Flower Designer Job Description, Skills & Salary (2023)

Looking for a floral designer job description? Learn about the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skill requirements of a floral designer. Feel free to use our floral designer job description template to create your own floral designer job description. We also talk about the salary you can earn as a floral designer.

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Who is a floral designer?

Floral designers create decorative arrangements by cutting and arranging live, dried, and silk flowers and plants. They also help consumers choose flowers, vases, ribbons, and other items.

Floral designers can create a unique arrangement for a specific occasion or display floral designs in small offices, homes, weddings, birthdays, funerals, and banquets. The things that influence your flower choices are your sense of style and the theme of the event. Clients also ask floral designers to occasionally create a single design; to meet their emotional needs and help them relax. Floral designers need to be aware of the different seasons for flowers and when they are easiest and cheapest to obtain.

Floral designers must also be familiar with flowers, their types, and characteristics. Some flowers like daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths fade quickly, while daisies, sunflowers, and roses stay fresh longer. Not all plants can be touched or used without caution; some are dangerous like the deadly belladonna, morning glory, foxglove, etc.

There are different colors, shapes and sizes of flowers; some look similar and can be hard to tell apart. Floral designers must be able to spot the differences in different ways. You should also be able to calculate how many flowers fit in a specific vase or how many rose petals can cover a rug.

Floral designers buy flowers from vendors. After the purchase, they remove the petals from the parts that are not as fresh as they should be. Flower designers also cut new flowers, mix the solutions that have been given to the flowers, fill flower containers with the mixes, and clean up the surrounding area. They keep their flowers in places with low temperatures to prevent them from quickly withering, but they remain fresh for a long time.

Flower designers make long-term contracts with offices, restaurants, homes, and hotels to arrange flowers and replace them when they get old; It can be weekly or monthly. The procedure can help keep flowers fresh and beautiful. Sometimes they work with interior designers to design houses and offices.

Floral designers advise clients based on their experience with flowers and designs. They display beautiful flowers to attract potential customers. A floral designer may use objects such as stuffed animals or decorative balloons and vases to create a floral arrangement.

Floral designers often make and store bouquets, wreaths, and other simple designs for sale. Therefore, if a client needs a complex style, they must order it, which the designer can do before the collection date. Florists make floral arrangements for a specific occasion, such as a wedding or banquet, setting up floral arrangements before the event and removing them at the end. Floral designers can also hire event planners for recurring events like weddings, birthdays, etc. They should advise clients on how to care for their flowers, checking the proper temperature and frequency of water changes for the flowers.

As a flower designer, you also need to be in accounting, especially if you're self-employed or work in florists, as you'll need to record sales, track expenses, and file taxes. Large flower shops employ clerks, cashiers, and bookkeepers to handle accounting matters in their businesses.

Floral designers create eye-catching arrangements by combining their artistic skills with their knowledge of floral species. You need to know how long cut flowers can be kept, their properties, delicacy and potential toxicity to animals. Flowers and foliage are also grown by a floral designer or purchased from wholesalers.

Floral designers often work with event planners and interior designers and may provide daily, weekly, or monthly flower arrangements for businesses and individuals. A florist must provide excellent customer service and be well organized. They must also have artistic and creative skills.

Job Description Flower Designer

What is the job description of a floral designer? The job description of a floral designer is simply a list of the duties and responsibilities of a floral designer in an organization. Below are sample floral designer job descriptions that you can use to build your resume or write a floral designer job description for your coworker. Employers can also use it to screen job applicants when selecting candidates for interviews.

  • Buy fresh flowers and other necessary supplies from merchants and vendors to ensure a sufficient quantity to satisfy customers' wishes.
  • Suggest flowers and foliage for any arrangement based on the client's budget, layout, event, time and location.
  • Draw flowers to represent emotions or tastes.
  • Take orders, answer calls and wrap flower arrangements.
  • Prepare real and artificial flowers for special occasions and for home and business.
  • Create traditional boutonnieres, bouquets, wreaths, wedding decorations and one-of-a-kind creations.
  • Create unique designs.
  • Accept a fee for the services you provide.
  • Work with clients to create a concept for their homes, offices, and events such as birthdays, weddings, funerals, and parties.
  • Treat a variety of flowers and foliage.
  • Look for vendors who can offer seasonal flowers.
  • Sort and discard wilted flowers.
  • Educate clients on how to care for, care for, and handle flowers and arrangements.
  • Recommend floral designs to clients and help with organization and decoration if requested by clients.
  • Preserve and hydrate the flowers to prevent them from wilting
  • Deliver flowers yourself if necessary
  • Create traditional and modern designs by selecting and arranging flowers and ornaments.
  • Serve customers in the store and process their payments.
  • Have plenty of yarn, foam, ribbon, ribbon, and other decorative items on hand to avoid trouble.
  • Keep detailed records of all flower arrangement orders, special requests, and delivery details.


  • high school diploma
  • University degree (optional)
  • Floral design certification is a plus.
  • I got some experience in floral design through volunteer work or an internship.
  • Solid knowledge of different types of flowers, design and care.

essential skills

  • Artistic – To create eye-catching and unique designs as a floral designer, you need to be artistic. It is necessary to know how to combine colors and types of flowers and present them in an attractive way.
  • Creativity: Creativity is an innate quality, although it can be learned. Designs and styles have their moment to shine because trends don't last forever. You are evolving and sometimes rotating so you need to be open to new ideas. Floral designers conceive designs and translate them according to the personality and interests of their clients. They come up with different ways to arrange the flowers for an event theme and then bring the fantasy to life.
  • Essential Technical Skills: Technology is always evolving, so whatever career you're in, you'll learn to understand the fundamentals of technology and stay current as time goes by. Learn useful basic technical skills in floral design, such as navigating social media platforms and using a spreadsheet to excel in this career. Also, learn the basics of running a blog or website; If you want to have one, you can display your designs and attract potential customers to patronize your service.
  • Time management – ​​Floral design has a sense of urgency because you need to get the displays organized in time for the event. You need to meet deadlines whenever possible, otherwise you will lose potential customers and lose your credibility. There will be times when clients give you late information about an upcoming event; You must be cunning and quick in coordination, preparation and decoration.
  • Great knowledge of flowers: If you are new to flower design, you may not know how it works, but don't worry, you will learn. During your floral design studies and for your internship, you will learn about flowers. You need to know design principles like Balance, Contrast, Dominance, Proportion, Rhythm, and Scale. You also need to know different types of flowers; and how to choose new ones so that no one in the industry betrays you.
  • Communication Skills: Floral design often requires you to interact with buyers and vendors, so you need to be good at communication. They discuss numerous flower design alternatives with clients and care for the plants and flowers after the event. When ordering from vendors, you should state your needs and ask questions to make sure you know what to expect.
  • Detail Oriented: Receive detailed orders when customers request them and ensure they are fulfilled accordingly. If a customer orders a rose, but you send them a different type of flower instead of roses, you have a dissatisfied customer who will never order another or recommend you to anyone. When it comes to flower design, you need to be detail oriented because everything in the flower shop requires attention to detail; Mix colors, cut flowers, determine flower size, select design, search for new ones and take orders.
  • Autonomy: Working in a team requires teamwork, being prepared for the moments in which individual tasks will be given. You can also be self-employed or just start your florist business, which means you will be working alone most of the time. Learn to build your unique way of working with innovation and originality.
  • Customer Service: This is the process of helping current and potential customers by answering questions, solving problems, and providing good service. Prepare, deliver and set up custom flower arrangements for wedding flowers and provide excellent personal customer service as a florist. Other skills that provide excellent customer service include: creating floral designs, handling purchase inquiries, conducting quality control assessments, working one-on-one to provide excellent customer service, completing floral arrangements, and processing deliveries.
  • Marketing – Conduct market research, learn presentations, and develop sales strategies to promote and sell in your market.
  • Self-control: learn to control your behavior, control emotions and anger little by little. You will find all kinds of customers, from the impatient to the rude; You need a high level of self-control and patience to deal with them.
  • Photography: Not everyone can hire photographers, especially when it comes to small or small businesses. Photography is an underrated skill that many people overlook, not knowing that it will boost their business. As a floral designer, you need to learn basic photography to get photos of your work from the right angle and display them in frames, portfolio, and website (if you have one). Some floral designers have beautiful designs but are not good at photography. Poor photography reduces the attractiveness and aesthetics of your work to potential buyers.

How to become a flower designer

Floral design is one of the professions that does not require a university degree. According to a recent survey, most floral designers only have high school diplomas. Before going to college, young people take jobs that don't require an advanced degree to work and earn some money for various purposes. However, it doesn't matter if you already have a college degree before applying for the job.

After finishing high school or studying, you will learn the basics of floral design and plant care. It involves learning basic floral design and plant care skills applied by professional florists.

If you want to expand your knowledge of floral design, you can visit flower schools, trade schools, and community colleges that offer floral design programs. These programs are not required in this major and last anywhere from a few weeks to a year. Visit florists or florists and apply for internships and volunteer work to gain more knowledge through hands-on experience. As you gain knowledge and experience, your floral skills will improve. Some techniques you will learn are arranging flowers, matching colors, buying and caring for flowers and plants, using flower tools, wrapping flowers for gifts, etc.

After the internship, you gained some experience, so create a portfolio or website of your education and floral designs; This shows potential clients your talents, accomplishments, and experience. You can create a well-written resume to demonstrate your work history and your commitment to the profession.

Once you've done all of that, apply for florist jobs if you're interested in working for a florist or in a flower shop.

Where to work as a flower designer

  • Supermarket
  • lager
  • flower shops
  • Self Employed: You can run your own business and get contracts for events
  • Event organization and decoration agencies

Salary table for flower designers.

In any professional salary scale, level and experience are important in determining an employee's salary range. A floral designer can earn anywhere from $20,840 to $42,655. You can earn an annual salary of $37,100.

In London, UK, floral designers earn an annual salary of £37,495 per year. His salary ranges from £26,562 to £45,470.

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