Getting into UT Austin: Admission Requirements for 2023 (2023)

Getting into UT Austin: Admission Requirements for 2023 (1)

After UT, Austin received66,043 requestsIn 2021, UT Austin's admissions team will employ a growing number of prospective students. And it's no secret why: because of himfeatured programsin architecture, economy and geology as well as its location right in the middleone of the best placesTo live in USA, more and more high school students are wondering how to get in UT. So it's not surprising that the school is increasingly competitive with a 29% acceptance rate at UT Austin.

If you are planning to apply thenThis guide to UT Austin admissions requirements will help you understand how to create a great UT Austin application..


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  • How hard is it to get into UT Austin?
  • UT Austin acceptance rate
  • UT Austin GPA requirements
  • UT Austin SAT score requirements
  • UT Austin ACT assessment requirements
  • What is UT Austin looking for in students?
  • UT Austin application deadlines
  • UT Austin Supplemental Writing Recommendations
  • UT Austin Writing Tips
  • UT Austin Core Specific Complementary Assays

How hard is it to get into UT Austin?

It is very difficult to get accepted at UT Austin.People who are successfully accepted into UT Austin tend to have impressive extracurricular activitiesabout 80% Candidates who have held at least one leadership role in a high school organization or activity. Aside from that,about 9%In the class of 2025, he was his school's best in class, or salutator. So if you put together a group of ten Longhorns, there's a good chance one of them will excel in high school.

UT Austin acceptance rate

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La UT Austinthe acceptance rate is 29%, so it's a very competitive school.The acceptance rate is an indication of how competitive a school is, but it is also an indication of how popular a school is.To get accepted into a school like Austin, you must excel in almost every major college application factor.

UT Austin Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision und Transfer Acceptance Rate

UT Austin does not offer early action or early decision approvals, although it does offer a "priority deadline" of November 1. UT Austin doesn't release data on whether students who submit before the priority deadline are accepted at a higher rate, but there's certainly no harm in applying early.UT Austin's regular decision acceptance rate is 29%because it received 66,043 applications and accepted 18,989 students. UT Austin is a very popular school to apply to and is growing in popularity every year.

Transferthe acceptance rate is 29%because it received 7,966 applications and served 2,306 students.

UT Austin GPA requirements

The data on the UT-GPA requirements is not publicly available, but it is safe to assumeYou'll need a very high GPA (as in 3.5 - 4.0 without weight) and will likely want to graduate in the top half of your class to be admitted to UT Austin. If your GPA is lower than suggested at the time of application, you may perform above average on your standardized tests. If your grades are not as good as they could be because of life experiences or difficulties, consider writing that in yourAdditional information section.

UT Austin SAT requirements

The SAT requirements for UT Austin are aComposite score from 1230 to 1480, combines the reading and math sections.You need a very high SAT score to be admitted to UT Austin. If your SAT is lower than suggested at the time of application, you may need to excel on your other standardized tests or engage in spectacular extracurricular activities to compensate. If your grades are not as good as they could be because of life experiences or difficulties, consider writing that in yourAdditional information section.

Getting into UT Austin: Admission Requirements for 2023 (3)

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UT Austin SAT distributionreadingmathematics

What SAT score is required for UT Austin?

Although this is not essential,Applicants must score between 1300 and 1400 on their SAT to be good candidates for admission to the UT.If you have less than that, you must be compensated with a replacement ACT score or an above-average GPA. While SAT or ACT scores are not required for admission to UT Austin,they cheer up.

Requirements UT Austin ACT

The ACT requirement for UT is a composite score of 30 combining all English, Math, Reading and Science sections.You need a very high ACT score to get into Austin. If your ACT does not meet your expectations at the time of application, you may need to compensate with an above-average grade point average. If your ACT was not as high as you would like due to difficulty or difficulty, please consider stating this in your additional information section.

UT Austin Media ACT:30

UT Austin ACT distributioncomposite score
under 60%

What ACT score is required for UT Austin?

Applicants must score between 28 and 32 on their ACT to be good candidates for admission to this school.If you have less than that, you must be compensated with a substitute SAT score or an above-average GPA.

What is UT Austin looking for in students?

The most important thing UT Austin focuses on is a genuine commitment to youcore values. Of course, competitive qualifications and test scores help your chances, but here's the thing: even candidatesimpostorthese amazing figures were rejected. So how do you stand out? Show how you and UT will make a great team.

But you may be wondering, "How do I know if UT and I are a good match?"

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Begin by exploring UT Austin's mission and values, both through your Missionsstatusand by what he exposes in his visions and goals. For example, you might notice that much of the language they use in their mission and vision focuses on the common good. They say their work serves "the good of society" and that they want to be "a catalyst for positive change in Texas and beyond." If you read between the lines, you can see that UT wants students to “excellence” not just for their own sake, but for a larger, more civic purpose.

How do you see yourself connected to this mission and these values? What parts of your story show that you've already worked to achieve those things and that UT Austin is where you can take the next steps? How do you and the UT community become great partners in trying to solve the world's problems?

How else can you show that you and UT Austin are a good match? Think about your answers to these questions:

  • Have you taken public responsibility in the past? Perhaps you have driven a change or initiative in your school or community? How can you let UT Austin know about this?

  • Where did you take the lead in your education and how will you continue to do so?

  • Where did you discover your deep love for learning? Where did you look for something out of your own curiosity?

  • How and why have you supported your community?

UT Austin application deadlines

UT Austin's application deadline for the regular decision is December 1st.Please note that while UT Austin does not offer early action or early decisions, it does offer a priority deadline. The priority deadline for UT Austin is November 1st. Below is a table with the final dates for each step in UT Austin's admissions process.

notification scheduleapplication documentsregistration deadline
priority deadlinesubmit test results9. November
priority deadlineSubmit application and request for financial assistance1. November
priority deadlineApproval notices releasedFebruary 1st
ordinary decisionsubmit test results9th of December
ordinary decisionsend applicationDecember 1
ordinary decisionSubmit a grant application (if still open)15 January
ordinary decisionApproval notices released1st March

UT Austin Early Decision, Early Action Policy

UT Austin does not have an early decision or early action admissions process. However, it offers onepriority deadline. Applicants who apply on time will receive the notification of admission one month before the regular decision-making period expires.

UT Austin Supplemental Writing Recommendations

To meet UT's additional writing requirements, applicants must write answers to four short-answer questions of 250-300 words each.In addition, applicants are asked to fill out an “extended CV”. This is optional, but we encourage you to fill one out. Instructions are below, and you can find detailed essay writing guide for her atUT Austin Supplemental Writing Guide.


Thema A:Tell us your story. What unique opportunities or challenges did you experience during your high school career that shaped you today? (500-700 words)


Mandatory short answer 1:Why are you interested in the specialization you listed as your first choice? (maximum 40 lines or about 250-300 words, usually the length of a paragraph)


Mandatory short answer 2:Describe how your experiences, perspectives, talents, and/or involvement in leadership activities (at your school, work, community, or family) will help you make an impact inside and outside of the classroom while you are at are enrolled in the UT. (maximum 40 lines or approx. 250-300 words)

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Mandatory short answer 3:The primary purpose of the University of Texas at Austin is "Transforming Lives for the Benefit of Society". Share how you believe your experience at UT-Austin will prepare you to “change the world” after graduation. (maximum 40 lines or approx. 250-300 words)


Mandatory short answer 4:Share information about any special event or circumstance that you believe affected your academic performance in high school, including the potential impact of COVID-19 (maximum 40 lines or approximately 250-300 words).


You can submit an expanded resume that includes additional information about all of your accomplishments, activities, leadership roles, and student jobs.

UT Austin Writing Tips

While the number of supplemental essays may seem overwhelming at first, take comfort in the fact that these are fairly common questions. They are more or less variations on these popular themes:"Why older?", "Because we?","community", Of"Covid-19".This is especially good if you're writing supplemental essays for multiple schools, as it likely means you'll be able to do itcombineAspects of the responses to its supplementary notices.

No matter what short answer question you answer, it's going to be important to be very clear about howyour valuesLine up with those at UT Austin. Social responsibility and academic excellence are recurring ideas among your core values ​​and mission statement. So you would do well to focus on specific ways to incorporate these ideas into your own life. Ultimately, they look for applicants who are interested in contributing to the school's mission. So the clearer you can show how you're going to do this, the better.

UT Austin Core Specific Complementary Assays

If you want to apply to the UT Schools of Architecture, Art History, Nursing, or Social Work, you must write oneadditional essay, Also. The requirements for each test are listed below:

Faculty of Fine Arts, Institute of Art and Art History

Tell us in 500 words or less about a time when a work of art, an artist or an art teacher influenced your life. How did that inspire you to pursue an artistic education?

architecture school

Inherent in the design disciplines is the ability to affect the world around us. What does the opportunity to develop such a skill mean for you and your approach to your college education? Limit your answer to 250-300 words.

nursing school

  1. Discuss the factors that influenced your desire to pursue a career in nursing.

  2. How did your academic and extracurricular activities prepare you for studying nursing?

Steve Hicks School of Social Work

Discuss why you chose social work as a major and how a UT social work degree will prepare you for the future.

Special thanks to Nick for writing this blog post.

Getting into UT Austin: Admission Requirements for 2023 (4)

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