The 10 most common initial mistakes from developers (2023)

At first sight,The trap for the ship looks very simpleAnd in fact, it is not difficult to start with a boat trap. There is a very well written useBOOT TRAP DOCUMENTATIONWith many examples for the HTML, CSS and Javascript code, the most important cases are mentioned there, but some errors are quite subtle or are ambiguous causes.

The 10 most common initial mistakes from developers (1)

Let's take a look at 10 of the errors, problems and misunderstandings of the most common boat trap when developers begin.

Common Boat Trap Error No. 1: Basic incorrect concepts on the structure

There are some fundamental misunderstandings about theBootstrap -estructuraThat has people. This can happen because it is not clearly announced at the site of the boat trap or because people do not take enough to read the documentation. The fact is that developers sometimes do incorrect things in the corner and blameTo the structure. Then let's clarify some basic facts.

Bootstrap is integral, but neither huge nor huge. Bootstrap has basic HTML and CSS design models that contain many common user interface components. This includes typography, tables, shapes, buttons, glyphons, suspended, buttons and entrance, navigation, pagination , labels and badges, warnings, progress bars, ways, guides, accordion, carousel and more. It can be selected and selecting some of them and quickly creating a user interface with its standard configuration, which deals with several browsers, devices and resolutions with resolutions with good shape.

Bootstrap will not do everything for you, but it offers an appropriate series of patterns and helps developers to concentrate more on the development of work than to take care of the design and help them on the march.

It is so expanded that everyone can adjust it to meet their needs. At the beginning, Bootstrap had some restrictions and at that time it was difficult to extend the standard styles. But when the structure matured, the expansion also improved.

Common Boat Trap Error No. 2: I don't have to know CSS to use the boat trap and that a designer does not need

If you think you do not need to know CSS if you have to use the supplier's boat trap) and offer a basic standard style, but you must still understand CSS. You need to know how media consultations work, but you must understand how the reaction works quicklyBut can help if you want. Code addiction example in less or SAT a good starting point.

In a similar topic, it is easy to finish a website that looks like any other trap site for boats.Bootstrap exhibitionThis compiled websites that were built with boat trap. Look at yourself, inspire yourself and start your own design variation.

Common Boat Trap Error No. 3: Change the CSS file from Bootstrap

To make it clear and easy: do itnoModify theBootstrap.cssOffice hour.

If you make changesBootstrap.cssFile, things are complicated very quickly. Each design will break if you want to update the boat trap files.Bootstrap.cssStilblatt.

Do you know less or sitting? No problem, you can create your own CSS file and replace everything you wantBootstrap.cssAs we mentioned in the previous error, it is mandatory to know that CSS is mandatory. Look your new CSS selector, use it at HTML.A boat.

Would you still like to know more and immerse yourself more? I suggest a lot and I encourage you to do it. Iuse the boat trap button less code.css static.

Frequent ship trap control Error No. 4: Use everything the trap offers for the ship

As already mentioned, Bootstrap is integral. It offers many components of the user interface, HTML and CSS design models and JavaScript.bas, be selective. It does not have to use all boat trap functions.

This applies in particular to accessories. Only reproduces accessories that make sense and do not use everything because it looks good and great. They can be slightly exaggerated.Bootstrap.jsArchify and create a site only with HTML and CSS -Simple.E.To only add the components to certain functions as necessary.

Common vessel trap error No. 5: Use a modal entry application

Bootstrap modes offer flexible dialogue instructions with the minimum required functionality and are equipped with intelligent standards. Although the modal is easy to use and offers extensive adaptation, we have to consider some things to avoid bad common uses.

Show more than a modal entry application at this time

Bootstrap does not support overlapping modes. A modal can be visible at this time. If more than one modal is closed at the same time, it can be reached, but a personalized code must be recorded to deal with it correctly.

Bootstrap -Modal appears in the background

If the modal container or its general element has a fixed or relative position, the modal is not shown correctly. Verify before closing</body>Label or better even in a higher position in the document just after opening<Body>Brands. This is the best way to avoid other components that influence the appearance and functionality of the modal.

Modal modal devices

There are some warnings on which developers must be aware of the management of the modes.Mobile devices with virtual keyboardsThis applies in particular toiOS devicesIf there is a representation error that does not update the position of solid elements if the virtual keyboard is activated.

Boat Trap Control Error No. 6: Problem with the problem input button problem

Bootstrap does not have a certain component for a file file button. A simple and elegant solution can be achieved with only HTML and CSS with the following sample code:

<span class = "btn btn-default btn-arch"> navegate <eigabe type = "dami"> </mpan>
.Btn-File {position: relative; overflow: hidden;}.Btn-file enume [type = file] {position: absolutely; above: 0; right: 0; width min: 100%; mininature: 100%; Source size: 100px; text orientation: law; filter: alpha (opacity = 0)); opacity: 0; sketch: none; background: white; cursor: inherit; screen lock;}

There are many examples of achieving a similar effect. This example of code is provided by Cory Laviska and can read a more detailed reading on your website.Explanation of this problemThere is also an expanded example with more functions in which the additional JavaScript code is used.

Common Boat Trap Error No. 7: In JavaScript and ignore the attributes of "data"

The designers or simply JavaScript developers can easily immerse themselves in web development and create websites with only HTML, CSS and trap for boats. A Monton de. It is important to say that all boat trap accessories can only be used throughof marking -api.we areWriteOnly lineBy JavaScript.This is the first API of first -class boat traps and should be its first consideration when using accessories.

For example, we can activate a modal dialog box without writing a JavaScript that is currently being configuredData-toggle = "modal"In a control element such as a button or anchoring element and deliver additional parameters with helpGiven-Attributes. In the following code we guide the HTML code with the ID#MymodalWe specialize that the modal does not close when the user clicks with the modal outside the ModalBackdropOption, and disable the escape event that closes a modalDates baseOption.Unis in an HTML code line:

<Botón Type = "Botón" Data-Toggle = "Modal" Data-Alget = "#MyModal" Data-BackDDD = "Static" Data-Keyboard = "False"> Start my modal </button>

Pass the mistakes and each developer occasionally makes them. This is inevitable, but how to deal with the error that is important. The boat traps equipment noticed that they observe the tracker of the difficulties that people make some mistakes. Therefore, they triedautomate the development process. The result isBootlint, HTML lines for bootstrap.o -Batlint can be used in browser or command lines via node.js and automatically check the boat trap website for many ordinary boat trap errors.Web development can eliminate many common errors that can eliminate this, which can eliminate this, what can eliminate this, what can eliminate this, who can eliminate this, who can eliminate this that can eliminate this, can eliminate this, who canEliminate this, which can eliminate this, that can eliminate this, that can eliminate them, eliminate them, eliminate them, which can eliminate this, which can eliminate this, can eliminate this. In general, they reduce the development of a project.

If you want to contribute to the boat trap project, it is worth verifying itRorschach.Rorschach is an examiner -Bot -Bot -Pull -Pull -Strap Pull, which verifies some new traction queries.

Frequent ship trap control No. 9: IE8 and incompatibility problems of older browsers

Bootstrap is as good as possible in the latest browsers and desk furniture. Older browsers can show components and elements differently, but everything has to be fully functional. The support contains Internet Explorer 8 and 9, with an important note ofthat some properties and forms of CSS3 and taxes and taxes and HTML5 fiscal are not totally supported by these browsers.

To completely support the Internet Explorer 8 and other older browsersRespondedor.js, So,HTML 5 CHIMThis allows the use of HTML5 elements and an adequate IE<seta>HTML Day Day to ensure that IE is not executed in compatibility mode. The HTML head in the end should be seen as that:

<HEAD> ... <meta http-äquiv = "x-ua compatível com" content = "ie = edge"> <!-[se lt ie 9]> <script src = "https: // "> </script> <script src =" "> </script> <! [Endif]-> </d head>

Without case ofRespondedor.jsPay attention to the followingReservationsin development and production environments.

Common Boat Trap Error No. 10: Ignore best practices

One of the common questions about battery overflow is like opening the battery trap dish instead of clicking. The solution to this question is not complicated and can only be done with CSS, it is not recommended. This function is functionleft out. The structure of the structure is intentionally a design decision of the development team. No, this can be done, but it is necessary to understand and understand that it is recommended that this specific question is that it does not help to work on these devices inThese devices to work to write only at events. Therefore, this does not work correctly on a moving device.

Bootstrap error conclusion

I hope that this short boat trap guide helps it avoid some of the most common mistakes to avoid clear misunderstandings, and will receive most of the structure.Have a sensation and a better image of how it works. This is also applied to the trap for the ship.

read thisDocumentationPlay and try the samples, do the basics and enjoy the creation of new and beautiful designs.

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