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Graphic design is a rapidly developing field of human activity. Every day we deal with hundreds of graphic products that can be placed on banners, logos, food packaging and even in a digital environment. It is thereforegraphic worksthey regularly rise to the top of the most desirable professions in the world.So who is a graphic designer and what are the highest paid and most needed specialties in this field? Stay with us for an answer!

In general, a graphic designer is a specialist who uses graphics to create visual images of elements in our environment. They develop unique individual styles for various products, including company logos, book and magazine covers, illustrations, fonts, etc.A good designer must combine artistic talent, great taste and solid knowledge of software/technical tools. In addition, art experts do not only create beautiful images. Your product must solve some difficult problem - it must be bright, memorable, recognizable and reflect the essence. This is not possible without analytical skills.

Numerouswork ingraphic designcan be explained from several directions. Each specialization requires knowledge of specific tools, means of manifestation and effect. As a rule, an expert focuses on one or two of them. Let's take a closer look at the 5 most demanding graphic professions.

Graphic Design Job - Name of Graphic Designer

In the face of strong competition, all companies and manufacturers are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of customers. Unique design, product packaging and service presentation can significantly increase customer recognition and thus - turnover.Brand designers help businesses attract attention from a variety of sources. Thesedevelopment of the logosigns, promotional gadgets, company colors and other recognizable graphic elements. The whole then gets a uniform style that shapes the company's future visual identity. In addition, designers of modern brands are actively involved in the development of business applications, websites, digital products and self-presentation in social media.

Since a successful or unsuccessful brand style plays an important role in the company's future, tenants have many demands on brand designers. Artistic skills and specialized training are among the most important. You can study brand design at various educational institutions around the world. Recommended programs include graphic design, brand management and marketing, art.

Typically, brand designers work for design agencies or for themselves. According, a basic fire specialist salary starts at $40,000 per year. Top professionals earn between $60,000 and $85,000 per year. Brand design thus turns out to be one of the best paidgraphic works.

Job offer within graphic design - motion graphics designer

Motion graphics artistsare specialists who combine art, design and information technology. They create moving graphics. These are short videos with 2D graphics, where animation replaces static images.

The main task of traffic designers is to attract and retain attention by informing users as much as possible about the product. And because Motion Graphics combines video, sound and text into one animated story, it is perfect for this purpose. By affecting hearing and vision at the same time, these stories have a stronger impact on viewers' emotional perception.

Note that motion designers do not create animations. Unlike cartoons, this graphic does not have a complete plot. it only briefly expresses an idea or concept.Motion designeris a new, challenging and promising job in the graphic industry. TV, internet, mobile apps, commercials, games, everythinghire mobile graphic designers. In addition, companies often use cartoon graphics as a means of presenting, visualizing and illustrating ideas.

While the profession is in high demand, you can find dozens of colleges around the world to study animation. There are bachelor's and master's degrees, courses, online courses, etc. The average salary for a motion graphics specialist ranges from $50,000 to $65,000. Top designers earn $90,000 a year.

Environmental graphic designer

Environmental designers deal with the integrated design of public spaces.First, they help organize the urban environment in real estate projects. With the growth of the urban population, we are faced with the need to provide everyone with maximum comfort, functionality, aesthetics and environmental friendliness. As you can see, this is an urgent and difficult task. therefore, environmental planning is becoming an increasingly popular profession.

These experts are also involved in the creation and representation of urban historical sites. They save history and try to adapt the new places to the old context so that no one gets hurt. In short, environmental planners are creating a new, ecological and sustainable face for the city.

On the one hand, environmental designers deal with graphics. On the other hand, they need a thorough architectural knowledge. Therefore, the best way to become an environmental designer is to get a master's degree from one of the universities. According to statistics, the average annual income for environmental graphic designers is between $60,000 and $64,000. But experienced professionals earn more than $90,000, with the highest bracket reaching $108,000.

Packaging designer

It's no secret that even the best product in the world will never be in demand without proper presentation and promotion. In tough competition, success requires attractive advertising and packaging. These two elements help to capture the customers' attention, give them a short but clear and precise description and induce the desire to buy.Packaging designerscreate a powerful product promotion tool by designing bottles, boxes, labels, packaging, boxes, etc.With the modern market facing overproduction, packaging designers rightfully take their place at the top of the most sought aftergraphic works.

To become a packaging guru, you must have a bachelor's or master's degree in graphic design. Choosing an educational institution is difficult as there are many schools, colleges, universities and online programs and degrees. Check out the Industrial Technology and Packaging program at California Polytechnic State University, BFA in Packaging Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology (New York), Packaging Design and Communications at Mid Sweden University, and more.

If you are looking for high earnings, this profession is definitely for you. The median income for a packaging designer is between $69,000 and $71,000. Top professionals earn over $90,000-120,000 per year.

Work in graphic design - type of graphic designer

Font design is quite an exciting field within graphic design. Here, experts create easy-to-read text fonts. In addition to being unique, these fonts are designed to solve specific tasks. The font is created to suit the circumstances in which it is used. For example, types can become part of a brand identity or used on merchandise/advertisements for promotion.

Like all graphic design disciplines, typeface design can be applied to all of the above fields, including feature films, packaging, housing projects, etc. and freelance. Although it may seem like people have tried everything in this field, font designers manage to come up with completely new and fresh ideas.

As a rule, typeface designers undergo classical training in drawing, graphic design or art. More specialized knowledge is acquired in additional courses. But nowadays you can find decent university courses such asMaster's Degree in Typeface Design from the University of Reading, Englandeller Graduate Certificate in Graphic Design i New York.Junior professionals receive up to $45,000 and senior designers can earn over $80,000 per year. The salary depends on whether you work for a company or an agency, or whether you have private clients.

Work with graphic design - conclusions

Without a doubt, graphic design is one of the most promising and beneficial directions in the labor market. It provides unique opportunities for self-expression and a reasonable income. So if you feel artistically gifted and creative, give it a try!

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