How to fix WHEA unrecoverable error on Windows 10 (2023)

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Windows has a long and beautiful (read: painful) history of blue screen error messages. Affectionately referred to as the blue screen of death, these error screens also contain important information about your system's sudden death.

Some Windows crash errors are more mysterious than others and therefore more difficult to resolve. The uncorrectable WHEA error is one of them.



This article explains how to fix the unrecoverable WHEA error and how to prevent it from happening again.

What is WHEA Unrecoverable Error?

WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR (Windows stop code 0x0000124) is a hardware error. There are several common causes of WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR (WUE for short), most of which are directly related to system hardware:

  • Damaged material(Destroyed hard drives, GPU, CPU, PSU, damaged RAM, etc.)
  • Driver compatibility issues
  • Temperature and voltage problems(Overclocking and voltage changes)
  • Corrupt system files or Windows registry files

Although not always the source, voltage problems usually cause this particular Windows error. The WUE message and stop code 0x0000124 indicate the nature of the error, but checking the error dump file will provide more information. The crash dump file (.DMP) is located atC:/Windows/Minidumpand will be time stamped.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer solutions for all issues, but the fixes below should mitigate the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR.

How to fix WHEA unrecoverable error

Remember the list of common system hardware issues that cause WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR? The following section discusses some of these hardware aspects and illustrates some possible fixes.


First, before making specific hardware changes, try running Windows Check Disk from the command line. CHKDSK is a Windows system utility that verifies the file system and, with certain settings, fixes problems when it is run.

  1. Typcommand linein the search field in the start menu, then right-click on the best match and selectRun as administrator. (Alternatively pressWindows-tast + X, and then selectCommand Prompt (admin)z menu.)
  2. Then typechkdsk / rand press Enter. The command scans your system for errors and fixes any problems along the way.
How to fix WHEA unrecoverable error on Windows 10 (1)

2. Check the system hardware

WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR is closely related to system hardware. Therefore, before proceeding with the system reset and memory test, check the system hardware again.

Check that the cooling systems are fully functional, that the RAM is firmly seated in its sockets, that the processor hasn't mysteriously loosened, and so on. If you're not sure how to hard reset your system, watch the video below.

3. Reset system overclocking

If you have overclocked your system in search of higher speeds, there is a chance that you will encounter the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR error. WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR is often related to incorrect or faulty voltages set during the overclocking process, resulting in OS instability. The easiest way to remove it from the list is to reset the BIOS and remove the effects of overclocking.

You need to enter the BIOS or UEFI menu. To do this, turn off the system. Then reboot the system by pressing the BIOS/UEFI menu hotkey (Common keys are F1, F2, F10, DEL and ESC).

BIOS and UEFI settings vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but menu titles are generally the same. You are looking for oneOverclockingchoice. Most of the overclocking options are in the Advanced, Performance, Frequency or Voltage menu.

Find the menu and reset overclocking options. Restore will bring the system back to factory state - but it can also remove the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR error.

4. Reset BIOS/UEFI settings

If clearing the BIOS/UEFI overlock settings does not resolve the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR error, you can try resetting the entire BIOS. Somewhere in the BIOS menu there is an option to either completely reset the BIOS settings or load the default BIOS configuration. Find an option and select it.

5. Update the BIOS/UEFI settings

Again, this process varies greatly depending on your system's motherboard manufacturer. Some BIOS/UEFI settings can be downloaded and updated automatically using a PC tool. Other manufacturers require a BIOS update that I downloadflash the firmware yourself.

Not sure which motherboard you have? Download and runCPU-Z. open itMotherboardcard and find the manufacturer and model of your motherboard. You can also find your BIOS make and version on this tab.

How to fix WHEA unrecoverable error on Windows 10 (2)

Armed with this knowledge, search the internet for "update bios [your motherboard manufacturer + model]". For example, I would search for "Micro-star ms-1796 bios update" for my system. You should find instructions, tutorials, and if you're lucky, even a video or two.

6. Check the drivers

Sometimes new drivers mess up the system. This is becoming less and less common these days as Windows 10 handles most driver updates.

However, this does not mean that a malicious driver cannot destroy your system. Fortunately, Windows 10 lists all driver updates in the Windows Update section (Windows Update can also cause its own errors), so you can quickly find out where the problem is coming from.

  1. TypWindows-tast + Ito open the Settings panel, then selectUpdate and security > View update history. Any driver updates can be found here.
  2. Write nowdevice administratorin the start menu search bar and select the best match. Then go down the list and check the error symbol. If nothing is there, the state of the driver is probably not the source of the problem.

That said, you can use a third-party tool to update all your system drivers at once. Check out this listfree tools that you can use to solve most Windows problems. The first two options -IObit driver boosterISnappy driverinstallationsprogram- do the same.

7. Check the RAM with MemTest86

Windows has a built-in memory checking feature called Windows Memory Diagnostic. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a good reputation and regularly skips over issues detected by another great tool:MemTest86.

MemTest86 is free,standalone memory test tool for x86 machines. You launch MemTest86 from a USB flash drive (or boot drive) and let it test your system RAM. Now the MemTest86 RAM check takes a long time. a single pass takes hours, depending on the amount of RAM installed.

How to fix WHEA unrecoverable error on Windows 10 (3)

To get the full benefit of MemTest86, a minimum of two runs (two full cycles) must be performed. However, according to most reports, MemTest86 should reveal a serious RAM problem after a short time.

Get to itMemTest86 download sideand download itBootable CD image (ISO format). Next, burn the MemTest86 ISO to a USB flash drive. You can do it usingISO to USB utility.

Register MemTest86 with your choice and then shut down the system. Then reboot the systemwhile pressing the Boot Option menu button(usually F10, F11, DEL or ESC), then select the MemTest86 bootable USB flash drive. The memory test starts automatically.

If it shows RAM error, do an online error code search and type to find the next action.

8. Reset Windows 10 (last resort)

If nothing else fixes the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR error, you can do thisuse Windows 10 recovery modeto update the system.

A Windows 10 system reset replaces your system files with a brand new set of files. In theory, it will remove all WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR related issues while keeping most of your important files intact.

Go toSettings > Update & Security > Recoverythen downReset this computerselectStart.

The system will reboot as soon as you press the button, so make sure to backup all important files beforehand. The system will reboot first, then you can chooseKeep my recordstheClear all.

You have fixed the uncorrectable error in WHEA!

Blue screen errors are frustrating. Even more so if you really don't understand which piece of hardware is causing the problem. The fixes above will fix the WHEA error, but keep in mind that playing with the hardware can cause it to reappear.

Another useful blue screen error code tool is BlueScreenView by Nirsoft. Helps you understand error codes so you can better identify problems!

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