Red kitchen design: ideas, walls and decor (2023)


Do you want a red kitchen? How red are red kitchens?

To be honest, red is a pretty bold color and is undeniably associated with food.

The warmth of red indicates fresh and delicious food.

Red accents in the kitchen or red walls in the kitchen are not that rare. You can even make combinations like a red and white kitchen, a red and black kitchen or just a black and red kitchen decoration.

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Accent walls in kitchens can also be red and you can get red kitchen countertops, red kitchen cabinets, red kitchen countertops, red kitchen curtains and all other types of red kitchen decor.

You can find red kitchen ideas online and you will also find some decorating ideas to help you complete the red kitchen. Those cabinets and accessories and every other red decorationfor kitchens in general, it will brighten up the interior and make things look impressive.

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Red cabinets, small decorations and even a kitchen with red walls, whether they are just accent walls in kitchens, look great with many other decoration colors and tones. Red appliances, shelves or planters look stunning with black, white or gray tones and stainless steel appliances.

Image source:Gritton & Associates Architects

Items in your kitchen that are red should match the other items you already have in your kitchen. And to match your kitchen design, a modern interior will harmonize.

Image source:JM Interiors

You can also use red accents with a black and white color scheme to give your kitchen a great retro look. Find red cutlery, kitchen utensils, vases etc. it's a very easy thing to do.

Image source:candlelight houses

However, red should be used sparingly. A spectacular accent wall with red paint or red tiles looks stunning and bright. Red accents paired with neutral-colored floors, ceilings, and cabinets create a warm and welcoming vibe.

Image source:Roselind Wilson Project

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Red kitchen design: ideas, walls and decor (7)

A cherry red finish on the cabinets adds a modern touch, and if you have gray concrete countertops and floors, the reflective finish will reflect the light and work great. A frosted glass cabinet door with stainless steel backsplash pairs well with concrete and appliances and will brighten up the back wall.

Image source:roots kitchens bedrooms bathrooms

If you want a sophisticated look, opt for burgundy, peasant red or light brown tones. You can balance this out with deep chrome and cheery fabric. If you don't want to break the sophisticated rhythm of a dark red kitchen, opt for brass hardware and copper fittings instead of chrome.

Image source:Lands End Development – ​​Designers and Builders

Sometimes all you need is a touch of red. This enhances the feeling of warmth without overdoing it. There are several ways to do this, and below are a few suggestions that may help you get started.

  • Cookware - This is by far the easiest way to add a touch of red. A red pot, for example, can look great and heat up the kitchen.
  • Stools: Red stools will look wonderful in kitchens like a farmhouse or a teal kitchen. In a teal design paired with gold, you see how versatile red really is.
  • Stove - In a clean white kitchen, a red stove like Bertazzoni's can look great.
  • Door: A red door can be a great help, especially for a simple and clean white kitchen.
  • Wallpaper - Wallpaper can look amazing when used carefully, and red wallpaper in a kitchen can look great when done right.
  • Red Backsplash - When you start getting a little more involved, a red backsplash might be bright and warm, but it doesn't take over the entire kitchen. If you have traditional tastes, opt for a red Victorian backsplash.
  • Wall - If you have the entire wall red, step up your game.
  • Perimeter Wall: This defines an open plan kitchen and gives it a cozy and comfortable feel.
  • Accent Wall - An accent wall can anchor and center your open, modern kitchen.
  • Isla: This one is for those who really love red. Do you like it so much you'd wear a red island?
  • Corner: A red corner can define a kitchen but not overwhelm it.
  • Countertop: Another for engaged couples, you have a glamorous and eye-catching countertop and you can use gray cabinets to calm it down a bit.
  • Cabinets - Mix cabinets with other colors but keep them modern. Or choose a kitchen full of red cabinets.

Bildquelle: Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths

How to decorate with red tiles on the floor?

Whether you want the red-orange tones of terracotta or the deep red hue of a fire truck, you can create a truly stunning effect with a red tile floor. Red will invigorate and energize, and the key to decorating is to put the spotlight on the floor and be careful with other colors.

Image source:Johnson Bermann

Do not repeat red, even over large areas

As much as you love red floors, red should not be repeated on other large surfaces such as countertops, walls, furniture and appliances. It's a bold color and you can have too much of a good thing.

Image source:Highland-Design-Galerie

When you walk into a kitchen and see a sea of ​​red, your eyes aren't drawn to a single red element like the floor.

Repeat red with accents.

However, adding some small touches of red will highlight the entire floor. You can use a red teapot or bowls, or choose a patterned fabric with red for the windows, chairs, or placemats. If you have open shelves or glass-fronted cabinets, paint the back panels red.

Image source:Neu-England-Design-Elemente

Make a grid of red tiles, it makes for an interesting backsplash.

Add other colors too

Unless you want a muted look, other colors should also be mixed in the room. Three colors is enough, and that works very well with many interiors, especially with the 60-30-10 rule. This implies using 60% of the dominant color and 30% and 10% for the second and third colors respectively.

Image source: The Renovation Broker

Unless you have a lot of wall space, assume that red is your dominant color. Stained woods, metallic finishes or earth tones and ceramics do not count as colors. Light neutrals like beige, ivory, white, or light gray don't necessarily count either, but you can use them as colors if you like.

Image source:Architrix Design Studio Inc.

For example, in a retro kitchen where you have red, aqua, and yellow, your white cabinets and walls will provide the backdrop. However, in a modern red, white and light gray kitchen, white and light gray are already colors.

Image source:Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

Colors like black, dark brown, and dark gray are much more difficult, but it basically depends on how much you use in a single item. An accent wall with black chalkboard paint is a background, but if you paint all of the walls black, they become a solid color.

The eye should be up.

A red tile floor usually serves as the focal point, but you don't want people staring at it all the time. You can turn heads with a gallery wall of framed artwork or fill your display cases with a collection of antique china.

Image source:Arnal Fotografie

Art glass pendant lights can be hung over the island or even a chandelier can be hung over the breakfast table. Window treatments should be considered with superior details, for example fringed ruffles.


A red color can add an eye-catching accent and vibrant energy to your kitchen design and decor. Red tones are powerful and exciting, contributing so much to functional interiors made for cooking.


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