How to Resize SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (2023)

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How to Resize SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (1)

Cricut Design Space will automatically resize all uploaded SVG files larger than 23.5″ to a maximum of 23.5″, which can cause issues if your project is larger. Learn how to resize SVG files in Cricut Design Space so they are the correct size!

Have you ever uploaded an SVG file into Cricut Design Space, cropped it out, and realized this is what it looks like?very small?If it is so, you are not alone. An update to Cricut Design Space on July 11, 2019 quietly released a new feature (and was updated in early September 2019), that is, when you upload ANY SVG file that is larger than11,5″23.5″ (width or height), Cricut Design Space now automatically resizes SVG files to 23.5″ on the longest side. I suspect Cricut did this because many new hobbyists got confused when they had an image that was too large and got the "Image Too Large" message or now the "Incompatible Project" message and perhaps thought a change would help.

UPDATED:In early September 2019, Cricut changed the original size change from 11.5 x 11.5 to 23.5 x 23.5. This is a great improvement, but sadly it still causes some files larger than 23.5 x 23.5 to be auto-sized. So if you encounter a resize problem, use this tutorial.

How to Resize SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (2)

In the past, before the update, we would get this "image too large" warning; Now we get automatically resized images and NO warnings or notifications.

How to Resize SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (3)

Unfortunately, this Cricut Design Space update only resulted in several designer projects being updated.matter very little, Includedvarious JenniferMaker 3D projects🇧🇷 The good news is that I go through my projects one by one and update them so that there is a "Stacked SVG" that allows me to import without resizing. But what about all the projects I haven't pinned yet? Or designs from other designers that never get fixed? That's where THIS tutorial comes in to help you resize SVG files in Cricut Design Space!

First, if you are not familiarhow to upload an svg file to cricut design space, Look mineSVGs Made Simple-Videossériewhich shows exactly how to do this on a desktop, laptop, iPhone or iPad. You may also find this tutorial helpful:How to Upload SVG Files to the Cricut Design Space App on iPhone/iPad

Once your image is uploaded, you can place it on your canvas. Unfortunately,Design Space will NOT notify you that a very large image will be resized🇧🇷 So you may not be aware of the size change. As such, I recommend that you always check the size of your image - if it measures exactly 23.5 inches on each side, there's a good chance Cricut resized that SVG file. Think of that 23.5-inch measurement as a big red notice that your project is now the WRONG SIZE.

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The above SVG file I created for my Christmas tree advent calendar should be 46.23″ wide and 50.67″ tall. How do I know? EastThe correct dimensions are shown on a screenshot.noChristmas Tree Advent Calendar Instructions, as indicated in the tutorial itself. Most of my tutorials include a screenshot of the image in Design Space with the dimensions shown (usually in step 1). So be sure to look it up if you suspect the file is not the correct size. If you are unsure of the correct dimensions for a project, please ask us at[Email protected]

Advice:If you have another designer's file and can't determine the correct size from their information, there is another way to see the correct size. download and openInkscape generic name(freeware) and open the original SVG file in Inkscape (open, don't import). Then select all the design elements and look at the overall size.

Now that you know what the correct size is, it's timeResize the SVG file to the correct size🇧🇷 But how is this done? Keep reading!

How to Resize SVG Images in Cricut Design Space

Select your uploaded SVG image that you placed on your canvas. When selecting it, you must click on the image until the selection box appears around it. In the example below, this image is 11.5″ wide.

Note: Make sure all parts of the SVG file are ungrouped before resizing. SVG files should import grouped by default, but if they are not grouped, select all the parts and click the group icon in the top right corner.

How to Resize SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (5)

Now go to the size boxes at the top of the Cricut Design Space window, make sure the lock is on (lock icon appears closed) and enter the correct width in the "W" box. In this case, I change the width to 46.23", which I think is the right size for this project.

How to Resize SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (6)

(Video) How to Import and Resize SVG files into Cricut Design Space

This is what the lock icon looks like when it is "locked" or closed. Your lock MUST be locked by default.

How to Resize SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (7)

Now press the Enter key on your keyboard. The SVG will resize and maintain its proportions while the lock icon is on. This SVG is now 46.23″ wide and 5.0284″ (not exactly 50.67″ from the original design, but definitely close enough).

How to Resize SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (8)

And that's all you have to do!

Note that if you resend or reinsert an uploaded SVG on your canvas, the size will be reduced to 23.5″. So make sure you save this project using the menu in the top right corner so that you have the correct size for the next time you want to create this project.

How to resize SVG images larger than the mat

Now, what if you need to resize an SVG image and it's too big to crop to a single base? We call it "bigger than a rug". The good news is that there is a way to split the image to fit on the mat, and then put it back together after cutting everything out. This tutorial will show you how to resize and crop a design larger than a rug:Large Wall Decal - Larger Than Mat Cricut Designs

UEFor more Cricut tips and tricks, check outList of 45+ Cricut Tips and Tricks!


Do you want to remember this tutorial on how to resize SVG files? Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board!

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How to Resize SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (11)


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How to Resize SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (12)

(Video) Cricut Design Space How to Resize a SVG Design (with multiple files)

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  1. How to Resize SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (21)linda schmik dice

    Thanks for another wonderful lesson, as always!
    I never thought of using inkscape to check what the actual size of the image should be. I started adding size notes along with my personal SVG designs. I never know what will happen after I upload them to Design Space.


  2. How to Resize SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (22)Charron Moczygemba dice

    I drew a template design. While drawing the image I got the warning triangle that my images were too big. The letters are individually cut, the images are also individually cut. The letter size is only 8×7 inches and it fits on a 12×12 mat. The image decal is only 3-4 inches, but again I get the warning that the image is too big. I haven't connected my computer to the Cricut Explorer yet because I'm in the design phase. After the warning, I can't correct the size if it was saved incorrectly. I have reset my CPU and logged out of the Cricut website multiple times. Every time I run into the same problem. I recently developed a similar project and didn't encounter any problems. I have never encountered this problem in the last year and a half of working at Design Space. It seemed like all the problems started when Cricut updated my account. Currently the warning sign is shown on my created decal, but the image is only 3 inches tall and wide. Please let me know what the problem could be. I'm in a time crunch on projects.


    • How to Resize SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (23)jennifer maker dice

      (Video) Resizing Images in Cricut Design Space - Everything you need to know

      Hello Charon! The only thing I can think of is the top right corner of the Design Space to make sure the selected machine is the correct one. You may have accidentally set it up on the Cricut Joy, in which case its design would be too big for it.


  3. How to Resize SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (24)Complicated dice

    Hi Jennifer,

    Happy New Year! Glad I found this thread on image sizes. I'm having a problem with image size consistency and was wondering if you have any ideas on what to do? So I wanted to use my Cricut Maker to cut out multiple objects from a large digital image. I cut out each object from the large image and imported them separately into Cricut Design Space. However, I found that Cricut Design Space does not keep objects to scale. Some are bigger than others. Do you have any suggestions for me on how to keep all objects to scale? Thank you very much!!



    • How to Resize SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (25)jennifer maker dice

      IOS has a bug where some images are imported correctly and others are resized. While frustrating, you have to manually resize the ones that import to the wrong size.


  4. How to Resize SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (26)Denise Rochelle Stelzig dice

    (Video) Cricut Design Space How to Resize a SVG Design by a Percentage

    I have a worse time resizing an image. I have pressed the lock button and the resize arrow, but nothing moves. LITTLE BIT…. I'm so lost and disappointed


    • How to Resize SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (27)jennifer maker dice

      Hi Denise! Try signing out of Design Space and signing back in to see if that helps with your project.


  5. How to Resize SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (28)angela dice

    Hello, I noticed that some drawings that make up a project appear in different sizes on the screen. So if I resize the main layout, I need to resize the following ones by the same ratio, say 65%
    You must be a mathematician and a craftsman.
    Can you tell me why some media chew up with even "less" pressure when I use the thin blade as you say?
    Thank you very much


    • How to Resize SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (29)jennifer maker dice

      Hi Angela, each project can differ in performance. This also applies to the materials you use. The material can only work up to a certain level before it starts to fail. Try different materials. I also recommend making test cuts with a 1-inch diameter circle to see what setting works best for your machine before cutting a full project.


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