Where to find all Berserkers in God of War Ragnarok | DiamondLobby (2023)

In God of War, players could hunt the Valkyries to face similar but different hidden bosses in nine realms.

This time it's not so rosy. However, players will hunt the Confused instead of fighting the Valkyries.

But to do that, you first need to know where to find them and what to do with them. That being said, you need Skofnung's Inert Hilt.

If you have this item and don't know what to do with it, see how to use Skofnung's Inert Hilt in God of War Ragnarok.

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How to use Skofnung's inert handle

In God of War Ragnarok you will of course come across Skofnung's Idle Grip. It occurs during the main story, although it has no effect on it.

After completing the ninth main story, World of Fate, Kratos will have access to the item and will be relatively close to the Crazy Tombstone.

All the headstones have what looks like a keyhole. When you first see him, Mimir will make that remark. Thanks to Skofnung's sleeping embrace, Kratos can awaken the stunned.

Berserkers are hidden optional boss fights like the Valkyries in God of War 2018. Defeating a Berserker gives you experience and items.

Defeating them all completes the quest and also gives you the Hilt of Skofnung relic.


Midgard, the mortal world, has two tombstones. One of them is a real tombstone located just below the banks of the Nine.

The other is not a feverish servant, but the king himself.

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Lake Ni

Near the door that leads to the Mystic Gateway - a wooden door that allows you to fast travel to God of War Ragnarok - there is a tombstone of a madman.

Where to find all Berserkers in God of War Ragnarok | DiamondLobby (1)

Defeating the Zealot Fraekni will give you Berserker Guard, Bonded Leather, Tempered Remnants, and Shattered Runes.

Fraekni is probably one of the easiest to confuse. She has no elemental attacks and her unblockable hits are very telegraphed, making her fairly easy to dodge.

The most dangerous thing is to let it get away with it. When she does, pay attention to her attacks and learn the timing so you can dodge and counterattack safely.

The King's Tomb

King Hrolf Kraki, ruler of the Confused Twelve, is your final challenge.

You can't fight this boss unless you've defeated the Confused Twelve, so you have plenty of tombs to visit before you get here.

His tomb is east of the mystical gate of the Eternal Hearth, in the Tomb of the King.

As you'd expect, King Hrolf Kraki is the mightiest of the Confused, and his moveset includes many of the Confused moves you've fought before him.

Fortunately, unlike some of the madmen you've fought, King Hrolf Kraki doesn't summon creatures that would interfere with your fight.

It is an honorable fight that brings a great reward.

Defeating the Berserker King will earn you Helheim's Virtue Enchantment, Bonded Hide, Shattered Runes, and most importantly, the Powered Skofnung Relic Hilt.


The Dwarven Kingdom has several Berserkers. One of them, Applecore, can be a bit tricky.

Check the maps for their location.

You will encounter one of these Berserkers fairly early in the game, but you can start with Fraekni before meeting them in Svartalfheim.


Where to find all Berserkers in God of War Ragnarok | DiamondLobby (2)

Here you will meet the wild Bodvar and the restless Starolf.

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This match is problematic and I advise you to clear everything else and expand your inventory before attempting this match.

The fight against Bodvar the Fierce and Starolf the Troublemaker will be extremely difficult, depending on the chosen difficulty level, and may end in a painful defeat.

Once you finish them, your rewards will be Shattered Runes, Tempered Remnants, Bonded Pelt, and Hind of the Nine Kingdoms.

The good news is that they don't cause status effects. You don't have to worry about, for example, poisoning or inflammation.

However, that doesn't mean this fight will be easy to manage. The attacks don't stop coming, forcing you to constantly parry one to interrupt the other.

The other problem you'll run into when fighting Bodvar and Starolf is that they have different move sets, so it can take a while to learn how to handle them at the same time.

Tunnel Dark

This tombstone is not in the tunnels, but on the beach leading to it. You can reach it by using the nearest Mystic Gateway.

Where to find all Berserkers in God of War Ragnarok | DiamondLobby (3)

This tombstone is not in the tunnels, but on the beach leading to it. You can reach it by using the nearest Mystic Gateway.

Hardrefill the Callous is one of the easiest Berserkers. Most likely you will be able to defeat him after finding his tombstone.

As a reward for defeating him, players will receive Shattered Runes, Tempered Remnants, Bonded Leather, and Asgard's Fortitude Enchantment.

Like Fraekni the Zealous, Hardrefill the Callous has a charge you can't let him get away with. Avoid his attacks, learn his pattern, and counter when you can.

This fight will not be difficult and will not use any status effects against you.

Alberich Island

Where to find all Berserkers in God of War Ragnarok | DiamondLobby (4)

Here you will find Beigadr the Terrible.

Although it has a cool title to go along with its beautiful name, Beigadr the Feared is not one of the scariest Berserker races in God of War.

Failure gives you the usual Shattered Runes, Bonded Pelt, and Tempered Remnants, and you receive an Asgardian Might Spell.

(Video) All Berserkers in God of War Ragnarok Ranked Easiest to Hardest

The most annoying thing about this buff is the fact that it has access to electrical attacks that stun you.

This stat is a bit harder to get than the others, so pay attention to its patterns and avoid attacks that will stun Kratos. Beigadr is very aggressive and definitely harder to handle with Hardrefill.


The land of light and dark elves has two tombs.


The first wrath of this kingdom can be found in The Barrens to the southeast.

The location of this particular scrambler is somewhat close to where the service startsclear the sandstorm in Alfheim.

Where to find all Berserkers in God of War Ragnarok | DiamondLobby (5)

I don't know who thought of pitting one player against three confused, but that's what you're going to be dealing with.

Svipdagr the cold and the sisters of Illska will prove to be one of the toughest battles in this crazy tombstone saga.

Not because these three puzzles are difficult on their own, but because, for obvious reasons, fighting three bosses at once won't be an easy task.

Defeating them will net you Frozen Flame, Asgardian Safety Spell, Tempered Remains, Bonded Leather, Shattered Runes and Berserker Cuirass.

Forbidden sand

This area is an even deeper area of ​​the Alfheim Desert. It's a large area with many charms and another sandstorm to clean up.

Here you will find Alfheim's second tombstone.

Where to find all Berserkers in God of War Ragnarok | DiamondLobby (6)

Although Hjalti the Stolid is a formidable foe, he will face you alone, unlike the other madman in Alfheim. That in itself is already good news.

As a reward for defeating him, players receive Bonded Pelt, Embrace of the Nine Realms, Tempered Remnants and Shattered Runes.

Hjalti Stolid does not affect your status. He is a tough enemy with some fast attacks and a long health bar.

It's about learning your patterns, avoiding, canceling and not wasting opportunities to attack. There are no poison attacks, sustained fire damage, or stun status to complicate this fight.

(Video) All 10 Berserker Gravestone Locations | Fit for a King Favor | God of War Ragnarok


Vanaheim, the kingdom of Freja and Freyr, has the two tombs you are looking for. Like the ones in Alfheim, the first one is in the first area, but the second one won't be as easy to get to.


The tombstone for the first confused is on the beach at Pilgrim's Wharf and should be easy to find.

Where to find all Berserkers in God of War Ragnarok | DiamondLobby (7)

Once you have found the tombstone and used the sword hilt, you will meet Hvitserkr the Fat.

The rewards you get after defeating him are Pommels of the Nine Realms and the usual Bonded Leather, Shattered Runes and Tempered Remnants.

Hvitserkr is annoying because he doesn't fight alone. You are constantly haunted by nightmares and Seidr seems to make your life difficult.

While they aren't the most complex of enemies, having them around you while Hvitserkr attacks quickly will prove to be more than just a nuisance.


To access the crater, you must first complete the Return of the River mission.

This tombstone will be placed in The Sinkholes. It is located on a small island southeast of the secret gate The Crater Entrance.

Where to find all Berserkers in God of War Ragnarok | DiamondLobby (8)

Hacklangr the Bearded is one of the most powerful maniacs you'll find. That's why the rewards you get from it are so good.

Haklangr will drop Chaos Flame which is already worth fighting the boss. Additionally, after defeating this boss, you will also receive Cured Remnants, Bound Leather, and Shattered Runes.

Besides being a tough enemy, there are no special attacks or status effects that Haklangr would use to complicate the fight. Make sure you run enough to get through this fight though.

It might not be the hardest of crazy boss fights, but it's certainly tough.


There is only one tombstone in Niflheim, which is in the Misty Fields, southwest of the Frozen Caverns. Take the road west of the Mystic Gateway and you will find it.

Here you will find AAA. Defeating him will net you the usual hardened remains, bound leather, and shattered runes. You will also receive Berserker Gauntlets.

Skjothendi the Infallible is one of the most powerful Confused. He is especially dangerous because he does a lot of damage to Bifrost with his attacks.

(Video) God of War Ragnarok - All Berserkers Bossses / Boss Fights (4K 60FPS)

If you can't get rid of Bifrost, there's a good chance his frenzy will be able to take most, if not all, of your health in one hit.


Where to find all Berserkers in God of War Ragnarok | DiamondLobby? ›

Berserker Gravestones can be found dotted around Midgard, Svartalfheim, Alfheim, Vanaheim, and Niflheim. However, before traveling to each location, make sure to first acquire the Inert Hilt Of Skofnung - which is obtained during the Word Of Fate questline.

Where are the Berserkers in God of War Ragnarok? ›

Berserkers can be found all across the nine realms at sites known as Berserker Gravestones. These small grave markers often appear in a large open space, but cannot be interacted with the first time you spot them.

How many Berserkers are there in God of War Ragnarok? ›

While defeating the 12 Berserkers presents a challenge for even the greatest God of War Ragnarok players, besting these powerful foes does present worthy rewards.

How do you get to all Berserkers in God of War? ›

To find all Berserker Souls in God of War Ragnarok, players must complete the game since some Gravestones are only accessible after Ragnarok. There are 12 Berserker Souls to be found in nine Gravestones. Fighting some of these will be challenging since some will have dual bosses.

What is the easiest Berserkers in God of War Ragnarok? ›

Harđrefill is definitely the easiest of the Berserker boss battles. If players haven't sought them out on their own yet, this will likely be the first Berserker boss they stumbled upon. Harđrefill doesn't have anything that's difficult to read, and most of his attacks can be parried easily.

What is the hardest Berserker in God of War Ragnarok? ›

1 Svipdagr, The Cold And The Sisters Of Illska.

What is the biggest boss in God of War Ragnarok? ›

1 Gna, The Valkyrie Queen

Gna presents possibly the hardest challenge in God of War: Ragnarok and players will need to bring their a-game to this boss battle, considering it is only unlocked after the main game's story.

What is the best armor in God of War Ragnarok? ›

The Steinbjörn armor set is one of the best in the game, and definitely worth the time commitment needed to round up its pieces. By far, the go-to piece is the chest armor, as it grants a ton of defense and a skill that lets you restore health by dealing damage.

What is the hardest boss in God of War? ›

God Of War: 10 Hardest Bosses In The Series, Ranked
  1. 1 Sigrun, Valkyrie Queen (God Of War 2018)
  2. 2 Zeus (God Of War 3) ...
  3. 3 Hades (God Of War 3) ...
  4. 4 Poseidon (God Of War 3) ...
  5. 5 Ares (God Of War) ...
  6. 6 Odin (God Of War: Ragnarok) ...
  7. 7 Persephone (God Of War: Chains Of Olympus) ...
  8. 8 Baldur (God Of War 2018) ...
Apr 28, 2023

How do I get to King Berserker? ›

Once Kratos has successfully cleared all Berserker Gravestone locations, he will be eligible to take on the Berserker King in Midgard. Follow the guide markers to King's Grave in the north-eastern section of the map. Return to the very spot Kratos found the hilt, right in the center of the arena.

What is the best armor to fight Berserker king? ›

Despite not featuring any unique perk, Surtr's Scorched set is ideal for Berserker boss fights due to its vitality boost. Players can become virtually invincible during boss fights and other combat scenarios using the armor set and the "Greater Regenerating Essence" Amulet enchantment.

What is the hardest Berserker grave? ›

King Hrólf's Gravestone - Midgard

King Hrólf is easily the most difficult of the Berserker bosses and is one of the toughest bosses in the entire game. Players need only return to where they originally found the Hilt of Skofnung, which will be right beside the King's Grave Mystic Gateway.

What difficulty should I choose God of War Ragnarok? ›

The best difficulty to select, for most players, will be Balance. This difficulty provides a moderate challenge, where you'll need to take time to learn the combat and think about the gear you're using, without impeding the pace of the overall story.

What level do you have to be to fight Berserkers in Ragnarok? ›

Alfheim Berserkers build and setup

You'll your axe upgraded as much as possible (Level 8 is a good target) and you'll need to focus on a mix of realm shift and strength. Here's a rundown of the build to use for the tips below to work against the Alfheim Berserkers: Leviathan Axe level 8 with The Furious Maul.

Who was Kratos strongest enemy? ›

'God of War': The Greatest Enemies of Kratos
  • Half Brother Ares.
  • Big Poppa Zeus.
  • Cray Cray Uncle Poseidon and his Hippocampus.
May 29, 2018

What is the strongest build in God of War Ragnarok? ›

Best Builds in God of War Ragnarok
  • Stun-tacular / Stun Build.
  • Venom Fist / Barehanded-Poison Build.
  • Runic Overload / Rune Attacks Build.
  • Parry Master / Parrying Build.
  • Rage of Sparta / Maximum Rage build.
  • The All Rounder / Balanced Build.
  • Unkillable / Maximum Defence and Health Build.
  • Timekeeper / Realm Shift Build.

What is the optional boss in Ragnarok? ›

The Ash Tyrant is a huge, scary looking dragon that you can find once you get to Vanaheim. Defeating The Ash Tyrant is completely optional.

What is Berserker weakness? ›

StrengthsCutting (-75%), Fire (-75%), Explosive (-75%), Piercing (-25%)
WeaknessesBlunt (+25%)
PrerequisitePeasant trains at Combat Pit, Ballistics Grounds and Quarry.
8 more rows

Who kills the Berserkers? ›

Weaknesses. Skull Removal/Destruction: Berserkers can be killed through the forceful removal or destruction of their bear skull, though this is a difficult process to successfully perform, as the skull is what binds the animal spirit of the Berserker to the human spirit.

What God is a Berserker? ›

berserker, Norwegian berserk, Old Norse berserkr (“bearskin”), in premedieval and medieval Norse and Germanic history and folklore, a member of unruly warrior gangs that worshipped Odin, the supreme Norse deity, and attached themselves to royal and noble courts as bodyguards and shock troops.

Who is the Berserker king? ›

King Hrólf Kraki is a berserker that appears as an optional boss in God of War Ragnarök. Out of all the berserkers that can be encountered, Hrólf Kraki, like Sigrún of the Valkyries, is the strongest and most powerful out of all of them. He can be found in Midgard.

What is Berserker real name? ›

Berserker's real identity is Lancelot of the Lake, as revealed in the final volume of the Fate/Zero novels. Until his identity was revealed, he was known simply as the Black Knight.

How old is Kratos? ›

In God of War Ragnarök, it's likely that Kratos is around 1,055 years old. He's something of an old man, but as a demigod, he is still more than young enough to hold his own and then some in battle.

Could Zeus beat Odin Gow? ›

Odin is a general and warrior who is constantly training and plotting for the coming of Ragnarok, so we know he is not out of training. Zeus couldn't even kill his own father.

Is Gow Ragnarok bigger than God? ›

God of War: Ragnarok is bigger, with the narrative shared more equally between Kratos and Atreus.

What is the max level in God of War Ragnarok? ›

You can't level up endlessly in God of War Ragnarok, though. Eventually, you'll hit a level cap on both your gear and Kratos himself. The level cap in God of War Ragnarok is level 9 - this applies to weapons, armour, and Kratos.

What is the strongest weapon in God of War? ›

Blade of Olympus – God of War: Ghost of Sparta, God of War II and God of War III. This mythical blade forged by the God of Lighting himself, using both the heavens and the Earth during the end of the war between the gods and the Titans, is one of the most powerful weapons available to Kratos in the God of War games.

Who is stronger Baldur or Kratos? ›

Baldur had super strength around the same as Kratos, but it was his inability to feel anything, pain, tiredness, or even emotions that gave him the edge. Thanks to the curse/blessing Freya placed upon him, Baldur is quite literally unkillable.

What is the hardest dragon in Ragnarok? ›

GNA. GNA has arguably the most challenging fight out of God Of War Ragnarok's hardest bosses, giving even the most seasoned veterans trouble.

Can Thor beat Kratos? ›

Despite having every opportunity to take Thor out once and for all, the once rage-consumed Ghost of Sparta has turned a new leaf. He instead spares Thor and seeks a mutually beneficial relationship in which, together, they take down Odin. Sony Kratos ultimately gets the best of Thor at the very end of Ragnarok.

How do you unlock the last Berserker? ›

The final Berserker gravestone in Svartalfheim is found in the Jarnsmida Pitmines, but it's most easily reached by backtracking from the mystic gateway at The Applecore to the mine entrance, where the gravestone can be found in the open area there.

Can you buy the way of the berserker? ›

Pre-order now for access to The Way of the Berserker, a bonus mission in Assassin's Creed® Valhalla, available at launch. Join a legendary Norse Berserker on his quest for revenge.

Is The Berserker King harder than the Valkyrie Queen? ›

Even more so than the Berserker King Hrolf Kraki, the Valkyrie Queen Gna is by far the toughest encounter in all of God of War Ragnarok - even on easier difficulties!

Who drops the berserker armor? ›

The Berserker Set is a reward for defeating the Berserkers Fraekni the Zealous, Svipdagr the Cold and the Sisters of Illska, and Skjothendi the Unerring, and consists of the Berserker Cuirass (chest armor), Berserker Gauntlets (wrist armor), and Berserker Waist Guard (waist armor).

Is Skull Knight wear the berserker armor? ›

He has also confirmed himself to be a former wearer of the Berserker Armor, and the armor's adaptive helm possessed a skull shape prior to Guts donning it.

Who is the strongest Berserker servant? ›

11 Lancelot

The Berserker-class Servant in this iteration of the Holy Grail War was Lancelot, the strongest knight of King Arthur's Round Table.

What is the hardest Ragnarok boss? ›

God Of War Ragnarok: 10 Hardest Boss Fights, Ranked
  • 8 Heimdall. ...
  • 7 Hrist and Mist. ...
  • 6 Nidhogg. ...
  • 5 Thor. ...
  • 4 Odin. ...
  • 3 The Berserker King. ...
  • 2 The Hateful. ...
  • 1 The Valkyrie Queen.
Apr 4, 2023

What is the best Berserker? ›

Necron's Armor is the most expensive and most powerful berserker set in the game, making it an late-endgame armor set, thus not recommended for new players.

Is Ragnarok better than Gow 1? ›

Though God of War: Ragnarok is technically superior to its predecessor in every way, it lacks the advantage of being subversive. If God of War was revolution, Ragnarok is evolution. God of War was a complete and creative reimagining of a famous franchise.

Do you need to 100% God of War Ragnarok? ›

From valuable resources to the most powerful weapon upgrades and armor pieces on offer, completing as much of Ragnarok as possible is your key to the absolute best builds. So it's definitely still worth the effort in reaching that ultimate goal of 100% completion.

How tall is Kratos? ›

Kratos is six feet and four inches tall in God of War: Ragnarok. With his massive build, being 6'4" makes him quite bigger than an average man. (He is a Spartan God and thus is supposed to be larger than average.) However, compared to the other gods' physique in-game, he is actually on the shorter end of the spectrum.

How do I find all the Berserkers? ›

Berserker Gravestones can be found dotted around Midgard, Svartalfheim, Alfheim, Vanaheim, and Niflheim. However, before traveling to each location, make sure to first acquire the Inert Hilt Of Skofnung - which is obtained during the Word Of Fate questline.

Where can I find Berserkers? ›

Berserker Gravestone locations
  • The Lake of Nine.
  • Jarnsmida Pitmines.
  • Nidavellir.
  • Alberich Island.
  • The Barrens.
  • The Forbidden Sands.
  • Pilgrim's Landing.
  • The Sinkholes.
Nov 8, 2022

Where to find Berserkers God of War Ragnarok svartalfheim? ›

There are three Berserker Gravestones in the realm of Svartalfheim. You can find them in Nidavellir, Alberich Island, and around the Jarnsmida Pitmines.

How do you unlock Berserkers in Ragnarok? ›

To get the full Berserker amor set – that's the Berserker Cuirass, Gauntlets, and Waist Guard – you need to defeat three of the 10 Berserker Gravestones in God of War Ragnarok.

Who are the Berserkers in Thor Ragnarok? ›

The Berserkers, also better known as the Berserker Army, are the main antagonistic faction of the 2017 Marvel film Thor: Ragnarok. They are undead Asgardian soldiers who act as subordinates of Hela, the Asgardian Goddess of Death.

What level should I be to fight berserker God of War Ragnarok? ›

As with all boss fights in God of War Ragnarok, your build and setup for Svipdagr the Cold and the Sisters of Illska goes a long way in terms of how to beat them. You'll your axe upgraded as much as possible (Level 8 is a good target) and you'll need to focus on a mix of realm shift and strength.

Where are the last two Berserkers? ›

The last Berserker Gravestone is located back in the Jarnsmida Pitmines, the area where Kratos and Atreus fall and kill their first Troll.

Where is the berserker in Vanaheim? ›

Haklangr's Berserker Gravestone can be a cumbersome spot to approach, as it's hidden within the large Crater region in northern Vanaheim, accessible only after Chapter 13 - Creatures of Prophecy, by undertaking the side quest Scent of Survival to reveal three new big regions to explore.

Why does mimir hate Berserkers? ›

He became advisor to its king, Aldis, and vouched for the warrior Hrólf Kraki. Hrólf betrayed Aldis, killing and usurping him, which brought Mimir great guilt and gave him a vendetta against Hrólf and his Berserkers.

Who is Berserker Hulk? ›

The idea was to make a Hulk so out of control that he would essentially look like he had gone mad. “Berserker Hulk was this Hulk that Hulks out… with a deformed body, with a deformed face with one eye larger than another. You know, like crooked teeth, and drooling, and red eyes, and all this kind of stuff.

Is Tyr a Berserker? ›

First of all, there were three different warrior cults who were often bunched into the same category. They are the well-known Berserkers (whose bear coats are often attributed to the worship of Thor, Tyr or Odin), the Ulfhednar (who wore wolf coats for Odin), and the Svinfylking (who wore boar coats for Freya).


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