Google Interview Preparation: 4 Week Study Plan | Start an interview (2023)

If you need clarity and guidance on how to prepare for a Google interview with only a month to go until your interview, this article is for you! This 4-week Google interview preparation program can help you increase your chances of passing the Google interview and getting the job you deserve!

The Google tech interview is one of the most demanding interviews among large tech companies. It is not wrong to assume that a Google interview might be the ultimate test of your coding and design skills.

However, there is more to the interview. The Google Tech Interview also assesses your behavioral and leadership skills based on situational questions and your responses to workplace situations, ethical dilemmas, and more. With an acceptance rate of at least 1%, only an extremely robust Google interview preparation plan can get you through the grueling rounds and get hired.

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With a solid interview preparation strategy offered by Google, it is definitely possible to get a worthy offer from your favorite company! A comprehensive study plan along with consistency are just the ingredients needed for success.

In this article we will discuss exclusivityA 4-week study plan to prepare you for a Google job interviewAlthough we strongly recommend that you start your interview preparation at least 8 weeks before your interview, a very intensive 4-week study program can also prove effective.

Here is what we will cover in this article:

  • Google Tech Talk-proces
  • Topics for preparing for an interview at Google
  • A four week Google interview preparation program
  • Some interview tips to help you get ahead
  • Google Tech Talk FAQs

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Google job interview process

TheGoogle job interview processThis is the ultimate test of programming and problem solving skills. Before you decide to start Google's interview preparation program, knowing what the process entails is key to understanding what interviewers expect from you.

The interview process at Google consists of several rounds, starting with an initial phone call with HR recruiters, followed by a phone call with a senior engineer or hiring manager, and finally an on-site interview involving several rounds of coding and design and behavioral skills. . interviews/management, where an interview panel intensively monitors your answers to Google's difficult behavioral questions.

Although the interview at Google is usually done remotely, recruiters invite you to the Google campus for an on-site interview. During the pandemic, all stages of the interview at Google, including the on-site interview, were conducted externally.

To learn more about the interview process at Google, see our table of contentsGoogle interview guide.

Topics for preparing for a Google Tech Call

The Google interview tests the depth and breadth of your knowledge of basic data structures and algorithms, your ability to design and work with scalable distributed systems, and your cultural fit through a series of behavioral and situational interview questions.

There are basically three main elements to consider when preparing for an interview at Google.

Coding aspect

Coding should be the most important part of your Google interview preparation plan. Your knowledge of the DSA core will be assessed during the coding rounds that take place during the technical review and on-site interviews. During the phone call and the on-site interviews, you will receive one or two issues to address. The recruitment manager will basically test your approach to the problem and propose the best solution.

The following topics are important coding areas to include in your Google Tech Interview plan.

  • Pictures
  • Strict
  • Combined lists
  • Classification algorithms
  • Looking back
  • Trees
  • Diagrams
  • dynamic programming
  • Hash tables

Suggested Reading:

Google coding interview questions

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Design aspect

The system design round, which usually takes place during an on-site interview, tests your ability to work with scalable and distributed systems. The interview usually means more if you are interviewing for senior positions. To pass the design rounds, make sure your Google Conversation preparation plan covers the following system design topics:

  • Network and proxy protocols
  • Cutting techniques
  • Temporary storage
  • database management systems
  • Latency, availability and performance
  • Load balancing
  • Polling, SSE i Websockets
  • Queues and a pub

Check outSystem Design Interview Preparation Tipsto fully prepare for rounds of Google system design technical interviews.

Behavioral aspect

The Google Behavioral Interview is primarily a test of your attitude, behavior and how much you have learned from your previous experiences and projects. The questions for the behavioral interview mainly concern the following areas:

  • Google corporate culture
  • Workplace-related situations
  • Relationships with colleagues and superiors
  • Previous projects and experiences

Google behavioral interviews typically last 30-40 minutes. When preparing for Google Interviews for Behavioral Interviews, be sure to use the STAR Method to formulate and structure your answers. For more clarity on the STAR technique, see our post on the subjectusing the STAR techniquefor success at the interview.

To find out more, take a lookBehavioral Interview Questions for Software Engineers.

A four week Google interview preparation program

Now let's get to the main part - the 4-week study plan to pass the Google technical interview. Please check them out here:

Week 1

  • Refresh your understanding of data structures and algorithms. Title tables, linked lists, strings and sorting algorithms
  • Solve at least 3 problems every day to understand the concepts
  • You can spend a day or two looking for onegood source of information on the internetto help you prepare
  • Join a technical talk webinarto learn the best ways to prepare for an interview at Google

Week 2

  • Discuss dynamic programming, trees, recursion, graphs and graph algorithms
  • Continue to solve at least 3 problems per day
  • Identify inherent problem patterns and begin applying them to solve new problems

Week 3

  • Spend a week preparing for a system design interview. If you streamed in week 1 or week 2, try to finish it in week 3
  • Solve 3 tasks a day and also practice table coding
  • Practice mock interviews with industry experts. With Interview Kickstart, you can practice tons of mock interviews with industry experts with over 25 years of experience

Week 4

  • Review concepts in your programming language
  • Practice answering a behavioral interview - structure your answers using the STAR format
  • Create a good project portfolio

If you follow this 4-week Google interview preparation plan wisely, you can land the coveted job offer!

Google interview questions

To pass a Google tech interview, your knowledge of algorithms, data structures, and system design must be excellent. Plan your preparations wisely, give yourself enough time to solve as many problems with the DS core and algorithms as possible. Here are the basics you should cover when preparing for a Google interview:

Google Coding Interview Questions

In this section, we'll go over some common questions you might ask when interviewing for coding at Google.

  • Given an unsorted array "X" of non-negative integers, write code to find a continuous subarray that will add the sum of "S" of non-negative integers in the array.
  • Given an "X" array of non-negative integers, write code to find the contiguous submatrix with the maximum sum.
  • Given an N-1 array "X" of the numbers 1 to N with one number missing, write code that finds the missing number in the array.
  • Given a set of 2 sorted arrays "X" and "Y" with corresponding sizes "n" and "m", write code to merge the two sorted arrays so that their characters are displayed in descending order.
  • Given a set of 2 arrays "X" and "Y" of positive integers, write code to find integers. pairs to satisfy the condition x^y>y^x, where "x" is an element of the array "X" and "y" is an element of the array "Y".

Google system designer interview questions

System design interviews are an integral part of the interview process at Google, especially for senior developer and EM positions at Google. Since Google is very focused on designing applications for a wide consumer base, it is very demanding when selecting software engineers, software developers and coding engineers. If you'd like to take advantage of this offer on Google, we'd love to help you get started. Let's take a look at some sample Google system design interview questions.

  1. What aspects would you consider when developing a scalable iOS app?
  2. What security features would you consider when developing a mobile app for the i Store?
  3. What features will you consider when designing an e-commerce site?
  4. How will you ensure security by integrating payment gateways with websites and mobile applications?
  5. How would you design a proximity server?

Google Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral interviews test various psychological characteristics of candidates and are designed to determine how they would react in similar situations in the workplace. Regardless of the role or position you are applying for, you must go through a mandatory case round, which will have a significant impact on the outcome of the interview.

Behavioral interviews are usually given more importance when hiring for managerial or executive positions, such as executive positions. Chief engineer, chief engineer, technical project managers or other senior positions. These positions require candidates to have solid leadership and project management skills. Let's take a look at some sample questions from a Google Behavioral Interview.

Behavioral questions asked during a Google interview typically cover the following topics:

  • Previous projects
  • Cooperation with former companies
  • Management
  • Relationships with colleagues and superiors
  • Your general attitude and reaction to work situations
  • Work-life balance and productivity

Below are some sample Google behavioral questions to help you prepare for your Google tech interview.

  1. Let us know how you will impact your team after you sign up.
  2. How important do you think team building exercises are?
  3. How do you build relationships with an uncooperative person in the workplace?
  4. What is the best way to maintain a work-life balance?
  5. Describe a time when you were stressed about the outcome of the project and how you managed to achieve the desired outcome.
  6. How often do you think employees need vacations? Do holidays help restore harmony in professional life?
  7. Tell us how you convinced a client to take another course within the project.

A few Google interview preparation tips to help you succeed

These tried-and-tested tips will help you get the most out of your 4-week study program!

  • Schedule study sessions and take regular breaks - at least one break every 45 minutes to avoid burnout and fatigue.
  • Practice coding on the board as it is extremely important from an interview point of view
  • Avoid distractions while preparing. Problem solving is an intense skill that requires rigorous effort and dedication
  • Solve at least 2-3 tasks every day for 4 weeks before the interview
  • Focus on identifying patterns of power in problems and applying them to new problems
  • This is probably the only way to face difficult and difficult problems at an interview
  • Practice mock interviewswith FAANG+ executive recruitment to hone your interview skills

Google Tech Talk FAQs

Question 1. Are the coding rounds more important than the design rounds in a Google job interview?

For lower positions in software, the coding rounds are more important than the design rounds. For senior developers and management positions, planning rounds and behavioral rounds are more important in hiring decisions.

E2. How many weeks does it take to prepare for a technical interview with Google?

To give yourself the best chance of a successful interview with Google, it is best to start preparing at least 9-10 weeks before the interview.

E3. What important coding concepts should you prepare to answer your Google interview coding questions?

Key coding concepts important to Google's technical intelligence are strings, arrays, linked lists, recursion, graphs, trees, sorting algorithms, and dynamic programming.

Question 4. What are the most important topics to study to answer the Google system design interview questions?

Important system design topics in Google design calls include caching, loading, network protocols, sharing techniques, concurrency, servers, databases, and API modeling.

Question 5. How long do I need to prepare for Google Behavioral Chat?

Ideally, you should set aside at least a week to prepare for the Google Behavioral Interview.

Question 6. How much time should you spend preparing for a Google systems engineer interview?

Ideally, you should spend at least two weeks preparing for a Google systems design interview.

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Is 1 month enough to prepare for Google interview? ›

Prepare for Google interviews in 1 month

If you need to prepare for a Google interview in 1 month, your roadmap should set aside time every day to solve coding problems, using your days off to study theory. Pick a few books in your coding language and do some mock interviews in the final week before your date.

How do I start preparing for a Google interview? ›

How to prepare for behavioral interviews
  1. Predict the future. You can anticipate most of the questions you will be asked. ...
  2. Plan. Write your answers down. ...
  3. Have a backup plan. Google recommends having 3 answers per question. ...
  4. Explain. ...
  5. Be data-driven. ...
  6. Clarify. ...
  7. Improve. ...
  8. Practice.
Jun 5, 2023

What is the first step in the Google interview process? ›

Stage #1: Resume Screening

Resume screening is where Google's hiring team reviews your resume to see how it matches up with the role you applied for. If your experience, skills, and qualifications seem like a good fit for the job, the recruiters will move you onto the next part of the hiring process.


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