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We reveal why, according to our panel, Solana (SOL) will be worth $35 by the end of 2022 before rising to $116 in 2025, and why holding it until 2030 could be a real payback. All prices in this report are in US dollars.

Finder currently measures expert predictions about the future price of SOL with 2 surveys. In our weekly survey, we ask a rotating panel of 5 fintech experts whether they are bullish, bearish or neutral on SOL for the next 2 weeks. In our largest quarterly survey, most recently conducted in October 2022, we asked a panel of 55 industry experts for their thoughts on Solana's performance over the next decade.

Solana (SOL) planer for 2022

Solana (SOL) is expected to end 2022 with a price tag of $35, according to Finder's team of fintech experts. Going forward, the table predicts that SOL will be worth around $116 in 2025 before rising to $236 in 2030.

Solana's price forecasts for 2022, 2025 and 2030

The panel's forecast for SOL is lower than the January 2022 survey, where the panel said SOL closed 2022 at $222. Looking down, the panel's October forecasts for 2025 and 2030 are also much more bearish than January, when the panel saw SOL reaching $486 in 2025.

Solana's price forecasts for the end of 2022, 2025 and 2030

Joseph Raczynski of Thomson Reuters is bullish on Solana with a price target of $70 by the end of 2022.

"Although it is much more centralized than Ethereum, it will still survive major outages and outages. There is room for SOL in various industries, such as NFT sales. It will continue to grow with institutional support."

Miles Paschini, CEO of FV Bank, points to the flaws in Solana's network: "Until there is a period of stabilization, the true value will not be realized." Paschini has a price target of $39 through December 2022.

Cryptocurrency Finder author Frank Corva made a similar prediction for the end of 2022 with a price target of $40 due to macro conditions. However, he said it was difficult to make a long-term forecast "given how often the chain goes down".

Walker Holmes, co-founder and VP of MetaTope, sees SOL trading at $100 in 2025 and $150 in 2030, but he says that's the biggest obstacle now to getting the Solana blockchain together.

"Solana runs over 30% of all its nodes on AWS. doesn't it scale? it's not safe. I hope the community can work together to solve the aggregation problems in the Solana network and allow the network to grow sustainably."

One of Solana's bulls, Ben Ritchie, CEO of Digital Capital Management, predicts that SOL will trade at $500 in 2025 and $1,200 in 2030. He notes that “The Solana network continues to grow as it continues to face network disruptions during high network activity .For this reason, the valuation against Ethereum is not yet comparable.

"Despite the downtime, transactions on the Solana network remain high, so we can expect an increase in the price of SOL in the coming years."

Buy, sell or keep SOL?

The panel is mostly neutral toward Solana, with 44% in the camp. Only 33% of participants believe it is time to buy SOL, while a minority (22%) say it is time to sell.

Sathvik Vishwanath, CEO of Unocoin Technologies, has set a price target of $33 by the end of 2022, and says now is the time to hold it. But in the long run, Viswanath is optimistic about Solana. "Solana is the world's fastest blockchain and fastest growing cryptocurrency ecosystem with thousands of projects spanning DeFi, NFT, Web3 and more," says Vishwanath.

Seasonal Tokens founder Ruadhan O provides a detailed forecast for SOL. "Nothing will change in 2022. The market will remain bearish and SOL will follow the broader market and remain close to its current price." O believes Solana's ecosystem will continue to grow at its current rate until 2025, "but will lose market share to Ethereum after Ethereum's transaction fees drop." O believes Solana is likely to stagnate by 2030 "without significant technological or economic changes to the Solana system."

Solana mod Ethereum

The majority (58%) of our participants believe that SOL is not undervalued, and 29% are unsure. Only 13% believe that SOL is undervalued compared to Ethereum.

Panel view at Team Solana

We asked our panel if ongoing network outages and incidents such as Solana DEX OptiFi's accidental blocking of $661,000 in funds caused them to lose confidence in the Solana team. 37% of our panel did not lose confidence in Team Solana, while 33% did. The other 30% are not sure.

What is behind Solana's network failure?

The next question we asked was whether the outages were the result of Solana's cheap trade, as Solany's CEO said, or whether there was a bigger problem.

The vast majority (78%) believe there is a bigger problem, while only 22% agree with CEO Solana's statement.

Collaboration between the Helium Foundation and Solana

Recently, the Helium Foundation, the team behind the Helium Token (HNT) and decentralized blockchain network for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, decided to close the blockchain and move to Solana.

The majority of our panel (52%) believe that the Helium Foundation made the right decision, while only 6% believe that it was not. 42% are unsure.

We also asked, "Do you think the partnership will affect the price of SOL?" 38% believe the collaboration will have a positive impact on the price of SOL, 28% believe it will have no impact on the price, 6% believe it will have a moderate negative impact and the remaining 28% were unsure .

However, the opposite is true, with Sun Network's price dropping 15% when it moved to Solana. 35% of Finder panelists believe it will prevent other chains from moving to Solana, while 36% say no and 29% are unsure.

Meet the panel


  • Finder surveyed 55 fintech experts from the end of September to the beginning of October 2022. Panelists can answer as many questions as they want, which means that the number of answers received varies from question to question, and 24 panelists have given their SOL price prediction. Committee members may hold certain cryptocurrencies, including SOL. All prices are in USD per SOL.

    Method changes:In 2021, the survey was based on a simple average of all responses given in Finder. From 2022, we switched to using a trimmed average, removing the top and bottom 10% of responses to get a more consistent result. Any 2021 results reported in this analysis have also been recalculated using the trimmed average.

Disclaimer:Cryptocurrencies are speculative, complex and carry significant risks - they are highly volatile and prone to secondary activity. Performance is unpredictable and past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Before relying on this information, you should consider your own situation and take your own advice. You should also verify the nature of each product or service (including its legal status and relevant legal requirements) and consult the websites of the relevant regulatory authorities before making any decision. The finder or author may own shares in the cryptocurrencies in question.

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