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What is the perfect portfolio?

What is the most effective way to get new work from your portfolio?

In this blog we interview several Blue Sky Graphics tutors and try to dispel common myths about what clients and employers are really looking for in a portfolio and bring you some of the best advice from our industry experts and graphic design tutors here at Blue. sky graphic.

We asked four tutors for their opinion.

Han (Head Graphic Design Tutor)

You can showcase your work to new clients through a website you create or an online space, but to stand out you need to have both a print portfolio and an online version. I would say that since you may not know what this client is looking for, you need to show versatility.


It's no secret that graphic design can be a pretty cutthroat field, especially at the highest levels of agencies, and anyone looking for a job in this industry not only has a resume but a portfolio of their best work, and that's it it what matters

Do you need a graphic design portfolio? - Blue Sky - Online Graphic Design School (1)

TIP: When choosing your strongest designs, also make sure to show the full extent of your creations.

Most graphic designers have their portfolio websites and they should be varied and eclectic! While your job as a computer graphic designer is about making sure your artwork looks good in digital form, that is, on your phone or computer screen, you also need to show that you can also use it to create high-quality printed matter. Pick some of your designs that look best on paper and print them on glossy paper. Graphic designers who can work in a variety of mediums are attractive to employers, and if you're looking for a computer graphics designer job, you need to set your portfolio apart from the rest to ensure potential employers see you as an excellent choice.

No matter what stage of your career you are in, a diverse graphic design portfolio always wins clients and projects. So remember: versatility is key, and some things to address are your process and risk tolerance. Once you've presented these three things you'll have mastered it, but a varied portfolio in significant numbers can be a tricky step (we say no more than 20 designs max) and if you choose a project based on quality versus volume of work, then choose quality.

Try to think of your online graphic design portfolio website as your creative window of opportunity, and a good, well-rounded graphic design portfolio website tells your story, encourages belief, showcases your creative talent and skills, and opens doors for association.

Lori (Head Graphic Design Tutor):

As a graphic designer, your portfolio is the most important showcase for your work. Whether you're a Blue Sky Graphics student, a recent graduate, changing careers, or a freelancer looking for clients, your graphic design portfolio is the most important thing that potential clients and employers will judge 100%. You.

TIP: Set a clear goal and keep the portfolio neat and tidy.

Having been treated by friends and family for OCD frequently without any real medical justification, I am very organized in both my personal and professional life, so organizing student work is important to me. I tell students that it's good practice to sequence your work in a way that tells a story and makes a compelling case for a graphic designer for you. Your portfolio should be in a digital format and on a website that should ideally showcase all your work in a structured visual way to make an impact on the client. Ideally, organize this structure by media type or business type, or chronologically. It can be worth using tags to filter individual client projects and allow new clients to find the relevant work examples they are looking for before making a decision. The key is whatever you do, organize and present your work in a systematic way so that the client understands the context and your portfolio is accessible, easy to navigate, and impressive.

When making your portfolio beautiful, first choose the purpose of your portfolio and your target audience, and make sure the work you have is beautiful in and of itself. When looking for a job, focus on the work you want to do more and show similar projects up front to convince you. If your online graphic design portfolio is all about brand awareness, you have the flexibility to create your own style and personal work with previous client projects. If you're a freelancer looking for clients, first show off your successful and most compelling casework to highlight how you've helped clients succeed. It is also helpful to include some customer testimonials.

Chen (Graphic Design Tutor and Art Director)

TIP: Be bold and be seen, or be average and follow the crowd

Sometimes it can be worth going against the norm and ruffling a few feathers that can always win everyone's votes now, but in the end it's worth embracing that deviation. You can do this by looking at the market and comparing what has already been done over the past 18 months (staying current) and then doing your thing. It pays to steer clear of over-the-top designs like the minimalist, which may have been the order of the day in recent years because of electronics brands like Samsung, Apple, and HTC.

TIP: Simplify things with simplicity, but don't oversimplify.

You want to make sure your portfolio is organized and presented in a simple but effective way through a good user interface. A common mistake I've seen is trying to unnecessarily complicate your portfolio. Your portfolio website is proof that you exist as a designer; Your graphic design portfolio simply opens doors. Your portfolio will help your business get faster, grow, and get more customers, so keep it clear and in a consistent, goal-oriented visual style.

TIP: Think about your presentation assignment. Works are an essential part of your portfolio.

Finally, be strategic about the order and order in which you want to present your work in your portfolio to the prospective client. I prefer to make a big impression, using a metaphorical slap at the beginning and a delicious ending, saving the best for last. All of your pieces should be edgy and bold, but make sure the last one is the best and the first one is great too. As for the workpieces, try to stay between 15 and 20 pieces, but no more.

When presenting your digital portfolio, follow the same principle as above, but maybe incorporate a theme into the portfolio, be it by job/date/industry/ and maybe add an interactive element to make the user experience fun. Remember that an innovative presentation shows more than just your work, it shows excellent communication skills - an important attribute to get any job these days! Also, don't forget to promote your portfolio website - promote, promote, promote!

Noah (Student Experience Advisor und Kurskoordinator)

Thanks Lori, Han and Chen for the valuable tips above. Having worked in this industry and meeting regularly with graphic publishers and clients, I would like to summarize: stick to what you are passionate about!

Last TIP:

If you think it should stay there, and no matter what stage in your career you're at, an impressive graphic design portfolio wins and always will win clients and projects. Graphic designer employers are less and less interested in who has a graphic design degree, instead focusing on portfolio and experience. I would say that creating your online graphic design portfolio in both digital and print is perhaps the most important design task you will ever accomplish because of its impact. They are your key to the world of work and who you are as an artist!

Now go and sell your talent: there are hundreds of companies that need you!

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