Cultural Appropriation in Human Design (2023)

When I came across Human Design, I wanted to share the system with some of my business partners. One said: “I don't like the Human Design story. I'm not into it at all."

Curious, I googled the history of human design. Until now I didn't know much about Human Design outside of a gifted read. Nor did I question where that system came from.

Google shared that Human Design was synthesized from five core systems:

  • ei ching
  • mascot
  • chakras
  • Astrology
  • quantum physics

Here's some context for why I'm writing this article.I am a first-generation Asian-American and have a Lineage 5 profile. I have seen my culture, popular religion, and traits mocked but celebrated when sold by Caucasian creators. There is also pressure from my communities to speak out about these issues or be humiliated as a "white sympathizer".

This is the third and probably last edition of this publication.In the past, readers misunderstood my intentions. I have been criticized for attacking Ra Uru Hu for appropriating human design or for not doing enough to prove cultural appropriation.

I'm not here to prove anything.

I wrote this article because no one outside of social media has been talking about cultural appropriation in human design. I love you reader.make your own decisions and draw your own conclusions.

I am not a tool to instigate further divisions in an already divided system.

Read this post if you're ready to recognize a gray topic that might not have a concrete answer.

Where does human design come from?

The first book written on human design is dubbed “The Black Book.Robert Alan "Ra Uru Hu" Krakower (hereafter known as Krakower) published this book. He described his experience of being imbued with a force he calls The Voice. This happened on the coast of Ibiza in 1981, where he spent time.

The voice asked if he was ready to work. Over the next eight days, Krakower channeled the system now known as Human Design.

The only witness to this experience was his dog.

This story is the story of one person. How much should we take into account the perspective of the people of Krakowpossible memory contamination🇧🇷 Furthermore, he shared his strong leanings towards psychedelics and alcohol.

If you've ever tried psychedelics, you probably know what it's like to be imbued with your own voice.

the stories

A good story can make you a legend. For example, the wizardEsmerejon, o amado Bodhisattva,kuan yin, and even Jesus Christ.

A good story can also turn people into your followers or against you. For example,cult leaderjaccused witches.

Nobody knows the truth, but we love our conspiracy theories. They generate buzz and interest. Any copywriter fresh out of an online course can tell you that every brand needs a compelling story. Donald Miller even created a certificate authority called Storybrand from this concept.

sell stories.

Krakower was "chosen" because he is white?

A quick scroll on Pinterest to Chinese food reveals "healthy" or "fancy" versions of the cuisine. Guys... fried rice was never meant to be healthy. It's the Chinese version of the casserole dish. But that's how the world worked for a while. Anything Chinese was considered unhealthy or dangerous.

(See: People Who Don't Want to Eat Chinese Food Because of "MSG" and the Origin of the Term "snake oil"). In early 2021, a group of white women felt the need to "modernize mah jong" to make it "accessible".

These stories are not specific to the Chinese.

If human design had been popularized by a POC or woman in the 1980s and 1990s, would it have had the impact it did?Would there have been pitchforks or riots that Human Design would have labeled "the work of the devil"? Would they have been completely ignored or would their work have been stolen and "elevated"?

A POC or woman talking about hearing voices orbe penetrated by another beingit could also attract negative attention. Women are considered hysterical, emotional and dramatic even when we express what we feel. POCs must change codes when moving between communities.

It would not be safe for us (or our families/communities) to have these conversations openly.

Please note that I am not saying that marginalized communities will never do this.needa white man defending us. Never.I mean when someone says they were penetrated by a voice they heard without being identifiedLokAccording to the media, it would be a white and heterosexual man.

Assuming Krakower was picked up by The Voice and this wasn't a mushroom trip.

Perversion of money laundering in spiritual communities.

Cultural appropriation in spiritual communities is a sensitive issue. They are all based on your own limited experiences.

There is the non-Japanese woman in the kimono, a gift from her Japanese husband. They met while she was teaching in Japan. Although she wore the kimono out of love, her photo was stolen and posted on a forum mocking weeaboos (white people obsessed with Japanese culture).

Then you have the non-Japanese who grew up watching anime, loved it and moved to Japan. Learn the language and customs for several years. He even starts putting his eyes over his eyes and does a "fox eye" to get out.oriental.

See how we can't have hard and fast rules when it comes to cultural appropriation?The person's intentions are important.

Consider Krakower's intentions with human design. Mystics like to argue about whether to charge for spiritual work. If so, how much should you charge before it becomes a scam?

Mystic or not, Krakower was a man with a family. No mystical insights would pay his bills or feed his children.

I charge a higher fee than any of my mentors. I don't usually equate premium pricing with cheating.

The fact that you are paying for readings or access to some of Krakower's work does not prove that it is a scam.Man was allowed to earn a living.

However, Krakower believed that the I Ching was a misogynistic system. However, if we look back to the 1980s, whatwas notmisogynistic? Krakower follows the white savior line here. The original I Ching system is open to interpretation. Their only mistake is believing that Rave I Ching is less sexist.

Anyone who becomes a reader of Human Design will also interpret the Rave I Ching in their own way.This is how the system should be used.

We must also remember that Human Design is asynthesis, without direct port. I've seen people use the original systems interchangeably with Human Design. And sonoread the same.

However, I don't speak for the entire Chinese community. They are all entitled, as are you, to their opinions on whether the Rave I Ching is disappearing. We are not a monolith.

Based on what his early students said, I don't think Krakower was an economist. It lacks charisma andmarketing bullshitbeing mean One of his former students, Karen Curry Parker, goes so far as to say how awkward he is when you first meet him. (This is not surprising. The IHDS often reminds us that Krakower was designed to "shock".)

You must determine for yourself whether it is money laundering.

Can we stop idolizing Krakauer (who didn't want to be idolized anyway)?

Krakower makes this painfully clear in terms of content.Human design is not for sheep waiting to be tended.

You are not here to follow anyone.

The purpose of Human Design is to stop waiting for someone else to tell you how to live your life. Sitting at the foot of Krakower's work completely contradicts the existence of the system.

He was not a leader (but he is an initiator). He was not an idol. he called himselfthe reluctant mystic.

It was a human who might or might not have been penetrated by the voice. Who could have hijacked and whitewashed a bunch of systems and slapped the name?human drawingDear.

He wasn't perfect. It has had its share of unhappy customers and shortcomings.

But you can respect their work and question it at the same time.

One of his most quoted quotes is: "Don't believe me. Just try it."

We leave the world of hierarchies. Krakower is not at the top and doesn't want you to idolize him.

That means yes, you are just like him. You can question and experiment with human design. Ignore the purists stuck in the old ways. Only you know what is right for your time in this lifetime.

I mean it isOKbe hisuncomfortable

I edited this post because I'm not here to be a martyr for one side or the other. I have a lot of problems with left-wing activists and right-wing conservatives. Both sides are part of systems that have perpetuated violence, alarmism and silence.

I leave it to you, dear reader,...Sit down with what you are reading in this article. Refuse the feelings that have arisen.

It's okay if you feel like something is breaking. Human Design is here to dispel illusions.

It's okay if you thought Human Design was "one of the good guys" and now you need to think about something else.I still practice human design despite its troubled past.Part of me believes that if human design is a form of cultural appropriation, then my existence and work in the system portrays it.

Like you, like Kraków, I also have a troubled past. We are ghosts who have avery humanExperience. These experiences come with karma and consequences.

None of us were designed to be perfect, although we are all designed to be perfect.

The answer on where to go next and whether human design counts as appropriation is up to you. It's up to you to decide whether you want to hear from others who share your Human Design or Krakower issues. It's up to you to decide if you're happy with the way you've approached (or sold) this system.

listen to your bodynot just what your mind and condition tells youlisten to your body.

Keep questioning what you learn.

Keep experimenting.

Take what leaders and experts say with caution.

Always remember that Human Design is first and foremost a business.I don't care who says they don't do human design for the money. When someone charges Human Design, that's a deal. And there's no shame in that.

But companies are here to sell stories because stories sell.

What does your story tell you when it merges with the story of Human Design?

FAQ: "Fiona, why do you keep saying penetrated? Isn't that disrespectful?"
Fiona: That's the word Krakower used repeatedly to describe his experience. It would be disrespectful to water down or water down the word for the benefit of the reader.


What are the 4 types of cultural appropriation? ›

Defined as the use of a culture's symbols, artifacts, genres, rituals, or technologies by members of another culture, cultural appropriation can be placed into 4 categories: exchange, dominance, exploitation, and transculturation.

What is an example of cultural appropriation in design? ›

Some examples of cultural appropriation in design

The “Irish I Was Drunk” tee, for example, was intended for St. Patrick's Day but ended up fueling damaging preconceptions about Irish people. Another example was the Kent State sweater, which was pink and smeared with a red ink that resembled blood.

What is the difference between cultural appropriation and assimilation? ›

'Assimilation' describes what happens when minority cultures are forced to adopt features from a dominant culture in order to fit in. This is different from appropriation, because it's done to ensure survival and to avoid discrimination.

Is it cultural appropriation to do yoga? ›

In the form of yoga as exercise, using postures (asanas) derived from medieval Haṭha yoga, it has become a widespread fitness practice across the western world. Yoga as exercise, along with the use that some make of symbols such as Om ‌ॐ, has been described as cultural appropriation.

Is Taco Bell cultural appropriation? ›

Chain restaurants do not contextualize the food they serve and can misrepresent it. For example, according to an LA Food Adventures Blog, Taco Bell is built on the appropriation of Latinx culture as they denatured and commercialized Mexican cuisine.

What are the 5 types of cultural appropriation? ›

According to Rodgers (2006) there are four types of cultural appropriation: exchange, dominance, exploitation, and transculturation.

What are at least two examples of cultural appropriation? ›

Examples include sports teams using Native American tribal names or images as mascots; people not from the originating culture wearing jewelry or fashion that incorporates religious symbols such as the medicine wheel, or wearing items of deep cultural significance and status that must be earned, such as a war bonnet, ...

What is culturally appropriate design? ›

It's about understanding people's beliefs and practices on their terms. For example, observing people in their natural environment gives designers a better understanding of the way people live and use digital products, which helps them design products that are genuinely relevant to them.

What is lack of cultural appreciation? ›

Lack of cultural appreciation implies the loss of cultural heritage, perhaps involving ethnic disintegration and an unfulfilled need for the aesthetic and spiritual. Lack of cultural appreciation contributes to a loss of identity, disorientation and possibly social breakdown.

How do you fight cultural appropriation? ›

To create more engaging, culturally relevant content while avoiding appropriation, Blackburn suggests these tips.
  1. Commit to cultural investments all year round. ...
  2. Bring diverse people and perspectives into the content creation process. ...
  3. Be conscientious and challenge the “why” behind your content. ...
  4. Embrace education.
Mar 1, 2021

What is another term for cultural appropriation? ›

Cultural appropriation, also called cultural misappropriation, occurs when a person from one culture adopts the fashion, iconography, trends or styles from a culture that's not their own.

What is the opposite of cultural appropriation? ›

Appreciation is when someone seeks to understand and learn about another culture in an effort to broaden their perspective and connect with others cross-culturally. Appropriation on the other hand, is simply taking one aspect of a culture that is not your own and using it for your own personal interest.

Is cultural assimilation positive or negative? ›

While primarily assimilation leads to a loss of cultural identity, it can also have severe psychological effects on the immigrant.

What is cultural diffusion vs cultural appropriation? ›

Cultural diffusion is “a natural process when people of multiple different cultures live close together in some environment and can't help but rub off on one another” according to Twitty. Conversely, “Cultural appropriation is about exploitation, abuse, theft,” he explains.

Should Christians Avoid yoga? ›

If it's not for you and you find that it is stumbling for your faith, then by all means discontinue your practice. But if you, like us, find that the yoga practice benefits you physically, mentally and draws you closer to God and your relationship with Jesus grows because of it, then YES you should keep practising!

Which people should not do yoga? ›

If losing weight and building muscles is all you need, it is better to refrain from doing yoga as it is a holistic practicing method that requires time before you see the changes in your body. Therefore, physical gain should not be the sole purpose of engaging in yoga.

Who should not use yoga? ›

Yoga should not be performed in a state of exhaustion, illness, in a hurry or in an acute stress conditions. Women should refrain from regular yoga practice especially asanas during their menses. Relaxation techniques and pranayama can be done instead.

What is an example of Mexican cultural appropriation? ›

Embroidery and textile patterns from Mexican communities have been mimicked by numerous fashion houses over the years, with Mexican authorities having called out fast-fashion-maker Zara, high-end designer Louis Vuitton and many others for cultural appropriation.

Why did Taco Bell get rid of Mexican? ›

After appearing on the menu for years from its invention in 1985, the item, which was first named the "Pizzazz Pizza," was abruptly discontinued in 2020 due to the pandemic, according to Taco Bell's CEO. “It was time consuming to make,” King said.

Why are we boycotting Taco Bell? ›

In 2001, the CIW launched the boycott of Taco Bell, calling on the fast-food giant to take responsibility for human rights violations in their supply chain, to improve wages and working conditions by passing on a penny-per-pound pay increase to the workers, and to buy only from Florida growers who passed this penny per ...

Is Shaka disrespectful? ›

The shaka sign, sometimes known as "hang loose" or "right on", is a gesture with friendly intent often associated with Hawaii and surf culture.

Is it okay to wear Native jewelry? ›

In short, wearing Native patterns or jewelry is fine as long as you bought them from an actual Native designer. And if there's something that you really shouldn't be wearing — i.e. a headdress with special religious or tribal significance — the artist you're buying from will likely let you know.

Is it cultural appropriation to wear dreadlocks? ›

Yes, dreadlocks are often seen as cultural appropriation when worn by Caucasian people due to their deep connection to African culture.

Is wearing a Hawaiian lei cultural appropriation? ›

Leis are a religious symbol in Hawaiian culture and are meant to be presented and worn in a particular manner. Therefore, wearing cheap plastic replicas in a dismissive or mocking way can be considered cultural appropriation by some Hawaiian people.

What activities are cultural appropriation? ›

WHAT IS CULTURAL APPROPRIATION? Cultural appropriation can be defined as the unauthorized taking of another culture's dance, dress, music, language, folklore, cuisine, traditional medicine, religious symbols, etc. especially by those who represent a group in a more powerful political position.

Are tattoos cultural appropriation? ›

According to EverydayFeminism, "Cultural appropriation is when somebody adopts aspects of a culture that's not their own," and that can apply to tattoos. If the meaning behind the tattoos chosen isn't taken into account, these tattoos could potentially fall under cultural appropriation.

What does being culturally appropriate mean? ›

It means being alert and responsive to beliefs or conventions that might be determined by cultural heritage. Cultural identity or heritage can cover a range of things. For example, it might be based on ethnicity, nationality or religion. Or it might be to do with the person's sexuality or gender identity.

How can I be culturally appropriate? ›

Being aware of your own culture opens you to understanding and being more sensitive to the cultures of others.
  1. communicating in a. culturally appropriate way.
  2. Speak clearly and concisely.
  3. Check for understanding.
  4. Be aware of non-verbal. ...
  5. Be aware of the impact of culture.
  6. You are communicating. ...
  7. All cultures are equal.

What happens when the person does not recognize cultural differences? ›

Denial of cultural difference occurs when people fail to recognize distinctions among cultures or consider them to be irrelevant; when they reject the claim that cultural differences exist or that they can be meaningful and consequential; or when they perceive people from different cultures in simplistic, ...

What is culture borrowing? ›

Cultural borrowing refers to the way in which one culture adopts certain aspects of another culture that they come into contact with. Such borrowing can take the form of religious variations, to musical genres, to political structures, just to name a few examples.

What are the effects of loss of cultural identity? ›

These include the loss of traditional practices and ways of living. The loss of cultural practices can lead to reduced social cohesion and society-wide mental health challenges because an individual's culture is closely linked with his/her/their sense of identity and belonging to a community.

Are dream catchers appropriation? ›

Appropriation and Commercialization

In essence, when non-Native people make and sell dreamcatchers it is in fact cultural appropriation however, when Indigenous people choose to make and sell dreamcatchers as they always have, it is not.

How does social media affect cultural appropriation? ›

Cultural exchange on social media can lead to cultural appreciation and education as well as cultural appropriation and misuse. Adapting aspects of another culture as some trend without considering the culture's historical significance can harm entire communities.

How to avoid cultural appropriation in music? ›

Consider listening to and sharing the music of historically excluded artists who identify with the culture from which you wish to borrow. You may discover that there are authentic and positive ways for you to pay homage to a culture, especially when you consult people from that culture.

What are some examples of appropriation? ›

Wearing headdresses, blackface, kimonos, and other clothing, symbols and facets of other cultures as costumes is a form of cultural appropriation since these styles often have significance in other cultures and are worn for specific occasions (or, in the case of blackface, are just plain wrong).

What is sociocultural appropriation? ›

According to the sociocultural approach to human mind, appropriation refers to cultural learning, that is, the appropriation of cultural tools through social mediation.

What is cultural appropriation indigenous? ›

July 20, 2020. Cultural appropriation is the use of a people's traditional dress, music, cuisine, knowledge and other aspects of their culture, without their approval, by members of a different culture. For Indigenous peoples in Canada, cultural appropriation is rooted in colonization and ongoing oppression.

What it is and why cultural appropriation matters? ›

Cultural appropriation is important because it concerns the phenomenon of exploitation that has existed historically and continues to do so between cultures of unequal power. Naming this and acting upon it means recognising the histories of colonialism and imperialism and their legitimisation of taking.

What are examples of cultural appropriation vs appreciation? ›

For example, appreciating and sharing the culture being celebrated by wearing culturally appropriate clothing at a celebrated event — as opposed to appropriation, such as going to a music festival wearing a costume the imitates a culture that is solely intended to get attention or likes on social media.

What is the psychology of cultural appropriation? ›

That is, people may appropriate other cultures to reduce the sense of threat from that culture. By adapting the meaning behind symbols and traditions, and assimilating them into one's own culture, these symbols and traditions are suddenly less threatening to one's own cultural identity.

What are the 4 types of assimilation? ›

Assimilation is a phonological process where a sound looks like another neighboring sound. It includes progressive, regressive, coalescent, full and partial assimilation.

What is wrong with cultural assimilation? ›

Not everyone agrees, however, and suggests that cultural assimilation contributes to the loss of culture and history, increased discrimination and violence, and damage to people's self-esteem and confidence.

What is the opposite of cultural assimilation? ›

What Is Acculturation? If enough of the cultural markers of language, tradition, and food from the minority culture are maintained for the members to be able to recognize themselves as a distinct culture, then it is said to have undergone acculturation instead of assimilation.

What are the 3 barriers to cultural diffusion? ›

Linguistic, religious and political factors are typical cultural barriers to diffusion. Psychological barriers can be important for innovations involving individual acceptance in the process of diffusion.

What are 5 examples of culture? ›

Customs, laws, dress, architectural style, social standards and traditions are all examples of cultural elements.

What are the five acts of cultural appropriation in art appreciation? ›

Five Acts of Cultural Appropriation

These are: object appropriation, context appropriation, style appropriation, motif appropriation, and subject appropriation.

What are the top 3 cultures? ›

  • Italy. #1 in Cultural Influence. #14 in Best Countries Overall. ...
  • France. #2 in Cultural Influence. ...
  • United States. #3 in Cultural Influence. ...
  • Japan. #4 in Cultural Influence. ...
  • Spain. #5 in Cultural Influence. ...
  • United Kingdom. #6 in Cultural Influence. ...
  • South Korea. #7 in Cultural Influence. ...
  • Switzerland. #8 in Cultural Influence.

How do I know what culture I am? ›

To identify your culture, examine your rules and traditions, and note what kinds of behaviors and employee interactions they result in. For example, if you have a dress code, what effect does it have on the workplace? Do your onboarding procedures cause new employees to feel welcomed or overwhelmed?

Is Christianity considered a culture? ›

As a tradition, Christianity is more than a system of religious belief. It also has generated a culture, a set of ideas and ways of life, practices, and artifacts that have been handed down from generation to generation since Jesus first became the object of faith.

Is Moana cultural appropriation? ›

This analysis shows there are four points of cultural appropriation that were found in “Moana”. Firstly, depiction figure of “Maui”, a demigod figure illustrated very different from the original form in the movie Moana. Secondly, depiction of Kakamora people.

Who has been accused of cultural appropriation? ›

Pop superstar Gwen Stefani has been accused of appropriating Black culture following the release of the music video for her new song.

What are the iconic examples of appropriation? ›

An Iconic Example of Appropriation

Let's consider Andy Warhol's "Campbell's Soup Can" series (1961). It is probably one of the best-known examples of appropriation art. The images of Campbell soup cans are clearly appropriated.


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