]
    • It is derived from the posterior edge of the SCM
    • Sensory: Perfect area behind the ear
    • Motor: Nic

  • Greater auricular nerve (C2-3)[3]
    • It emerges under the inferior occipital nerve, ascends to the SCM
    • Sensory: Above the parotid gland and behind the ear
    • Motor: Nic
  • Transverse cervical nerve (C2-3)[3]
    • Exit below the greater auricular nerve and continue to the front of the neck
    • Sensory: Front triangle of the neck
    • Motor: Nic
  • Supraklavikulær (C2-3)[3]
    • It is divided into 3 branches: anterior, middle and posterior
    • Sensory: Above the clavicle, outside the trapezius and deltoid muscles
    • Motor: Nic
  • Phrenic nerve (C3-5)[3]
    • In the anterior ladder, in the chest between the subclavian artery and the vein
    • Sensory: Mediastinal pericardium og pleura
    • Motor: membrane

Diagram[processing|source processing]

cervical mesh (3)

bibliographical references[processing|source processing]

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