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If you've ever thought about attending an online driving school, you've probably heard that you can get iDriveSafely answers and questions right from the Internet.

Well, you're right. This is how it passes the iDriveSafely test with flying colors.


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Not everyone is a good candidate for the test. Sometimes the simple fear of having to take a test can completely cloud your mind and cause you to fail the test.

If this sounds like you, you might like to get access to iDriveSafely Answers.

Yes, that's right – we'll give you the questions and answers on iDriveSafely to read over and over again before you take the actual exam.

¿Es iDriveSafely ist?

iDriveSafelyis a great online resource. It is the sister site, offers courses indrive defensivelyas well as driver training courses for adults.

Basically, you can take online driver education courses at to meet potential court requirements or to get your speeding tickets removed.

you can read ouriDriveSafely Reviewto see all the details.

iDriveSafely answers and questions

iDriveSafely Answers - Quiz and Quiz Answers | (1)

Now it's time to dive into what you came here to do... iDriveSafely answers!

Below are many of the iDriveSafely questions and answers that have recently appeared on the site; however, it is impossible to collect all the questions and answers.

If your questions and answers differ, please let us know in the comments so other readers of this post can have a broader set of answers.

I hope many of the correct answers will help you familiarize yourself with traffic laws so that you can pass the exam without any problem.

Ask:If you see farm machinery driving on the same road as you, _______.

Answers:Take them to the right and be patient.

Ask:Every __________ minutes, someone is killed in an alcohol-related accident in the United States.


Ask:Management decisions depend on information learned, realistic perceptions, and _____.

Answers:informed judgments

Ask:Management decisions depend on information learned, realistic perceptions, and _____.

Answers:informed judgments

Ask:Head-on collisions are common when passing on two-lane roads because drivers __________.

Answers:Misjudging the closing rate of oncoming traffic

Ask:If your rearview mirror is set to night, it may affect your ability to _________.

Answers:Calculate the distance of traffic behind you

Ask:Cruise control should not be used__________.

Answers:In the rain

Ask:Young children can be seriously injured if __________ causes even a low speed impact.


Ask:Highway hypnosis is related to _________.

Answers:drowsy driving

Ask:If the intervention doesn't work, instead of driving with the disabled driver, you should ______.

Answers:call a taxi

Ask:When you're stuck in traffic and you feel your anger rising, you experience an emotional challenge called ________.


Ask:A big advantage of the push/pull direction of the low hand position is ________.

Answers:Improved vehicle control as arms stay close to the body and maintain a more stable upright body position

Ask:Most landslides are caused by _________.

Answers:driver error

Ask:When entering traffic from a stopped position, always yield to _________.

Answers:All the answers are correct.

Ask:If you are involved in a collision, _________.

Answers:you must stop

Ask:When passing on a dual carriageway _________.

Answers:Identify a safe place to return to

Ask:Start your ________ well before your turn or lane change maneuver.


Ask:Text can be used with a pound symbol to delineate __________.

Answers:reserved tracks

Ask:Most drivers make __________ driving errors for every 20 decisions they make while driving

Answers:Of the

Ask:If you are packing your vehicle, you must _______.

Answers:Consult owner's manual for maximum cargo weight

Ask:If you can see an emergency vehicle with flashing lights ahead, ______.

Answers:don't follow too closely

Ask:Stay on the right side of your lane when __________.

Answers:you go around a curve

Ask:Approximately one in ten drivers_____.

Answers:Is involved in an accident every year

Ask:If you are involved in a collision and the vehicles are still operational, _______.

Answers:take them out of circulation

Ask:Most drivers involved in crashes are people with a history of _____.


Ask:Motor vehicle traffic-related fatalities are the leading cause of accidental death, and motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for _____-year-olds.

Answers:3 bis 33

Ask:Using a higher octane rating than your vehicle______.

Answers:Does not increase performance

Ask:If you take sedatives, you may feel ____.

Answers:impaired reflexes

Ask:More than ________ people died in alcohol-related crashes in 2005.


Ask:If your vehicle begins to skid, you should _____.

Answers:reduce your speed

Ask:Normally, men's livers take up to ________ to process a drink.

Answers:1 hour

Ask:If you park on the side of the road after a breakdown, ________.

Answers:Beware of tall, dry grass

Ask:Aggressive driving can be defined as driving a vehicle in a manner that is likely to ________.

Answers:put someone in danger

Ask:If your rearview mirror is set to night, it may affect your ability to _________.

Answers:Calculate the distance of traffic behind you

Ask:Traffic engineers and lawmakers designed our highways, laws, and traffic controls to help __________ drivers see what other road users are about to do.

Answers:anticipate and predict

Ask:Alcohol affects you __________ after it enters your body.


Ask:After starting the vehicle, make sure that ___________ is off.

Answers:blinking lights

Ask:Use _____ in your rear view mirror at night.

Answers:Night vision

Ask:Many crashes become more serious when drivers __________.


Ask:If an oncoming driver refuses to change their high beams to low beams, they should _____.

Answers:Find the white line marker and use it to guide you

Ask:Traction control systems__________ the driver.


Ask:A glance at the ground next to a moving vehicle will help you assess your __________.


Ask:In the United States, approximately _______ people are injured in traffic accidents and approximately 40,000 people are killed each year.

Answers:3 millions

Ask:________ never on or near railroad tracks.

Answers:to stop

Ask:Car accidents are the number ______ killer of people ages 3-33.


Ask:If you are passed by a motorcycle, _________.

Answers:stay in your lane

Ask:You are impaired if your driving ability is ______.

Answers:restricted or disabled

Ask:When approaching a railroad crossing, you should look for _____.

Answers:Both senses

Ask:Alcohol reaches the brain quickly because ______.

Answers:The brain contains more blood.

Ask:One of the most important things you can do while driving is to focus on ________ of your fellow travelers.


Ask:If you see raindrops falling on the road surface, or if you are forced to drive through a puddle or standing water, __________.

Answers:Avoid sudden braking and overly aggressive driving.

Ask:Among fatalities, teen drivers have the highest rates of fatalities per mile driven in all age groups, followed by older and younger ________ drivers.

Answers:adult males

Ask:_________ is one of the top three factors associated with fatal accidents.

Answers:All these answers are correct.

Ask:There are new crosswalk and school zone signs on the highway to warn drivers of an approaching crosswalk. They are_______.

Answers:Diamond-shaped yellow-green fluorescent

Ask:When you are tired, your _________ shrinks.

Answers:peripheric vision

Ask:If you have a broken yellow line on your side of the road on a three or five lane highway, _________.

Answers:Yield to oncoming traffic

Ask:If you are a passenger and have your seat reclined with your seat belt fastened in the event of an accident, ______.

Answers:Your body may slide forward, increasing the risk of injury.

Ask:Driving risk is defined as the probability of _______ damage or loss.

Correct answer:loss

Ask:If you are passed by a motorcycle, _________.

Answers:stay in your lane

Ask:Young children can be seriously injured by ______, even in a low-speed collision.


Ask:Stay ______ when making turns.

Answers:On the right side of your lane

Ask:Slippery or wet surfaces with poor traction make it difficult to control the speed of your vehicle and _______.


Ask:Electronic road information boards communicate ______.

Answers:security alerts

Ask:A car accident usually involves _______ collisions.


Please let us know if these iDriveSafely answers helped you pass the test. In the meantime, read our driving tips to stay safe on the road.

iDriveSafely is just one of many online driving schools. We cover a few, like:

  • Accessible
  • Improve traffic school
  • GoToTrafficSchool
  • driver's education


What is the minimum age to get a license iDriveSafely answers? ›

You must be at least 16 years old to apply for your first-time drivers license, and you will need to have held your permit for 6 months. You'll need to bring a few things with you to the DMV when you go to apply: Proof that you completed drivers ed and behind-the-wheel training.

Is iDriveSafely com safe? ›

Based on this info, if you just want the fast answer, YES – iDriveSafely is legit and it is one of the better online driving schools you can sign up with whether it's for traffic school, drivers ed, insurance reduction, or just about any other reason you'd need to sign up for it.

Is iDriveSafely DMV approved NY? ›

Our New York Point & Insurance Reduction Program (IPIRP) course is fully approved by the New York State DMV and 100% online, which means you set the schedule.

How can you determine whether you are not looking far enough ahead when you drive? ›

Question 227: How can you assess whether you are not looking far enough ahead when you drive? Correct Answer: You make frequent, quick stops.

Can I take the permit test online? ›

No, you will have to complete testing in the office. How do I access eLearning? If you select eLearning, you will receive a Virtual Test Center Access email with a link to the eLearning course. You can access this link at any time for the duration of the application (one year).

Can a 13 year old drive in California? ›

Teens wishing to drive must first obtain a learner's permit from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. They can do this after they have completed an approved drivers' education course and reaching the age of 15 years and six months.

Why is I Drive Safely charging $5? ›

Here's how it works:

During checkout, be sure to opt in to your free trial of Roadside Assistance. Please keep in mind that this enrollment opportunity is only available during checkout – don't miss out! After your trial ends, your card will be charged $5/month, and you can cancel at any time.

What is the safest driving app? ›

Safe Driving Apps
  1. Drivemode Dash. Drivemode silences calls, texts, and alerts from your phone once you hit 15 miles per hour, and can send out autoreplies in real-time. ...
  2. OnMyWay. ...
  3. SAFE 2 SAVE. ...
  4. TrueMotion Family Safe Driving. ...
  5. I'm Driving.

Is I Drive Safely Texas approved? ›

Our Texas drivers ed courses are all approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) and the Department of Public Safety (DPS).

How do I pass my road test in NY? ›

Things to remember during the test
  1. Speed – Keep it slow when you turn.
  2. Turning – Make sure to turn in your lane.
  3. Stopping – Stop well behind the line when you get to an intersection.
  4. Observing – Check for pedestrians, don't take off if there's any traffic.
  5. Signal – Use that indicator!
Dec 2, 2020

How do I know if I passed my road test NY? ›

After the road test, the examiner will give you instructions on how to receive your test results by visiting Your results will be posted to the website after 6 p.m. on the day of your test.

Can you go to jail for driving without a license in NY? ›

According to New York's Vehicle Traffic Code - Section 509, driving without a license in New York is a serious misdemeanor offense that carries a penalty of a fine between $75 to $300 or jail time of up to 15 days or both.

Should you look 15 seconds ahead when driving? ›

In order to avoid last minute moves, you should look down the road 10 to 15 seconds ahead of your vehicle. A driver needs to look that far ahead to see hazards early. Constantly staring at the road just in front of your car is dangerous.

How far should you look ahead of your vehicle when driving at highway speed? ›

Every driver needs to be able to see what is in front of him, to the sides, and in the rear. Being able to see everything clearly helps drivers avoid any last-minute maneuvers. This is why it is recommended that drivers look ahead 12 seconds while driving in the city, and 12 to 15 seconds on the highway.

What distance should a driver look ahead? ›

Most good drivers look 12-15 seconds ahead. That means looking ahead the distance you will travel in 12-15 seconds. At lower speeds, that's about one block. At highway speeds it's about one-quarter of a mile.

How many questions are on the drivers test? ›

The written test for a regular driver license consists of 30 multiple-choice questions.

What do I need to get my license? ›

To apply in person at an NDLS centre you will need the following: To have successfully passed the driving test in the category that you are applying for within the last two years. Your current or most recent learner permit. If your permit has been lost, stolen or damaged you must also bring valid photo ID with you.

In what state can you drive at 14? ›

You cannot get a full, legal driver's license at the age of 14 in any state. You can get a learner's permit at 14 in Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Can you drive at 12 in California? ›

DL Requirements

Be at least 16 years old. Have held your instruction permit (in California or another state) for at least 6 months. Provide proof of completion of driver education and driver training.

Can an 18 year old drive a 17 year old in California? ›

Teens cannot drive with other passengers who are under the age of 20 years old. The only exceptions include if there is someone over the age of 25 years old in the vehicle or if the 12-month waiting period has passed.

How long can you drive on a full charge? ›

Full-electric BEVs today have an average range of 250 miles on a single charge. However, newer models from marquee companies like Tesla and Mercedes can go as far as 600 miles in one charge. Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) have an electric motor, battery, a gasoline tank, and an internal combustion engine.

Should I charge my phone at 5%? ›

Hamilton says that you should only be partially charging your phone to slow down the depletion of your batteries life cycle. She says the sweet spot to keep your battery charged is at 25-85%. “Lithium-ion batteries can be stressed at the extremes.

How much do you have to drive to keep a car battery charged? ›

Experts recommend driving your vehicle for at least 30 minutes a week, preferably at highway speeds. Why 30 minutes? Short trips in which you're constantly stopping and restarting the engine don't provide the time necessary to fully recharge your battery.

What app pays you just for driving? ›

OnMyWay's Mission is to Reverse this Epidemic through Positive Rewards and it's working. Users get paid for every mile they do not text and drive and can refer their friends to get compensated for them as well. You can still use your music and maps with Bluetooth and be rewarded for driving safe.

What app shuts off phone when driving? ›

AT&T's DriveMode

This free app mutes text messages and phone calls while you're driving. Then, it will send an automatic reply to the people who tried to contact you. This app lets them know that you aren't available to respond at the moment. AT&T's DriveMode is available on both Apple and Android phones.

Is there an app that disables your phone when driving? ›

SafeDrive. This app disables texting while the vehicle is in motion, but it also has a reward system that enables users to earn discounts at various retailers. When you drive over six miles per hour, the app automatically awards you points.

Will I fail my driving test in Texas if I can't parallel park? ›

Parallel Parking

It is fine to touch the curb, but don't roll over it. Even if you get points taken off for not successfully parallel parking your car, as long as you don't hit a car or the curb too forcefully, you should still pass your test.

How do I pass my driving test first time in Texas? ›

Safety Tips

Try to anticipate errors another driver might make. Be aware of your surroundings. Check your mirrors, look both ways at intersections, and look over the proper shoulder before making a lane change or merging with traffic. Steer smoothly and avoid sudden turns.

What can make you fail a driving test in Texas? ›

Here are a few of the things that will immediately cause you to fail the Texas road test.
  • Not using a seat belt.
  • Speeding.
  • Ignoring or missing a traffic signal or stop sign.
  • Driving in a dangerous manner.
Jan 28, 2020

How many people pass driving test first time? ›

The average pass rate for a practical driving test in Great Britain is 51.6%.

How do I make sure I pass my driving test first time? ›

How to pass your driving test quickly
  1. Be on time. ...
  2. Have a lesson beforehand. ...
  3. Check you have everything you need. ...
  4. Use your instructor's car. ...
  5. Take your instructor along for reassurance. ...
  6. Ask your examiner to repeat, if you need. ...
  7. Don't assume you've failed. ...
  8. Choose where you want to take your test.
Oct 26, 2022

What is the easiest road test site in NY? ›

That out of the way, the following are the locations to consider if you are looking for the easiest road test sites in NY:
  1. Riverhead, Long Island. ...
  2. Kissena Park, Queens. ...
  3. Seaview, Brooklyn. ...
  4. Wantagh, NY.
Nov 21, 2020

How many times can you fail the NYC road test? ›

If you do not pass your first 2 tests, you must pay another $10.00 fee for up to 2 more tests. There is no refund if you do not take both tests.

How hard is it to pass the road test in NY? ›

The road test is not hard as long as you get enough practice and follow your examiner's instructions. The examiner will focus on finding out if you can demonstrate basic driving knowledge and skills and your knowledge of the New York traffic laws.

How many times can you fail permit test New York? ›

The DMV doesn't give a limit to how many times you can retake the exam. The best thing about this is that you won't have to pay another application fee. However, if you fail the test more than 3 times, you'll wait another 6 months before you try again.

How much is a NYS speeding ticket? ›

For a first conviction, the cost of a New York speeding ticket can range between $90 and $600. For example, if you're speeding less than 10 miles over the limit, your ticket will usually be between $90 and $150. If you are speeding between 11 and 30 miles over the limit, your ticket will be in the $90 to $300 range.

Do you legally have to carry your driving licence? ›

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to legally carry your driving licence with you when you are driving. However, it is strongly recommended. A Police Officer can ask to see your licence at any time and if you do not produce it immediately, then you will have to produce it at a Police Station within 7 days.

What happens if you get pulled over with a permit in NY? ›

You could be asked to show your license, registration, and proof of insurance. The traffic stop could result in a traffic ticket for speeding or other traffic violations. If you have a learner's permit, you may be asked to produce a supervising driver who has a valid license.

What is the 7 second rule when driving? ›

For example, if driving a 60-foot vehicle at speeds over 40 mph, you should leave seven seconds between you and the vehicle ahead. You arrive at this number by calculating one second for each 10 feet of vehicle length plus an additional second for safety, a total of seven seconds.

What is the 3 second rule when driving? ›

A general rule that helps many drivers maintain safe following distances is the “three-second rule.” It requires leaving three seconds of space between your vehicle and the vehicle driving in front of you.

What is the 4 to 5 second rule for driving? ›

Count slowly and steadily. If you did NOT reach 4 before the point passed your front bumper, then you are too close to the car ahead. At 55 mph, you should be almost 323 feet behind the car ahead.

What is the 10 seconds rule in driving? ›

The 10 second rule is a driving rule that states that you should never overtake a car if there is less than 10 seconds' worth of space between you and the car in front.

How many seconds should you check your mirrors while driving CDL? ›

Check your mirrors regularly (at least every 5 to 8 seconds) and before you change lanes, turn, or merge. Check your mirrors quickly and return your attention to the road ahead. Frequent scanning will allow you to be aware of changing traffic conditions around your truck.

What do most good drivers look least? ›

Most good drivers look at least 12 to 15 seconds ahead. That means looking ahead the distance you will travel in 12 to 15 seconds. At lower speeds, that's about one block.

How many seconds should you stay behind the driver in front of you? ›

Increasing the distance between you and the car ahead can help give you the time you need to recognize a hazard and respond safely. The National Safety Council recommends a minimum three-second following distance.

How do you warn drivers behind you? ›

Use Your Emergency Signals

If you can see a collision ahead, warn the drivers behind you by turning on your emergency flashers or tapping your brake pedal quickly 3 or 4 times. You can also use the hand signal when slowing and stopping.

What is the minimum age to get a license? ›

You must be a Filipino applicant who is at least 16 years old. If you're a non-Filipino applicant, you must be at least 18 years old, have resided in the Philippines for at least one month, and intend to stay in the country for at least six months. You must be physically and mentally fit.

What is the minimum age to get a license quizlet? ›

Be at least 16 years and 3 months old. Hold a learner's permit for at least 9 months. Complete an approved driver education program.

Can you do your driver license at 13 years old in FL? ›

Requirements for Teens Obtaining a Florida Learner's License

Must be at least 15 years old; If under 18 years old, must have a signed/notarized Parental Consent Form (step-parents may not sign unless they have legally adopted the minor child);

How do I get my license at 14 in California? ›

However, to get a DL, you must provide proof that you have completed driver education and driver training or wait until you are 18 years old.
  1. Pay the required application fee.
  2. Pass a vision exam.
  3. Have your photograph taken.
  4. Give a fingerprint.
  5. Pass a knowledge test.

How much is student permit? ›

Medical examination: Php 450 to Php 500. Theoretical Driving Course: FREE to Php 4, 500 (average of Php 1, 500) Student Permit Fee: Php 317.63.

Does student permit expire? ›

The Student Permit shall be valid for one (1) year from the date of its issuance. After one (1) year, it cannot be used for purposes of the practical driving course.

What is code 1 drivers licence? ›

You may recall that, in the old codes, having a code 1 in one's driver's license simply means he or she can drive a motorcycle, regardless of whether the vehicle has a sidecar or not.

Can a 14 year old get a driver's license in India? ›

Learning License Age Limit for Light Motor Vehicle :

Light motor vehicle covers vehicles like autorickshaws, delivery vans, etc. The minimum age for driving a transport vehicle is 18 years of age. He or she should have also finished education till 8th standard.

Can 15 year olds drive in Montana? ›

Under the new guidance, students can start the licensing process at 15 years of age through self-study and behind-the-wheel practice with a parent or responsible adult. These changes are in accordance with § 61-5-105(b), MCA. Quick Links: Montana Driver Manual.

What does an 18 year old need to get a license in Texas? ›

How to Apply for a Texas Driver License
  1. U.S. Citizenship or, if you are not a U.S. Citizen, evidence of lawful presence.
  2. Texas Residency.
  3. Identity, and.
  4. Social Security Number.
  5. Evidence of Texas Vehicle Registration* for each vehicle you own. Registration must be current. ...
  6. Proof of Insurance* for each vehicle you own.
Sep 29, 2020

What is the youngest driving age? ›

In the U.S., you can typically apply for your full driver's license between the ages of 16 and 18. What states can you drive at 14? You cannot get a full, legal driver's license at the age of 14 in any state. You can get a learner's permit at 14 in Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

How late can a 15 year old drive in Florida? ›

NOT between 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Can a 12 year old get an ID in Florida? ›

Yes, children five years or older may have an identification card issued.

Can a 15 year old drive in California? ›

If you are at least 15 1/2 years old but under 18, you will need to apply for an instruction permit before you can hit the road. Here's how it works: Complete a Driver License or ID (DL/ID) Card application.

Can a 17 year old drive with minors in California? ›

During the first 12 months of having a license, the teen cannot drive between the hours of 11 pm and 5 am. They also cannot have any passengers under the age of 20 in their vehicle unless there is a licensed driver over the age of 25 in the vehicle at the time. There are some exceptions to this rule: Employment-related.

Can a 15 year old drive alone in California? ›

Teens will be allowed to drive alone when they have a provisional license, but there will be specified times and other conditions and restrictions that must be adhered to. These restrictions are put in place to reduce potential problems that a new driver could experience due to "moving too fast" in the driving process.


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